Natalia Dominguez (0860), Natalia Wilson-Davis (1207), Abul Hasnat (0921), Shannon Drakes-Walkes (0863) – Main task 2013/14

Final Product

Planning and research (pre-production)


Natalia Dominguez

Narrative: My plot consists of a young girl in her teenage years, roughly around the age of 17/18 walking through back roads at night on her way home; the road she is walking on is extremely silent and deserted, but a change of event occurs when she realizes someone is following her – when she turns around there is no presence which causes her to become paranoid, she begins to speed up to the point where she is running. We will see the character arriving at home to what seems like a safe place but an unknown presence can be felt – at this point she looks up and comes into contact with this unknown source (although we do not see the unknown source) – a close up of her screaming takes place and the scene blacks out and finishes.

Main character is young teenager girl roughly around the age of 17/18. She is the protagonist of this film and has the conventional image that the media portray as being ‘innocent’ this consists of blonde hair, blue eyes – this adds a more sympathetic view to the audience and make her seem as though she is more vulnerable. The unknown source which we do not actually see properly is more of a shadow type figure – they are covered in dark colours and have a type of presence which causes suspense and tension – although we do not actually see their face in the opening sequence we can hear their harsh breathing ; one thing that is clear about this character is that they’re not completely human.

Setting:  Main setting is a dark alley way where the scene starts of by, the road is dark and deserted, this setting contains no artificial light and only consists of light coming from the windows of houses and lamp posts – if the scene were to be set in London it would most probably be located somewhere urban and rural such as Hackney or Brixton due to the reputation that they lead consist of – this would also target a wide target audience of young people. The other setting is where the character lives – this is a studio flat, predominantly white coloured – the flat consists of long dark halls – the reason for the white colour is due to the fact that it is seen as a ‘pure’ colour but due to the plot it becomes tainted which I believe will give off a deeper effect of suspense.

Key Props: 
There are no specific key props in this clip which determine the narrative of the story, although, to add suspense she begins to fiddle with her keys, this includes dropping them which makes the whole scene seem as if its moving at a fast pace and keeps the viewer on edge.

Natalia Wilson-Davis

Main Characters:  – Natalia Dominguez -Molly Obrien -Sarah Bamgbade -Dami Fasulu All characters provided are close friends. Setting:  The setting of my opening sequence will be located in a old and deserted graveyard. Key props and themes: Provided in my open sequences will be the key prop of a Diary. The diary is owned by Lucy Franklin who was last seen last year halloween and since then has not been seen. As the opening sequence continues the diary is found by Natalia and as she begins to read further into the diary a disaster occurs. Narrative: 4 close friends decided to visit a deserted graveyard ironically on Halloween.Although some friends are scared they still continue on into the graveyard and find a diary owned by Lucy Franklin. Lucy Franklin was last seen last year Halloween and as they open the diary scary messages begin to be revealed as the the close group of friends realise they are not alone.

Abul hasnat

Main Characters: Ben – burglar (antagonist) John – Burglar (Antagonist) Harry – C.I.D police in disguise of being an burglar (Protagonist) Settings: Dark street with dim lights on Narrative: There were 3 burglars who saw an expensive car in the morning and they had planned to burgle it by the end of the day, they planned on what time to do the criminal act as they were very experienced, when it started to get dark and the lights were dim, Ben and John who were experienced robbers who were tagged along with their new member who they called Harry. They smashed the window with an hammer, Ben and John took the first seat and Harry sat in the back, as they were trying to hot wire the car, a voice from the back said “you are arrested in attempted robbery the police unit are 20 seconds away” showing a badge with Harry’s face on it. John and Ben were speechless.

Shannon Drake-Walkes

Main characters: ·      Natalia ·      Curls (bad guy) ·      Jennifer (Natalia’s best friend) ·      Clair (Natalia’s mum) ·      Marcus (Natalia’s dad) Setting: Natalia’s house (living room, bathroom) Narrative: Marcus and Clair disappear whist Natalia and Jennifer are watching a movie. The girls hear a loud bang and see a dark figure walking down the stairs. They can’t tell who it is so begin to question the figure. As the figure gets closer, the girls see a gun and start to run towards the bathroom. Natalia falls and screams, her friend pulls her into the bathroom and locks the door. Someone knocked on the door and Clair’s voice said, “Let me in, its mum.” In a panicked voice. The girls look at each other and unlock the door. The screen goes dark.

Chosen Pitch

All members of the group have decided the best suited pitch is Shannon’s, reason being it is best suited to the criteria and represents the genre in a clear way, due to the narrative it is possible to shoot in one location therefore it is easy to film with no problems. We believe the narrative in general has a clear plot and will easily be able to be edited with different factors such as sound in order to produce a scene with a successful aspect of suspense and tension.

Production meeting 1 (29/11/2013) Abul, Natalia D, Natalia W, Shannon Up to date with pitches, more detail is needed in some cases Analyse horror films (examples) – The Grudge – The Ring – Saw – Scream

Production meeting 3 (21/1/2014) Abul, Natalia D, Natalia W, Shannon Had a discussion on the pitch and found that we were going to have problems with the first pitch chosen due to the location being unavailable. Therefore we created a new pitch by merging two of the pitches together, more on the new pitch can be seen below, We also changed the name of our film to – The Unknown

Final Pitch


The final pitch consists of a merging between Natalia.W & Natalia.D pitches, although we had chosen Shannons pitch at first there were problems with the location therefore we were forced to change the story line – we decided to merge both story lines as it adds more of an element of thriller & it would be easier and quicker to film which is essential in this time period due to the amount of time which we have left. Young girls are walking down an alley way when they come across a small diary – although one of the girls pleads for her friend to leave it alone her friend is intrigued by the diary and decided to proceed to read it, as she begins to read it it is clear that something has happened, as she stops reading she realizes her friend is no longer present – in the opening sequence we do not see what happens to her friend which leaves a type of mystery. She begins to run home still holding the diary – once she gets home she closes her door, takes a short breather but as she looks up she realizes she’s not alone, at this point she screams and the screen blacks out.


 Young girls, called Carolina & Jennifer. Both are college students, around 16/17. Both girls are dressed in trendy clothing and are quite young. Both are seen as protagonists Second character although we cannot see their presence they are the antagonist.


 Alleyway – the setting starts of with an alleyway where she finds the diary. This is the foundation of the whole opening scene – immediately gives off a thrilling mood. House – this setting is only shown at the end for around 20 seconds. We had first decided to shoot in a graveyard but due to weather conditions and the fact that it is winter we had to change the location as it gets darker quicker therefore the graveyard closed earlier, due to this we were forced to change the location of the graveyard to an alley way.

Main Props

 Diary – the whole concept of the narrative revolves around this diary – holds a curse.



Audience research: (Cinema research, Questionnaire and Focus Group Research.)

Cinema Audience Research:

Cinema Audience Research By Natalia Wilson-Davis

What types of film have been the most popular over the past three years?

According to Torsnal films it provides information that talks about how Dramas, Horrors and Science fiction films are the most popular film genres. According to the article The reason in which dramas are one of the popular genres are due to the fact that they display situations/conflict around the characters which of course brings a sort of entertainment to viewers as they may sympathize and gain an emotional connection to the film. The reason in which horrors are popular is due to the idea that it is indeed made to scare and horrify individuals as the fear factor is extremely entertaining to audiences. Lastly Sci-fi films in which are also popular includes some of the same elements just as horrors. This includes supernatural creatures and monsters.

