Abul Hasnat-0921, Reece Perrin-1117, Martyna Sliuziate-1168, Meltem Ozmen-1108, Yasmine Preliminary Task 2013/14

Reece Induction Task Work:

In these 2 weeks of Media classes we have written a narrative, written a script (to portray our narrative), filmed our script and edited it to a finished product.

Reece’s Narrative:

The Protagonist (Male, 20’s) wants a raise from his boss, The Antagonist (Female, 40’s) because he has his second child on the way and needs the money. However she refuses to give it to him as she believes his work is “beyond poor”. The Protagonist believes this is very unfair as he feels he has worked very hard. This leads to an argument in which The Protagonist accuses his boss of being “stingy” and this prompts The Antagonist to call in security and escort him out of the room.

Reece Character Description:                                         

Protagonist, 20’s, He is rational and knows when to hold back. He dresses very smart (to fit his line of work). He speaks in a very casual manner, little bit of slang. His physical appearance is fairly taken care of and slightly scruffy.

Antagonist, 40’s, She is angry and authorotive. She dresses very smart, sutiable for work. She speaks very clearly, commanding and loudly. Her physical appearance is aging slightly, sleek and prepped.

Reece’s Script:                                                                           ( – Camera Shot)

(Employee paces up to Boss’ office) – Long Shot. (He hestitates before knocking on the door) – Close Up of hand.

Boss: Come in! (Employee takes a deep breath and enters)

Boss: Oh. It’s you. I guess you’re here about the erm… the…. – Medium shot of Boss.

Employee: Raise? … Yeah. (He sits on the opposite side of the desk.) – Over the shoulder of Boss.

Boss: OK. I’d like you to tell me why you deserve this raise. – Over the shoulder of Employee

Employee: Right OK… Because I’m a hard worker, I turn up everyday, I work my hardest and with another baby on the way… To be honest I really need the money. – Medium shot of Employee.

Boss: I agree with most of what you said… Apart from the hard working bit. Over the past few months your work has been beyond poor and is far from deserving a raise. So, I can already tell you you’ll not be getting a raise – Over shoulder of Employee. (Employee stands up and paces the room with frustration) – Wide Shot of Employee.

Enployee: You don’t understand how much i need this raise. You clearly havent got a sympathetic bone in your body. – Medium Shot of Employee.

Boss: I beg your pardon! Give me one reason why I shouldn’t fire you now. – Medium shot of Boss.

Employee: Go on then! With your stingy wages it probably wouldn’t make much difference. – Wide shot of Employee.

Boss: That’s the final straw. Security. – Medium shot of Boss. (Securty enters office) – Wide Shot.

Boss: Escort this man outside. – Medium shot of Boss. (Security drag Employee away) – Wide Shot.

Reece’s Final Edit:


Reece’s Preliminary Task Evaluation:

How To Upload The Video To Youtube:

Abul Hasnat induction assignment

In our media class we have spent 2 weeks on planing and directing an induction assignment through planning narratives, scripts, camera shots and a story line to produce a 2 minute film


There are going to be two different characters, a teenager called Jim (protagonist) and his childhood friend Bob (antagonist), Jim decides to visit his friend at his house. Jim is a typical teenager who likes to look good for self satisfaction, he is into the latest fashion and trends. He usually likes to have stylish long hair, has an silver ear stud and usually wears a red hood with black faded jeans and white trainers.

Bob is very different to jim, Bob likes to stay formal as he likes to wear plain shirts and bottoms as well as shoes, he is wearing a white shirt with black buttons with black bottoms and black shoes.

Story line

Jim was sitting down on his bed very bored with a frown face  one day, so he decided to visit his best friend Bob. Jim then makes ways to Bobs house, he was taking really slow steps because jim is a very relaxed person who likes to take his time in what he is doing. After a good 20 minutes Jim then arrives at Bob’s door  and knocks on the door. The door then opens,  Jim then walks through the door and into the room. Jim finally meets Bob and sits on the chair opposite bob. They then have their conversation where Bob is angry because Jim did not make time to visit him after Bob had as car crash, this creates conflict as Bob was upset about it, Jim then makes it up to him.

Camera Shots

When Jim sits down on his bed (long shot)

Whilst jim is walking to his friends house (long shot)

Jim then arrives at the door (long shot)

Jim knocks on the door (close up shot)

The door opens (long shot)

Jim walks through the door (long shot)

When he is in the room (wide shot)

Jim sits opposite bob (wide shot)


Jim: Hey there bob

Bob: So now you come to see me

Jim: Yeah i’ve been busy

Bob: your always busy now, you never check up on your childhood friend anymore to busy with your new life

Jim: Come on Bob, im studying A levels now, i don’t have time for anyone anymore

Bob: If you was a real friend, then you would have made time.

Jim: Im sorry about it, from now i promise ill come to check up on you

Bob: Ever since the accident on my leg, you haven’t made time to see me, but ill let you of this time

Jim: Thats my friend, im really sorry i couldn’t come to see you, from now i wont mess up, ill make time for you my friend

Bob: Yes brother you better! do you want a drink? or something to eat?

