Jahmell Bernard-Campbell-0784, Yinka Olabode-1088 Preliminary Task 11/10/13

Yinka’s induction assignment.

For the chance to rescue a child from a car crash, Michael has to put the lives of two young adults in danger. the young adults are in hospital receiving treatment after the incident. However the child is fine. Michael is being interviewed but his boss Officer J who is less than pleased with this incident.

Officer J

personality: never see him smile. Arms always crossed
Clothes: always in police uniform
speech: formal
Personality: serious
Clothes: puts job first, man of law
speech: intelligent

personality: short sentences, never direct answers
Clothes: black suit
Speech: informal
Personality: mysterious
Clothes:likes to look smart

Camera shots

wide shot as officer J arrives at the door
close up of door handle when officer j opens the door
high angle shot will be used as the door is being opened
a tracking shot will be used as officer j walks to sit opposite of


O: Our third interview this month.
M: Think we could make it five?
O:*sigh* Two totalled vehicles, two young adults ages 22 and 23 in hospital receiving treatment.
M: And one uninjured little girl.
O: Well done. However, it does not excuse the expenses.
M: Are you telling me her life is not worth it?
O: We both know she could have lived without the crashes, without the injured patients, without your overall involvement.
M: We both know thats a lie, without me she would have died and you know it.
O: We cannot afford the kind of expenses you cost us, you’ll have to be suspended.
M: Because of a totalled toyota and a couple of teenagers driving ver the speed limit?
O: We just cant afford the costs of your actions. I am sorry.




Jahmell’s Preliminary Task – Script

After months of writing to his mother with no replies, Ronald Cahill is at a breaking point. His daily routine is filled with constant imaginary conversations with his brother, Reginald.
Violet Cahill’s growing collection of un-opened letters from Maidstone Prison has begun to cause her troubles. She thought she had convinced herself that it would be easy to ignore them but now he’s on her mind. She has finally agreed to a meeting with her son in the hopes that she will finally receive peace of mind.

A dark, eerie room – lit only slightly by a single overhead lamp. A small table is centred in the room with two chars on either side. In one seat, RONALD rapidly scratches at the table’s surface, muttering inaudibly to himself. There is a hesitant knock on the other side of the door. RONALD’s head shoots up and he eyes the slowly turning handle. The familiar silhouette standing in the doorway is one RONALD had long-since given up any hope of seeing; VIOLET slowly creeps across the room, all the while avoiding eye-contact. She pauses at the empty chair, takes a deep breath, and sits.

RONALD: W-why are you here-

VIOLET: So you’re happy?

RONALD: Happy? Why would I be happy?

VIOLET: Well, you’ve clearly gotten out of this what you’d set out to accomplish. You’ve hurt me. That is what you wanted, right?

RONALD: No. No, I never wanted to hurt you. Believe me. I would never.

VIOLET: Then what, Ronald!? Because that’s the only way any of this makes any sense whatsoever in my head!


VIOLET: Spit it out, Ronald! (RONALD drops his head and begins frantically scratching at the table again) You enjoy it, don’t you?

RONALD: (Falls silent. Begins heavily breathing) Enjoy it?

VIOLET: All of this attention. You get some sort of sick thrill out of it.

RONALD: What kind of person would feel that way? You know that’s not me!

VIOLET: Do I, Ronald? I couldn’t say. (Clasps hands tightly and begins shaking) I clearly have no idea who you really are.

RONALD: It’s me. It’s still Ronald! The one who always remembered your birthday. Who cared for you that time you were ill. Who- (Goes to touch her hands, she pulls away) Who loves you.

VIOLET: (Throws her head into her hands and begins sobbing) I, I just can’t do this.

RONALD: Don’t cry…please.

VIOLET: And why shouldn’t I cry? Why not me!? I’ve sat in silence whilst each and every person “expressing their condolences” pours out their emotions around me. When’s it my turn to shed my tears, huh? I’ve lost more than any of them have had fears of losing and I’m still expected to “keep it together” and “stay strong”. Well, I don’t want to stay strong! I shouldn’t have to stay strong!

RONALD: I am so sorry that you’re going through this alone. I wish I could be there to support you.

VIOLET: (Sits back, mortified) How dare you? How dare you!? You, are the horrific little reason for my agony!

(RONALD begins to scratch at the table wildly and mumble to himself)

RONALD: No…no…don’t say that.

VIOLET: You’re pure evil! Some sort of punishment for some wrong-doing I must have done years before!

RONALD: No, st-stop it. (Mumbling) Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done…

VIOLET: You disgust me!

RONALD: And forgive us our trespasses…

VIOLET: (Hysterically crying) You stole my son! You snatched him from me!

RONALD: Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…

VIOLET: (Getting up from seat) Don’t you even think about calling me again. Do you hear?

RONALD: For Yours is the Kingdom.

VIOLET: My baby boy! You stole him!

RONALD: The power.

VIOLET: Snatched him up! Your own brother!

RONALD: And the glory.

VIOLET: And you know what?

RONALD: For ever.

VIOLET: (Leans in, hissing) I will never love you the way I loved him.

RONALD: And ever. (VIOLET storms out) …Amen.

(RONALD drops his body to the table in tears. The door slams behind VIOLET. The dim light flickers, then goes out.)





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