Pearl And Dean question 1

Also displayed in the pearl and dean diagram of the most popular type of films over the last three years displays that fantasy and thrillers have been the most popular as they are frequently seen amongst this list such as les miserable , the croods and wreck it ralph. However other genres such as Animation, coming of age and historical drama  are also included among these popular genres.

What age group has made the most visits to the cinema?

Due to Screen Advertising  Wold Association (SAWA) majority of cinema-goers are young and affluent and fall into the target demographic of 14-34 year olds. However there has been an increase in every age group in the last few years, but the largest increase is seen in the over 25’s.

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.04.54

However included in ‘’ this sources displays the target demographic falls in the age range of 25-34 and states that those over 55 visit the cinema the least. This may be due to old age and their state of health restricting this age group to easily go to a cinema.Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.12.07   Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.11.53 Pearl and deans diagram of the age range in which visit the cinema the most differs from the previous findings as the most popular age group is ranged from 15-24 in this diagram. There is a slight difference as this age range is younger. However similarly shows that majority of cinema-goers are young individuals who are going through or who have pasted adolescence. This diagram also displays the universal perspective as the age group in which visits the cinema the most is those aged 35 and upwards. Shown in other research of pearl and dean is a diagram titled ‘Family Focus’ in which starts from the ages of 7 in which gives a broader view of the different ages that could be potentially considered as frequent cinema-goers. Overall this diagram starting from the ages of 7 still similarly shows that the age group of 15-34 year olds visit the cinema more frequently compared to other age groups. This may be due to the fact this age group is young and don’t have a lot of financial responsibility such as providing for children , playing bills , paying rent and many other financial responsibilities and therefore can spend more of their money on their leisure time such as visiting the cinema.

Whether cinema is popular among males or females?

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.04.45

 Presented on ‘ the percentage of women visiting the cinema is 65% whereas 35% of males visit the cinema. This clearly translates that the gender that visits the cinema more are females. . Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.18.14Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.18.07 Provided in the pearl and dean audience research it simply states that the gender in which visits the cinema the most are females. This could be suggested as man like to spend their leisure time doing things such as playing football , going to the pub , and playing video games ; these are very stereotypical reasons as to why women go to the cinema more as they spend more of their leisure time pampering themselves , shopping and going to the cinema. What class background a cinema audience is most likely to belong to? There are different class background that attend to watch different types of films and at different ages, classes are distinguished into two different categories, the upper middle class, middle class and lower middle class which all come under the label of ABC1, these are usually the wealthy people who are well off with professional jobs. The other class consist of skilled working class, working class, and the two lowest social classes, which come underneath the label of C2DE, who are often from poor backgrounds and have low paid jobs. For cinemagoers who are young, aged 15+, there is 67% of ABC1 who attend the cinemas, as the rest of the 33% are from the C2DE background, which shows that the wealthy people who are 15+ tend to go cinema more than the lower classes such as the C2DE, this maybe due to financial reasons as the wealthy classes have more money to attend cinema more than the lower classes. Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 09.59.34 Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 09.55.56 Family’s focus attracts housewives and child fromdifferent class backgrounds; the pink and purple separate the two classes between ABC1 and C2DE. For housewife and children audience, there is 58% of housewives and children attending the cinema who belong to the classes of ABC1, as the C2DE classes are attending by only 42%. Even now the upper classes dominate by being the audience. Arthouse In the Art house, is predominantly for the older generation, and even then the ABC1 who are the wealthy class, dominate being the audience, meaning there are less older generation people from the lower classes watching in a cinema. The ABC1 are dominant by 70%, meaning upper class old people tend to watch more in cinema than the lower class old people who only watch it as little as 30% compared to the ABC1. What type of cinema a particular audience member is likely to go to? From the data above, we can conclude that the audience who are part of the upper middle class, middle class, and lower middle class, who all come underneath the ABC1 category, who are rather wealthy, tend be the dominant audience as they tend to watch films more in cinemas compared to the C2DE category. This could be because they have more money and financially stable to spend on cinema, for example the youths who are 15+, housewives along with children, and the art house who dominantly old people, who were the dominant class backgrounds. The C2DE classes, which consisted of skilled working class, working class, and the two lowest social class, are less dominant and tend to go less than the ABC1, maybe due to financial reasons, as money maybe scarce for the lower classes, meaning they attend cinemas less.

Questionnaire – Natalia Dominguez

Focus Group – Shannon Drake-Walkes

Product Research –

Open Sequence Analysis

Natalia D

Plot: This film produced in 2009 is based on an urban legend in which the viewing of a tape causes paranormal activities to happen to the viewer resulting in death in 7 days. Location: The sequence has one main location in which the opening revolves around – it is a normal family home which seems to be set in a suburban area – the house is spacious (this is emphasised as their is only one character present which increases the suspense and the form in which they attempt to represent that she is not alone) , the houses appearance consists of white walls and wooden floors; this is a very common way in the horror industry to represent a type of haunted appeal – the colour white represents innocence, this completely contradicts the plot of the film but due to this effect it gives off a more scary feel seeing as it can connote that an innocent person is being targeted, this mood is helped with the use of wooden floors, this is a very common look of a haunted house, it gives it a rustic/old look which again, connotes fear and perhaps possession. Character: Only one character is shown throughout the opening sequence – the character is female, around the ages of 19-23, she is caucasian & is simply wearing a white shirt & a black skirt – this character is clearly the conventional media look of an innocent girl which emphasises that she is the protagonist, the fact that she is caucasian also emphasises the fact that she is the ‘victim’ seeing as in the media caucasian people are represented as being more vulnerable than other races. Character fits into the social class of around A-C1. Costume: As mentioned before, the character is wearing a white shirt and a short black skirt – the use of the shirt can be seen as being used as a representation of her social class – it shows a more sophisticated, mature look which can either show her as being a working woman or a student, the black skirt makes her seem more casual, the fact that it’s short and shows a lot of her legs can be a way of appealing to a male audience as it can be used as a type of sexual appeal, other than this she is not wearing shoes and is barefoot, this is used in a way which emphasises her innocence. Lighting: The lighting is kept throughout the whole sequence – it maintains a dark and gloomy look using colours such as grey and dark blue, it does not contain any artificial light and mainly uses the light of outside and objects around the household, this reinforces the genre of the film and thrilling aspect of the film ensuring that the audience is held in suspense – the fact that there is no lighting and the house is kept dark emphasises the fact she is alone showing that there is danger arising. Prop Only towards the end of the opening sequence do we see the what is presumably the main prop – this is the television, when we see the television it is immediately zoomed into and is only shown for around 4 seconds before completely cutting out onto what seems like a broken screen of a TV – the prop has an image of a well in an empty forest; from research this is what the films plot revolves around, therefore it helps the audience establish that the curse has something to do with this. Sound: The sequence is very silent and consists of minimal volume which gives off an eerie feel.As soon as the opening sequence begins there is the diegetic sound of the static noise coming from the television – the use of this sound breaks the silence and immediately gives of a certain level of fear factor and emphasises the importance of this prop, this then continues onto dialect in which she calls out someones name – this then gives it a more sinister mood seeing as the scene is completely silent showing that there is no one there and she is not alone, this is used to show that she is in danger and emphasises her innocent therefore increasing the protagonist look, silence takes over and simply revolves around her footsteps and heavy breathing which seems to get louder towards the end which connotes that something is going to happen and perhaps makes the audience feel as though they should begin to feel how she is feeling, the opening sequence ends in a screeching sound which cuts off her scream – this use of sound is eerier and focuses on matching the mood of the movement with the sound – it increases suspense at the right times in order to make the audience feel as though something is going to happen, lastly, the fact that right at the end the screeching sound is done whilst the zooming of the TV shows that this is a main focus of the plot. Movement: The movement of the character is slow which increases tension and suspense; it doesn’t begin to increase until the end where a jump cut is used and then a black out. The camera mainly revolves around simple cuts and does a lot of panning and tracking maintaining with a slow pace, which reflects on the sound – the camera zooms into the character when sudden movement arises, from this we get the idea that the characters frightened and unaware of the situation, therefore portrayed them as a victim, this also helps the audience focus on what the character is looking at for example: the television (which is seen as a key prop in this clip) This whole scene sets part of the narrative and key props – it maintains the same slow pace throughout which intrigues the viewer into carry on watching whilst feeling on edge which ultimately is the main target of horror films. Camera shots & Angles: In terms of camera shots the opening sequence has multiple which allow suspense and thrill to be introduced at appropriate times, one of the main camera shots which are used consist of; Middle shot, Extreme closeup, Master shots, Long shots, Closeups.
The extreme closeups and closeups show only her face and her facial expression when certain things happen during the sequence – this emphasises the fear and her vulnerability, towards the end we get a closeup of her grabbing the door handle which has water dripping from it – this creates suspense as it shows that something is going to happen and the fact that she grabbed the door handle shows that she is opening the door to danger.
Cleverly, a medium shot of a side angle of her feet running up the stairs is used it then jump cuts to a long short of her walking towards the door, this is done as a form of showing movement and compared to the rest of the scene it shows a more faster movement; the long shot not only shows her walking up the stairs but it shows a puddle of water & then her bare feet stepping into the puddle, this adds an element of fear due to its simplicity, it emphasises on the fact that there is water and makes the viewer question why there is water. Editing: Lastly, editing is kept to a minimal, there are no title screens or any artificial moments, only towards when editing is emphasised is after the screeching noise, images on the television rapidly come across the screen it then cuts out to the point earlier on in which the television was in a static mode then resulting in a final black out.

