Gabreil Beyene-1049; Niamh Mitchell-Mulhall-0628: Preliminary task 2013/14

Niamh’s Preliminary Task:

Narrative: One of the top players on a football team is told to come to the team manager’s office after the match. The manager confronts the player about his affair with a team-mate’s wife. The manager lets the player know how unacceptable this behaviour is and threatens to take him off the team. The player begs his manager to keep him on. The manager admits he can’t lose a top player like him and agrees to keep him on, on condition of ending the affair.


Character description:

Jack, the football player, is young, confident, fashionable and thinks he has it all when it comes to women. This suggests a typical ‘jack the lad’.

Tony, the manager, is dedicated to the game, loyal to his team and often leads his team to success. This suggests Tony is hard-working and generally knows best.


Script and Shot Plan:

Jack knocks on Tony’s office door (Long Shot)

Tony answers (Over the shoulder)

Tony: “Take a seat Jack, I think we need to have a talk, don’t you?”

Jack: “I don’t know, do we?” (Close up)

They both walk into the office and take a seat (Wide shot)

Tony: “Don’t mess me around Jack, I know about you and Zach’s wife”

Jack: “Come on Tony, it was just a bit of fun”

Tony: “This sort of behaviour’s not acceptable when you’re on my team, no matter how fun it may have been” (Close up)

Jack: “Come on Tony, you know how much I love this team” (Over the shoulder)

Tony stands up (Wide shot)

Tony: “Listen the only reason I’m keeping you on is ‘cos you’re one of my best, but this fling with Zach’s wife has got to stop, you hear me?”

Jack: “Yeah course boss, whatever you say”

Jack gets up to shake Tony’s hand

Gabriel Beyene 


 The footballer turns up to training late, the manager isn’t happy about it because its been occurring a lot. The manager is also concerned about the performance of the player and believes that it’s affecting the team’s overall performance. The manager has decided to have a chat give the player one last chance.



Camera work

  Medium close up of the manager walking into the changing room.

–  Close up on the manager’s face to show he’s facial expressions (angry)

–  Low angle camera shot from the footballer’s point of view to show that the manager has an authority.

–  High angle to show the manager got a higher status.

–  Medium close up is used to show the characters dialogue interaction.


– Manager: This is the 4th time you came in so late, is this a joke to you? Do you want to be here?

– Footballer: Coach I been having problems at home.

– Manager: Listen, am simply not interested, leave your problem at home don’t bring it with you. You need to make a decision if you want to be here or not.

– Footballer: Alright coach, l promise it wont happen again. Coach: Damn right it won’t, cause their wont be a next time.

Connotation of the characters

– Character 1 (coach) is wearing a full Nike tracksuit with a whistle and stop watch.

– Character 2 (footballer) is wearing shorts and a sweat top with the team’s logo on.


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