Jim: can i have a drink please, that long 20 minute walk had me exhausted

Bob: yeah no problem, hold on for 2 minutes

Jim: Thanks

Martyna’s Narrative .

The protagonist is a 18 year old football player named Jake , the antagonist is a 25 year old female football manager . Jake is furious about the fact that his manager did not put him on the team and Is willing to visit his managers office to talk to her about this . Jake then arrives at the managers office and argues as to why he is not on the team and why he has been put on substitute. The manager then resolves the problem by indicating that Jake can actually be the team captain, Jake is surprised and does not believe this , the manager then confirms the statement and Jake finishes of wih a happy and positive thank you.

Martyna’s script –

Jake walks down the hallway (long shot) , knocks out the door (close up of hand)

Manager is seen putting her head up (with the camera following the movement )

Manager : “come in”

Jake: “why didn’t you put me on the team”

Manager: “Oh hi Jake , what brings you to my office?”

Jake: “why did you put me on substitute”

Manager:”You know exactly why , I was testing you to see your skills”

Jake: “I think You’ve been testing me long enough , I though I was ready for this”

Jake is seen walking towards the door , background noise is heard ” Jake wait ”

Manager:” I think you’re more than ready jake , you’re going to be the team captain”

Jake: “What ? team captain?”

Manager : “Yes team captain”

Jake: “Ahh ,thanks”

Character description:

Jake is a young teenage football player who has many goals to achieve in his life. Fulfilled with many aims , he dresses the way that it would not typical indicate his hobby as a football player , but he does wear sporty clothes, he is a healthy , fit young man.

The female manager is a very high standard , and elegant person .She dresses in the way she feels comfortable but she is still able to represent her job role , she holds a high status and high responsibility as being a warm hearted manager that is willing to fulfill her football team’s aims.

Martyna’s Evaluation :

I believe that our preliminary task was created fairly good , As previous research had built up our knowledge on how to use certain prospects , such as equipment , and final cut . We had learnt how to use the equipment and how to set them up to be able to correctly film a movie, this lead to the fact that we had no struggle using the equipment and we had worked well as a group to put everything together and realize any film faults . Practicing with final cut also helped us to use the program  to edit our video.

By doing the preliminary task we have learn how to correctly and confidently use technological equipment , so that we can then be able to know what we are doing , when we actually do our final production . In addition we must also gain more knowledge and ideas from other TV dramas , as this will built up our intelligence of when we actually do our final product . We also learnt how to use camera shots correctly and how to position the equipment well enough to prepare us for our final product.

Martyna’s sound cloud recording


Martyna’s Equipment slide share


Martyna’s video 


Meltem’s Narrative:

The mother (Protagonist) has a new boyfriend who has been living with her and her daughter (antagonist) for 2 weeks now. The daughter cannot get along with him as she sees him as annoying and untidy. The mother and daughter have an argument in the daughter’s bedroom and the mother tries to resolve the situation by saying that she will talk to her boyfriend, however the daughter doesn’t care and decides and live with her friend for a while.

Meltem’s Character Description:

Protagonist Mother (39 years old): She is an understanding and caring mother who dresses casual yet smart to fit her line of work as a psychologist. She is well-spoken with a hint of a northern accent.

Antagonist Daughter (16 years old): She is a selfish, unreasonable and disrespectful teenager. She tends to wear dark coloured clothing and heavy make-up as she is insecure about her looks and figure. She also has a northern accent like her mother.

Meltem’s Script including camera shots:

Establishing shot of the house

Mother walks along the corridor (long shot) and knocks on daughter’s bedroom door (close-up of her hand knocking)

Daughter (shouts): COME IN! – Medium shot

Mother walks in – long shot

Daughter: Oh I was just coming downstairs to talk to you about what a delight your boyfriend is to live with – Over shoulder shot of daughter

Mother: Really? – Over the shoulder shot of mother

Daughter: NO! Not really!  I’ve had enough of your boyfriend strolling around the house and making a mess wherever he goes. He’s so irritating I can’t stand him anymore mum, either he goes or I do. – Close-up of daughter’s face when she says ‘NO’ and then the shot changes to a two-shot.

Mother: Olivia I think you’re exaggerating a little again – two-shot

Daughter: Exaggerate? I’m perfectly serious mother, I’ve had enough – two-shot

Mother: Alright if it makes you feel better I’ll talk to Jasper and ask him to be a little tidier around the house, be a little reasonable please – Over the shoulder shot of mother

Daughter: I’ve given him enough chances to sort himself out I will not give him any more, he’s old enough to know how to clean up after himself

Mother: No you haven’t you’ve hated him from the moment you laid eyes on him, you never gave him a chance. Your father is dead Olivia, it has been 10 years, I know me having a boyfriend may seem like I don’t love your father anymore but I do and I always will but I have to move on I have to carry on with my life. Please respect that.

Daughter: Whatever mum I’ve decided to leave, my suitcase is ready I’ll be staying at Stacey’s (her bestfriend) for a while. I feel suffocated in this house.

Camera follows Olivia as she storms out the room.

Long shot of Olivia slamming the door.

Wide-shot of mother going to sit on Olivia’s bed with her face in her hands.

Meltem’s preliminary video:

Meltem’s evaluation:


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