Plot: This film was produced in 2004 is the first of a 7 sequenced film in which consist of various gory tasks they have to complete in order to stay alive. Location: The opening sequence is set in what seems like an abandoned wash room; it is dirty and multiple tiles have fallen off both the floors and walls showing its abandonment, the lights are similar to dentist/surgery lights which flicker and give of a buzzing type of sound, the fact that this location is abandoned emphasises that they’re not supposed to be there and something isn’t right which increases suspense immediately and raises the viewers thoughts on whats going to happen next therefore keeping the viewer intrigued. Characters: There are 3 characters in this opening sequence, 2 middle aged men around the ages of 30-40 which are clearly confused to as where they are – they are both bare feet and are wearing normal casual clothes; shirts & jeans, apart from the fact that it is clear they are dirty and have in some way been physically abused they both seem to be around B-C2 on the social grade scale. The third character is not alive and is instead lying on the floor face down covered in what seems like his own blood; this immediately represents danger and shows that the two men are protagonists and are victims in this film. All characters are caucasian which similarly to the Ring opening sequence represents them as more vulnerable seeing as the media connotes this ethnicity as having less physical power than other races. Costume: Both men consist of the same type of costume, they are both wearing shirts, jeans and are bare feet – by linking the way in which they are acting and the fact that they are dressed so casually can show that they were put in the room without them being aware, judging by their appearance, it also shows that they are two normal men of their age and have no special qualities and are just that the media represents as being average working men. Props: There are several main props which are introduced clearly, two of these consists of a gun & a tape recorder; both props are being held by the dead man, the gun is shown after showing the back of the mans head which has clearly been injured, this perhaps answers the question to as why the man is dead, the other is the tape recorder also being held by the man, unlike the gun it is less obvious to as why there is a tape recorder although it can be assumed that it is a main part of establishing the plot and that answers that the audience may have will be on the tape; both these props are highlighted quite obviously with the use of closeups and thrilling sound effects when they are shown therefore showing the audience that these two props are a main part in solving the plot.
Another prop which I believe is quite representative of the plot is the chains, both men are locked to chains, the characters begin to pull and tug at the chains showing that they are both restrained which again connotes that they have been put there and both have no idea whats going on (this emphasises the fact that they are protagonists)   
Lastly, a prop which was shown but in a more discreet manner is a key, right at the beginning of the opening sequence there is a key with a keyring that glows floating in water – seeing as this the first thing we see it emphasises the fact that this prop is a main factor of the plot, although the key is flushed down the drain which increases the curiosity of the viewer & the danger of which is to come. Lighting: The lighting at first is very dark, only allowing us to see more of an outline of one of the characters rather than his actual features, the colour is a dark blue clearly showing that the lights are off, when the lights are turned off they are clearly blinding to the characters, after a while the lights seem to become fainter and have a more dull look showing that they haven’t been used in a while emphasising that the location is abandoned. The light which is seen is the only source of light and does not have any other type of artificial light nor natural lighting – this makes the scene seem more artificial but in a way makes it more scarier seeing as the flickering of these lights increase suspense and tension. Sound: At the beginning of the clip we only hear water which links to the disappearing of one of the main props (the key) once the lights are turned on it activates all sound around, and we begin to here faint sound effects as well as the sound of the plumbing and lights – the lights give off a type of buzzing sound which in many ways represent dentist lights which can be seen as a sinister thing. When the body is shown a screeching type of soundtrack comes into place which emphasises the dead body and the scale of fear, it then gives 3 different close ups of his head, the tape recorder and gun, all whilst using shocking sounds to emphasise their meaning; this soundtrack then continues whilst hearing the screams of the character and the banging of the chains against the floor – this last bit increases tension by a high rate and shows the fear of the characters and is cleverly done in order to automatically receive a scared reaction from the viewer. Movement: Movement is slow at first until the lights are turned on the whole pace and movement of the scene increases with the use of multiple transitions – mainly jump cuts at different angles and camera shots of both the characters reactions then panning and zooming to the corpse. A main bit of editing which I believe was cleverly used to emphasise the importance of the body was the use of a spinning effect whilst it zooms into the body – this body could be defined as a key prop. Blurring is also used throughout the clip, especially when the two characters are first realising their surroundings – from this we can connote that perhaps they’re not in their right mind set, perhaps intoxicated, other than this it shows us the confusion the characters might be experiencing which again represents the characters as the victims which sets the main characters as protagonists. Camera shots & Angles: The clip mainly consists of medium shots and long shots but although simple, they use various different angles such as birds eye view and from different corners of the room.
One shot which is effectively used is a POV shot in which we see the way in which one of the characters is seen through the others – this shows his fear and the way in which he reacts to the dead body, this allows the audience to get a better prospective and highness the mood and feel of the sequence/ Editing: This film contains title screens of the production houses which is twisted pictures (which has been involved with the production of other movies such as Texas chainsaw 3D, The tortured etc,) the directors name and the films name – these are all shown in very simple colours of just black and blue which links to the lighting and colour of the rest of the clip.
This clip consists of much more editing such as the blurring effects opposed to The Ring, unlike The Ring it is at a fast pace, I believe this is because of its genre, although it is horror as well it does not include paranormal activity therefore the narrative is more straight forwards whereas in a film which includes paranormal activity it has more of an element of mystery therefore moving slower to keep the audience on edge, with films such as these the clip is more about action and making the viewer scared at any point possible therefore the clip gets straight to the point and defines all key factors immediately.

Plot: This film was produced in 2005 based on supposedly a true story of a girl called Anneliese Michel who underwent an exorcism due to demonic possession.Location: The setting is in what seems like the country side, quite abandoned and restricted from city areas – this raises the fear factor and adds tension, abandoned areas are usually used in horror films to define a haunted type of feel as well as possession of buildings, in this case the character is possessed. As the setting continues to introduce itself we see a large wooden house in the middle of nowhere, the fact that it is dark coloured, deserted and predominantly wood immediately gives of the feeling that it is old and rustic therefore perhaps being a form of a haunted representation. Characters & Costume: We only see one character towards the end of the clip, the man is elderly probably around the ages of 60, the social scale of this man is hard to determine seeing as we only see him for a couple seconds, although, he is dressed all in black, is wearing a long black coat and is wearing a fedora hat – this can represent class and some type of authority therefore classing him around C1-C2. Props: There are no props which are shown in the opening sequence, instead decide to represent the narrative through sound, throughout the beginning, with the soundtrack they play sound of Emily Rose during her exorcism which of course is what the plot revolves around, it gives the audience a better understanding of the plot and gives a shocking effect which frightens the viewer but keeps them intrigued and keeps them on edge – it sets the narrative and shows the viewer what to expect. Sound: The sound is subtle and consistent throughout with a very faint type of sinister tune in the background it does not make any significant sounds other than the screaming which takes place during the exorcism, other than this it follows the slow pace which is shown throughout the giving the clip a more chilling feel. 
It doesn’t include any diegetic or dialect which adds to that eerie feel of nothingness – it also represents the setting seeing as it is in the middle of nowhere. When compared to The Ring it has similar aspects of movement, although it contains the non-diegetic sound in the background which gives it a more sinister feel. This clip unlike the others does not really introduce the main characters nor does it show any key props, but it consist of more title screens and gives a better viewing of the location, it also includes sound from parts of deeper in the clip which sets the narrative more clearly. Lighting: The lighting of the clip is kept the same throughout – it does not consist of any artificial lighting and contains only natural lighting including fog which makes the whole scene much more dull and gloomy, this works well with the beginning seeing as it does not give much away and instead keeps it mysterious and questionable, other than this the scene is quite dark other than white clouds in the background providing some source of light, it is possible that there is a blue tint filter in order to give the scene and old and dark looking atmosphere which again emphasises the horror genre by increasing the mystery and suspense. Camera shots & Movement: This clip is generally slow placed and does not involve any tracking and panning of the camera, it instead stays still in one sport at a specific camera angle and allows all the movement take place with the scene that is being shown, it then cuts to the next scene to either a closer view of the past shot or to another view of the setting – this gives it a jump effect and arises the tension as it blacks out then switches. It consists of close ups, establishing shots, medium shots and long shots, these shots contain different angles, mainly birds eye view which allows us too see the whole setting. Editing: This clip introduces with a showing of the production houses then turns into a blank screen, it continues like this (completely black) but writing fades in and out every couple of seconds, although it is not clear in the clip what the writing says it is presumably the directors and main characters names, this then again fades out for roughly around 3seconds and a scene which consists of barbed wire and the title of the movie is shown – the use of the barbed wire instantly connotes violence and reinforces the genre which is of course horror. The use of transitions is mainly dominated by fading in and out at the beginning, it then changes to simple cuts



The opening scene of this movie, starts with a shot of a full moon, then moves to a wide establishing shot a group of teenagers around a campfire. The shot doesn’t stay on the campfire; it goes to multiple short clips of previous Friday the 13th movies, whilst the boy is still explaining what happened, using a sound bridge to link the clips. The music is non-diagetic and very low, so you can barely hear it. The sound is music starts off slow and quite, but then begins to get frantic as the scene goes on. The scene introduces you to past and present main characters. The past characters establish what will happen to the present characters. We learn about the main character, who is described to us by the boy, we also learn who he is through the clips of past movies. The characters around the campfire are shown in between clips, and the person describing the story gradually gets closer to the camera until we are shown a close up of him. The scene ends with an image of a person in a hockey mask and the words Friday the 13th appear on screen. The lighting throughout the scene remains dark, even whilst moving from clip to clip. This helps set an eerie feel to the movie, which helps us establish what type of movie it is that we’re watching. The lighting as well as the music in the scene help us establish the genre of the movie, by having sinister, frantic music playing, as well as dark, dull lighting we assume the movie will carry on in that style. The time period of the scene is meant to represent a few minutes, but we’re shown clips from previous years, which represents different time periods. The opening of this movie starts with the camera looking into a window of a house, helping us to understand the setting and layout of the house. The camera then moves from the window, towards the front of the house. It this that helps us to know that the kind of camera shot that is used is a point of view shot. We enter the house with the person and see them open a draw and take out a knife; this introduces us to a key prop. The person who we’re seeing it through the eyes of then makes his way up the stairs and picks up an item from the floor and covers their face, you can see the outline of the item, and so we’re confirmed that it is a point of view shot. We aren’t introduced to the main character at any point during this scene because the camera uses a point of view shot, but we know that the character is a murderer, although we know nothing more about him. We are shown, however, the first person in which he kills and her partner. This makes us believe that the partner will be a victim later on in the film because we are introduced to him, but we know nothing of what happens after. The scene is set during night time, giving the scene a more sinister feel, even whilst in the house, the scene doesn’t get brighter, making you believe that something bad is going to happen. The music in the scene goes is non-diagetic and moves in sync with what’s going on throughout. As the scene moves on and progresses the music gets faster and more sinister. The diagetic sound is only heard towards the end, when we can hear the girl speaking, the sound of stabbing. The time period of this clip shows it is only a few minutes and we know that by being able to see what’s happening through the characters eyes. The scene starts with the establishing shot showing a furnace in a basement, and someone burning a toy doll. This introduces ideas that the movie is someway related to young children being hurt or damaged somehow. There’s an over the shoulder shot of the man looking through newspaper clippings and pictures that show what has been happening, as well as him explaining what is going on in the clip. We are shown key ideas of the movie by the fact that we see him being burnt and attacked, which could explain why the shot we are then shown is of a man with a burnt face. We then see a close up shot of the man and we only then begin to see clips from previous movies. At this point a voice over is also heard and is used as a sound bridge, much like it was in Friday the 13th, to link the clips together in order to explain them so we know why this movie was made. Whilst the voice over is going on, there is music playing low, which is dark and sinister. As the scene goes on, we see how the story develops. The voice over in the scene also begins to get more aggressive and angry as we get to know the story. Towards the end of the scene we see a close up of the mans mouth whilst he’s talking, we’re then shown a close up of a hockey mask, which is used to represent a character in Friday the 13th, through the eyes of the hockey mask we see the start of a new scene, it then zooms into this scene and ends. The time period that is meant to be represented in the scene isn’t clear as it moves from clip to clip, and none of them are from the same section of the previous movie, but the voice over only lasts for a few minutes whilst we watch the clips, which could help us understand the theme of the movie, the fact that dreams have no concept of time, and neither do these clips.

Natalia Wilson

Halloween Mise-en-scene Location: Provided in the opening scene of the film it is clearly shown that the film is set in America, this can be indicated due to the characters in the opening scene heard speaking with an American accent. At the start of the scene we see a house that is displayed as well designed in which may suggest that this house is located in a middle class area where there a never much tragic and violent attacks that happen in which heighten the surprise of such violent incidents in which will occur. The location is made clear as we know that the main location of the first scene is in a house and we and it is made clear due to the use of furniture items such as sofas, chairs tables and many other objects. The location is also made clear to audience as we know that the house belongs to the female character as she is very relaxed is seen with another male character running up the stairs seeming complacent and playful. This female character is also seen naked near the end of the opening scene this provides evidence to explain that she is extremely comfortable and suggests to audiences that this is her home. Lighting:  Lighting is used in the opening scene to display fear but can also be used to suggest a change in the time period. During the opening scene two of the main character are seen going upstairs and the light in the upper part of the house is seen to change to darkness.  The change of light has connotations of explaining a change in a period of time  as it describes how light throughout the day is seen and however not seen as it gets later into the day. Therefore suggest that the lighting is used to represent a change in time to help allow the opening scene to not drag on and enable it to get to the climax of the opening scene. However this sudden change of light to darkness could suggest that something tragic is about to happen. Also the fact that the top part of the house however has no light may suggest that this is where the horrific and violent attacks will occur as darkness has connotations of fear , mystery and death.  Lighting is used when the young boy who carried out the attack enters the kitchen and retrieves a knife from the kitchen draw and a change from dark to light is then seen this helps establish the characters motives as it clearly highlights him taking a knife which will be used In the violent bloody attack of the female character. Props:   The mask is an essential prop to the opening sequence as it is used as part of the killing of the female character and this suggests that this mask will be used if any other types of attacks are carried out is it helps conceal his identity heightening the fear factor but also enables audience to question who the person behind the mask is. It is important that the mask is featured in the opening scene as it explains that the mask is part of the main characters identity. Also another major prop is the knife in which is taken to kill the female character from the kitchen draw and is also essential as it foreshadows that this knife maybe used in violent activity throughout the film as audience already see the knife being used on a victim. Costume:  Seen in the opening scene is the young male dressed in a green silky clown Halloween costume in which helps audience to understand that that scene is happening on the day of Halloween and due to this adds to the already tense atmosphere and mood of the opening scene. Movement:  The movement of the young male moving around the house is effective as audiences get a chance to view the house through this characters perspective and gives off the effect you are a part of the scene. It also creates clarity more about the location of the scene as you get to see parts of house much clearer. Camera Shots And Angles:  The locations in the opening scene that are included are the outside of the house and the inside of the house this includes the living room, the kitchen and the passage way leading to the upper part of the house. For the outside of the house this key location of the opening scene is introduced by using a low angle shot which provides the view of the upper part of the house as a change of light is seen and this explains that by using a low angle shot it is highlighting that in this particular part of the location something tragic may happen due to the change of light to complete darkness. Also we are also introduced to the outside of the house due to the panning shot in which is used. This panning shot is key as it helps audiences to not only see the front of the house but the back and also through the window of the house where audience meet two other key characters who are introduced by using a two shot. Also during the panning shot audience see the prop of a pumpkin placed upon the front porch of the house which clearly gives audiences the idea that the opening sequence is clearly based around the time of Halloween. The key location of the inside of the house is introduced by using a POV Shot (Point of view). The POV shot which is seen from the villains perspective as we are introduced to the rest of the house and rooms such as the kitchen, dining room and the passage way in which has stairs leading to the top of the house in which is in complete darkness and is seen by using an establishing shot which may indicate that this is where the action will take place.  This POV shot used is essential to this opening scene as audience can gain understanding of this villains upcoming motives, such as the villain taking a knife from the draw. The two shot is used to help introduce the relationship between  two of the key characters who are in their older teens and are seen kissing and also seeming very comfortable together, the fact that two of them are in the same shot may suggest there close and intimate relationship in which they share. The genre can be established due to the fact that the movement of the panning shot is quiet swift; this can indicate that suspense is being built up to reach a sort of tragic climax. Also due to the medium close up of the knife instantly creates ideas of death in which links to the genre of horrors , it may suggest ideas that this key prop will be a part of violent attacks. Sound:  During this opening sequence there is not much dialogue. However the male and female character do exchange very little dialogue and seem to be laughing with one another which can suggest they are comfortable around one another and have a close relationship. There are also sounds used to create ideas about the key locations as the diegetic sounds of the draw being opened and the light switch being turned on are all sounds in which are heard in home environments and therefore due to these sounds they help identify key locations. Also sound is used to help establish ideas about the films genre. Due to the non-diegetic sound of the scary music it quickly indicates that the genre of this film is linked to horror. The music moves at a slow pace then picks up without warning which creates an alarming atmosphere. Also the sound of the screaming is very popular within horror movies as screaming has connotations of being in danger and needing instant help due to being very fearful. Lastly due to the cutting sounds heard while the villain stabs the main female character it creates a very true to life image in which audiences will find disturbing but however allows them become enticed to such a realistic scene. Women In Black. Mise-en-scene Location:  The location of the opening scene is displayed in a room in a house. This is made clear to audiences as props such as Chester draws, shelves, chairs and children toys are seen in this particular location indicating to audiences a homely environment.  The props included also gave further ideas about the location as the buggy, rocking horse and the dollies and a bed create ideas that the room in which the opening scene is taking place in is a Child’s bedroom. Also due to the interior décor and design of this location of the room we can tell that this film was set back in the time period of the early 1900’s. Lighting:   The lighting for majority of the opening scene is quiet dull and dim to fit the unknowing mood set as audiences don’t know what to expect in the opening scene. The use of dim lighting is effective as the location of the children’s bedroom should be vibrant and colorful but however contradicts this idea, which will cause audiences to think why this is. However the lighting throughout isn’t the same and towards the end of the opening scene the lighting is natural as it is daytime. This light falls into the room which brings a sought of bright and vibrant aura to the location of the bedroom. Props:  The key props within the opening scene are the toys in which the three children are seen playing with. The dollies and the china set that are included appear to be old. This can be told as the dollies look like they were made during the Victorian times therefore helping audiences gain ideas about the time period of the film and when it was set. Also audiences gain ideas that due to the fact that young children usually play with these types of toys that the main 3 characters are young in age. The children are seen brushing the dollies hair and playing with the china set, however when the music is heard within the opening scene the children begin dropping the china set and it smashes also they are seen stepping on the dollies head. Movement: The movement throughout the opening scene is slow and gradual as the young three female characters are seen playing. The movement of the young child stepping on the dollies head infers that they are abandoning there childhood and suggest that now that their childhood and innocents has gone they maybe about to carryout an act of deviance. Also included are the three young females walking towards three separate windows, the movement is extremely moderate which creates anticipation, as audience will question why the young girls are walking to the window and suggest that a sort of climax will occur. Costume:  The young female characters are all seen in floral patterned Victorian dresses which helps indicate the time period of when the film was set. The floral patterned dresses are all pale and displayed with colours and we also see that all the three females have on the same shoes, which are seen to be ballet type shoes in the colour black and seem to be a very flexible material. This creates ideas that maybe the family doesn’t have enough money to offered expensive shoes and therefore can only afford this basic style of shoes. Camera Shots:  To help introduce the key locations of this opening scene, wide shot are used. The wide shot in which shows the three young females playing with toys in the middle of a Victorian styled bedroom. This wide shot allows audiences to see this rooms surroundings such as the bed, toys, a pram, rocking horse and a miniature table and chair. Due to the wide shot including all these props we then gain ideas that this particular location is an infant’s room. Also at the end of the opening scene a master shot is used and seen in this shot is a view of the room after the three females have jumped out the window and explains that action has already taken place in this key location and has now ended but however suggest that audience are enabled to question why the three females jumped out the window. Key characters are introduced through certain camera shots. A wide shot is used to first introduce audiences to all three young females and this is key as this wide shot allows audience to meet all three females at once. This wide shot includes the three females playing with toys which helps establish the young ages of these female characters seen in the opening sequence. A Close up of one of the female characters is seen and appears to be quiet content. Also seen to help introduce key characters is a two shot of just two of the female characters which may suggest that these two characters share a closer relationship with one another and this also helps establish relationships between characters. Also provided is another wide shot of two of the main characters seen sharing toys this can suggest that they have a friendly and trusting relationship. The genre can helped to be established due to the slow panning towards the window which may indicate that a certain climax will occur in which the windows will be involved in. Also the smashing and stepping on of the props creates ideas of destruction and disaster in which link to themes of horror films. The close up of the young females twisting the handle to open the window instantly will allow audiences to question what is about to happen and this type of close up in which is used to question individuals is used in many horror movies to keep audiences enticed. Sound:  Throughout the opening scene the main character do not exchange dialogue.  However when they jump out of the window a loud is scream is heard and a female voice shouts ‘ah my babies’. The voice is not seen at any point of the opening scene but this is effective as it enable audiences to question who it was that screamed and their reason for doing so. Displayed within the opening scene there isn’t much sound apart from music. However the sound of the three young individuals opening the window is heard and this can suggest that although no dialogue is heard the sound of this window opening almost speaks for itself as it infers a sort of statement that actions speak louder than words and in this case the three young individuals jumping out the window definitely approves of that statement. To help establish the genre a scary soundtrack is heard but has elements of it that sound almost like a nursery rhyme. This creates a quiet chilling atmosphere as combining a nursery rhyme with a scary sound track is very common in horror films and therefore helps establish the genre. Scream Analysis. Mise-en-scene. Location:  Firstly it’s made clear to audience that the opening sequence will  take place in a house as an establishing shot is seen .The location of the opening scene is made clear to audience due to the fact that Female main character is heard speaking with an American accent in which tells audience that this film is set in America. Also the location is made clear to audiences as the interior décor of the house is very classy, elegant and also due to the coordinated colour scheme. The classy furniture such as the chandelier , the big open fire place and the fact this house has a swimming pool may suggest that the people who own this house are wealthy and live in an upper class area in America.  Included in the opening sequence is the main character who is seen making popcorn , answering the phone and seeming very comfortable this can indicate that this is where she lives due how comfortable she feels. Lighting:  Due to the fact that the opening scene is set at night the lights in the house are on however the lighting in the house is dim which overall sets a chilling and unnerving atmosphere and mood. The fact that lighting is dim it also creates ideas about uncertainty as the main character does not know the motives of the person on the phone and the voice continues to threaten her continuously , but  has no idea whether this voice has good or bad intentions. Also seen in the opening sequence is a tied up main character on the patio of the house but at first pure darkness is seen and the female male character is asked to switch on the patio lights by the voice on the phone and she follows instructions and as the light is switched on a hideous image is seen of a character bloody and battered this sudden change of light is highly important to this horror movie as it shocks audiences and builds to a sort of tragic climax. Props:  The telephone is a key prop as it is how the villain is introduced to audiences. The villains voice is first heard as he calls the main female character and begins to continuously integrate her with questions and then later begins to threaten her. The voice on the phone is heard to have a sinister tone in which heightens the suspense of who this caller could be and whether or not he/she has good or bad intentions. The fact that the phone rings continuously even when she tells the caller to leave her alone she continues to answer it. This can foreshadow the idea that although she is trying to ignore the phone she can’t help but answer and this relates to the idea that she may try to ignore this villain but he will eventually catch her. Both the villain and the main female character have knifes. The villain uses his knife to attack and kill his victim and the female character has a knife to protect herself from this villain as she is extremely scared and uses the knife as a form of protection. Knifes have negative connotations of death and evilness therefore key for certain themes of horror films. Costume:  The villain is seen to be wearing a long black cloak in which covers his whole body. The fact that the villain is dressed in an all black cloak creates an idea that his identity is meant to be concealed which heightens the suspense but also due to not knowing this characters identity it also creates fear. The fact that the colour of the cloak is black this has connotations of mystery and terror which overall describes the general mood of this character. The white ghost mask seen on the villain again of course helps conceal his identity enabling ideas of mystery. Due to the fact that it is a ghost mask it helps establish the genre of horror films as ghosts are consistently seen in horror films and are simply used as it adds to the fear factor. Usually ghosts are related to ideas of spirits and haunting people for particular reasons. The female character seen in this opening scene presented in very comfortable loose clothing. She has a baggy woolly jumper and baggy bottoms in which could suggest that due to the fact this is her home she feels very comfortable and relaxed within this environment. Movement:  The movement of the female character running at a rapid speed through the house may suggest that she is desperately scared and needs to get way from this villain and reach safety before anything tragic happens. Included in the opening sequence is the death of the female character as she is stabbed repeatedly. The movement of the villain raising the knife up high suggest that he/she is using a lot of force which then develops ideas that this action is done with extreme negative intentions to crucially hurt the victim. Overall the movement of the opening scene is mainly seen at a fast pace as everything that is happening such as the main character running from the villain and the stabbing of the main character which requires a fast and instant reaction. Camera Shots:  The key locations in the opening scene are mostly introduced by wide shots as the help audience to gain a better perspective of the surroundings in which help suggest ideas about the location. The wide shot of the kitchen, the living room and the patio are all important , as the wide shot gives audience more insight to the shot and a certain prop or even the location the shot is focusing on creates ideas that it may hold a sort of importance in which audience will later be revealed to. The establishing shot helps introduce the house to audiences as it is it indicates to audiences where the action or drama will take place and in this case most of the drama is occurring in this house. The main female character is introduced to audience by using a medium close up as it is key that audiences get to view the main character of the opening scene. Also the villain is introduced to audience by a close up in which can suggest that this close up was used in order to heighten the fear factor and scare audiences. Ideas about the relationship of the main character and the villain are established through a medium close up and a low angle shot. The medium close up used displays the first appearance of the villain approaching the main character and helps audience to see both the intense reactions distinctively as the main character looks extremely horrified whereas the villain looks malicious and ready torment his victim. This helps establish the genre as this idea is used in many horror films to provide audiences with the first appearance of the villain and the victim and the reaction in which usually is tragic and brutal. Between the main female character and her boyfriend a two shot is seen which could explain their strong feelings towards one another and also displays the female character being helpless as she cannot help him as he has already been brutality attacked.  The genre can also be established due to the fact that the camera movement is fast and creates ideas that in order to stay away from the villain the main character must move fast and also seems as if a sort of climax is being built up. The low angle shot helps create ideas about the genre as this low angle shot suggest that due to the high position of this shot it shows that the villain has an extreme amount of power as the knife could potentially end an individual’s life. Sound:  Dialogue is used to create ideas about the key characters. The main female character is heard speaking with an American accent. Also while she is on the phone to the villain she is well mannered which may suggest ideas of a very good upbringing and also being well educated. However as the villain continuously calls her and threaten her she becomes scared but strives to maintain a brave and confident mentality by trying to block out the fear and standing up to the villain in order to overcome this situation.  Due to the fact the villains continuously calls and threatens her we gain ideas that he/she maybe after something.  Dialogue also creates ideas about the villain as he seems to have power. The fact that the main character cannot see the villain but is extremely fearful of the things that the villain is saying over the phone this then shows that the villain has a lot of power and control. Sounds are used in order to create ideas about key locations within the opening scene. The sounds that are included are the doorbell, the phone continuously ringing and the stove being heated up. All these sounds are typically heard within a house and therefore help create a more homely mood. There are various sounds in which are used to create ideas about the films genre. The non-diegetic sound of the scary music helps add to the already chilling atmosphere and increase the tension of fear. As the main female character is running around the house to lock all the doors the music also speeds up again creating more tension as she is trying to remain as far away from the villain as possible. Also the sound of the villains’ voice is extremely sinister and just like the music increases the tension of fear and also helps establish the genre of the film being a horror. The female character is screaming and of course creates ideas that she may be in danger and this is essential to horror movies as it display the extreme fear in which is felt by the characters. Also the sound of the villain brutally stabbing his victim also helps create ideas that the genre of this movie is a horror. As the sound of the stabbing is happening it allows the scene to become more realistic and a more graphical and horrifying image is created.  

Abul Hasnat

Film Analysis

The Women in black

This film is about a young lawyer who travelled to a little village to find out about a vicious ghost who is terrorising the local villagers, this film was published in 2012, which is a British horror film, directed by James Watkins and written by Jane Goldman.


The mis-en-scene in the film also represents the time and location the film was based in, through many aspects. For example the three pale coloured dresses the girls were wearing indicated that it was based a long time ago, perhaps it could have been set in the olden Victorian times in the early 1900 as little girls use to dress in that manor, which consisted of long dresses with light colours, they also wore black, leathered and flexible shoes, which was very common in Victorian times. The dolls and teacups the girls were playing with, is also another factor which may be an indication that it was set in Victorian times, due the fact that the dolls in the scene seemed very old fashioned and wouldn’t be up to standards compared to the dolls today, in addition to this in Victorian times there wasn’t technology which may be the reason why the girls are playing with these type of toys, so we now know that the film is based in England. The three girls seemed to look like ordinary Victorian girls who were playing with each other, until the point where they stop and look directly into the camera altogether as if they are looking at the audience, they then stand up and walk towards the window, crushing and stamping on their dolls and teacups, they then jump of, this created a tense atmosphere for the audience, as the girls seemed as if they were hypnotised by staring at something supernatural, from playing with dolls and teacups to crushing and stamping their toys into committing suicide.

Camera shots

The opening scene of ‘the women in black’ starts of with three girls playing with their dolls, little teacups, and each other, this was caught through a several shots, two camera shots that was common was a wide shot, where the whole room was shown including the toys, teacups, dolls and the old fashion dresses the three girls were wearing, which comes to show that the film was based in Victorian times, as people in those era wore old fashioned dresses. The close ups of the three girls, gave the audience a nice soothing impression of three lively girls having fun with their dolls and teacups.


As the camera shots were getting closer, whilst there was closer up shots, a non-diegetic sound was played; a slow, mellow and spooky sound was played, which gave the audience a ghostly atmosphere and an idea that the film is mainly going to be based on supernatural activities, this makes it clear and obvious that the film is going to be categorised as horror. There was no dialogue spoken in the opening scene however at the end, as the girls fell out of the window, a disturbed and painful scream was heard, automatically creating a hostile and tense mood for the audience, the reason for this is that people often get the idea of screaming associated with pain and panic.

The Conjuring

The conjuring was published in 2013 as American super-natural movie, directed by James Wan.


The clothing of the nurses may indicate what time of year the scene may be based, one of the nurse had a flowery shirt which looked very old fashioned, her apparels may indicate that the film was in the 1970-1980’s as the fashion of the “flower” top in those days was very common, the objects in the house also added to indication of the film being set in the 1970/80’s for example the furniture in the house also gave a brief idea of what time of year it was. The mis-en-scene contributes to the horror of the film, the use of dim lighting of the opening scene was dark throughout the whole scene which gives an intimidating and scary impression to the audience, as it was creating tension as the sounds made it even spookier, from this the audience knew the genre of the film was going to be based on horror. The dark lighting created a tension like atmosphere for the audience as it made the audience feel more frightened, so the mood of the film from the start was based on fear.

Camera shots

The opening scene for ‘The conjuring’ starts off with a conversation between a group of people who are talking about the paranormal activity taking place in the house, these scenes are caught through common shots such as extreme close ups, two shots and wide shots. At the beginning, it starts off with an extreme close up of the doll named “Annabel”. The doll had big eyes popping out and a cheeky smile, even though it may be a doll however it automatically creates a spooky atmosphere for the audience, as condition the doll was in added the evil and wickedness to looks of the doll, as the doll was in a rough condition of with red lips, cheeks and scratches which made the doll look ever more scarier. There was a two shot of the two girls who were nurses talking about their experience with the doll, as the camera shot showed their facial expression, the audience immediately can understand that the two nurses are petrified and really anxious about the doll, the audience can also infer this from the fact that nurses called the “Ghost inspectors”. The ghost inspectors were also caught in a two shot, they seemed to look very calm and understanding, giving a impression to the audience that they are use to these kind of situations and know how to handle it properly.


The opening scene starts off with an non-diegtic sound as a intimidating and frightening sound was played, it was an intense sound being playing giving the audience a ghostly impression that the film will most definitely be a horror film, which categorises the genre of the movie from the opening sequence. The Diegetic sound consisted of the dialogues spoken by the actors and the knocks on the door. The dialogue was from the two nurses gave the impression of anxiety and fear to the audience as they were speaking about the doll in a fearful manor, this maybe because the two nurses never have experienced anything paranormal like this before, however the two ghost inspectors were very stable and calm as they were speaking because they were very use to these circumstances, they give an impression of hope and bravery to the audience, as the ghost inspectors maybe the only people who can save the nurses from this supernatural activity. Through their accent, we can also indicate that the film was based in America as all the characters had an American dialect.


Insidious was published in 2012, as an American super-natural movie, also created by James Wan (director of

 Camera shots

The opening sequence in the film of ‘insidious’ has many different camera shots, but the most common was the close up shots, mid shots and wide shots. There were close up shots taken of different scenes of the movie as the opening scene took specific camera shots of the certain parts of the movie, for example there was close up shots of a pitch black head in the mirror, the shadow of the head may have indicated spiritual possession to the audience which made them automatically think that the film is based on horror, as the ghostly shadow created a tense and daunting mood. An example for a mid shot would be a pitch black shadow of a man with furniture’s such as chairs and tables behind him, this automatically gives an impression of paranormal activities taking place in the room to the audience, the shadow automatically creates a furious atmosphere as it stood still, from this the audience acknowledge the fact that the film is genre is going to be based on horror. There was also a wide shot, of perhaps the living room where it consisted of chairs and tables, however the first indication of the film being based on horror was the fact that the chair moved by itself, this immediately gave an impression that the film is most definitely about ghosts and supernatural activites, so from the start the audience get ready for ghostly experience of insidious, the images basically create a intrigued mood for the audience.


Throughout the whole opening scene of insidious, a low non-Diegetic sound was being played as a slow melody and echo’s of different instruments were being played however it changed on how loud it was and specific scenes. For example, as the camera was getting close to mirror, the sounds was getting extremely loud, the instruments was screeching with various loud high pitched instruments, this immediately gives the audience something to panic about as the sounds play a big impact on the audiences fear, it created a tense and fearful mood for the audience due to the creepy sound, the screeching sounds also created a disturbing and uncomfortable mood for the audience, it also indicated that the genre of the film will be about horror. However as the title of ‘insidious’ comes, the sound starts to quieten down, into a less of a dramatic sound of high pitched screeching but a slow, creepy and long sound. There was no Diegetic sound as the opening sequences was mainly based on the introduction of insidious, which was when.


The mis-en-scene shows the location of where the film will mostly be based, in this case it was the house, as there a wide shot of the rooms in a dark colour, the dark colours can be associated as evil and death, as dark colours such as black make the location even scary, the audience then get the idea that there is something evil in the house. A young boy was sleeping on a bed, which was surrounded by darkness, as the lighting was very low in the surroundings; this may indicate that there is some evil omen around the boy as he sleeps. The use of toys such as the teddy bear and robots, indicates that there is children in the house, this also gives an impression that the children may have contact with the ghost as the toys were shown at the beginning, which can be interpreted as a sign to the audience, this also gives another indication to the audience that the genre is going to be horror yet again due to the dark lighting of the scenes. The title was in the colour red, this colour often associated with evil, blood and panic, this gives a hostile mood to the audience as these colours are often seen as negative, in other words it makes the audience get ready for a thrilling movie.

Production meeting 2 (14/12/2013) Abul, Natalia D, Natalia W, Shannon Decided the job roles which we will all be taking when filming. Shannon: Sound Natalia D: Editor Natalia W: Mise-en-scene Abul: Camera man


Throughout research we have watched a variety of different film clips of opening scenes which  shaped our narrative – at first we all had scattered ideas of what we wanted to do and would mainly confuse horror for thriller, by watching these clips we came up with a set narrative which represented the genre. When editing, we had a fixed imaged that we wanted to include mostly reds & bloody colours, but as i mentioned before, by watching different film clips we realised that ‘red’ is not really a colour which is associated with thriller but instead, horror – therefore when creating the film clips I added more cold colours such as white to the text and included different types of movement and filters in older to produce a more ‘thrilling and cold’ representation. Mise-En-Scene changed the most, at first our narrative consisted of a group of characters but as time went on we realised that opening scenes were mostly solitary instead of containing various characters – therefore as a group we decided to cut this down. The Mise-En-Scene person, Natalia W then decided to only include two characters but mostly only one character would be shown throughout the whole clip. Our original ideas on sound mostly stayed the same, although, our original idea consisted of no speech, after research Shannon decided that it would be best to include a short script in order to add more tension and emphasis the impact of thriller – this was taken from research of different films seeing as some clips that did not have speech and only sound would not have such a big impact as the ones that would. Our original ideas in terms of camera shots first started of with mostly simple camera shots such as middle shots, long shots, close ups etc. After research, Abuls knowledge on camera shots was more extended therefore he began adding over the shoulder shots, master shots & wide shots.

Job Roles

Abul – Camera Person. I Will do the following: The role of the camera person. The cameraperson will have carry out the following task:

  • Make decisions about all of the camera shots that will be used in the opening sequence.
  • Produce all of the storyboards.
  • Present the storyboards to their group.
  • Produce an evaluated anamatic based on the storyboard.
  • Load the storyboards onto the group’s Blog page.
  • Operate the camera for the group’s production shoot.
  • Produce an illustrated explanation of the group’s shoot progress.StoryboardI have created a four storyboards consisting of:- A scene that introduces the films settings – A scene that introduces the main actors – A scene that sets up the narrative – A scene that introduces key props or themesSC1 SC2 SC3 SC4 However, things did not go as to plan as the graveyard we planned to film in was unfortunately closed, so we had to immediatly choose another alternative location, as we was walking looking for places, we ended up in a spooky alleyway which looked perfect to create horror within a film, so i also had to create new scene that would have had to replace some of the clips from the old storyboards.NEW SC1 NEW SC2 NEW SC3 NEW SC4Natalia D – Editor . I Will do the following: The role of the editor. The editor will have carry out the following task:
  • Log and transfer the film footage.
  • Produce a paper edit
  • Make decisions about the titling that will be used.
  • Use Final Cut to edit the film footage following the edit decision list.
  • Add the soundtrack to the film footage
  • Use Motion to produce titling for the film.
  • Post explanations of the edit process on the group’s Blog page.
  • Post the final edit on the group’s Blog page.

    Title screen plans

  • First title screen consists of the film name – ‘The Unknown’ –  This title screen will start of with a black background with the unknown being in red writing, it will blur into a white type of translucent fog and then proceed onto fading out and fading back in with ‘The Unknown’ written in white, slightly blurry with some type of movement.
  • Second title screen is the production house logo – New line cinema – I have chosen this production house due to the fact that it is a well known production house which has is known for numerous thriller/horror films, therefore i thought it was suiting to the genre of the film.
  • The final title screen will consist of the names of everyone who participated in the making of the film with their job roles. Camera man – Abul Sound – Shannon Mise-En-Scene – Natalia W Editor – Natalia D This scheme will go with the first title screen of the name of the film – black background, red & white writing. The writing will come into the scene with movement, and it well then blur out to give a certain chilling feel to it.Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 14.18.20
  • This was the first title screen that I produced – ‘The Intruder’ but, unfortunately due to problems with the location we were forced to change the narrative of our opening sequence therefore the original title would no longer reflect the narrative therefore we changed it to ‘The Unknown’ but even though we did not have the same title i decided to maintain the same type of text font & edit. Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 14.17.36
  • After the change of the title, this is what it looked like .Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 14.17.52
  • I then decided that it would be better if i added the ghostly, fog whilst the title screen faded out – this adds a thrilling effect and  introduces the genre of the film. Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 14.20.28
  • This is the title screen which contains the names of everyone who participated, at first i thought it would look better to keep the title screen simple but when i played it it looked too plain compared to the other title screens, therefore i changed my mind and thought it would look better if this title screen went with the theme of the other title screens. Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 14.19.47
  • Therefore I decided to add this blur effect, which i have seen in many other horror films – i believe it looks chilling and it goes with the rest of the theme. As time went on and the edit of the footage was developed i felt as if the transitions weren’t working and needed something else, due to this i decided to add more title screens in a type of narration .Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 14.02.43
  • This was the first title screen I made when this decision was made but i soon decided to change the font after watching an opening scene of another horror film seeing as this looked more like an ‘action’ genre type of font.Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 14.05.03
  • I changed it to this font due as I believed it looked more haunted due to its simplicity. .Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.11.35
  • This was a last minute change – as you can see there is a black foggy effect across the letters N&O, this is a light tail which makes it way through the whole title – I tried this with several different colours such as white & red before making the decision that black was the most suited colour – the colour black was chosen due to several reasons; 1. The colour red made it look too much like horror and gory – the genre of the film is thriller therefore it did not reflect. 2. White looked to plain and when we asked other people they did not find it thrilling. 3. The colour black was chosen firstly due to its simplicity, another reason is as the background is black the effect would sometimes disappear and then re-appear as it passed the letters – i personally though this in a way represented the unknown source which was a main part of the narrative.

Shannon- Sound Editor.  I Will do the following: The role of the sound person. The sound person will have carry out the following tasks:

  • Make decisions about all of the sounds that will be used in the opening sequence.
  • Produce the script.
  • Present the script to their group for feedback.
  • Record all of the sound effects to be used in the opening sequence.
  • Create the music track using Garage Band for the opening sequence.
  • Load the sound planning paperwork onto the group’s Blog page.
  • Record all of the sound during the group’s production shoot.
  • Produce an explanation of the sound production progress during the shoot.

Sounds to use on garage band


Category – Dissonant: –      Abstract atmosphere* 058 –      * 067 –      * 064 –      * 074 –      * 088 –      *111 –      *150 –      *152 Category – Textures: –      Textures and ambience 005 –      * 020 –      * 059 –      * 093 –      * 120 –      * 153 Category – Arrrhythmic: –      Disoriented again –      High dissonance/echoes

Old Script


Lets just take the short cut home through the graveyard.


I’m not too sure about that, its getting dark.


Oh come on, we need to be ready for the party.



*start to walk through grave yard* trees blow, twigs breaking, foot steps – not their own.

*kessa sees a diary*


What’s this?


Kessa leave it alone.


Why are you so scared? *picks up the diary*

Silence *Kessa starts to read the diary, voice fades from hers to a deep scary voice, violent words e.g. I hate them, I’m going to kill her etc.*


Tracy this diary is cra- *Kessa turns around, Tracy isn’t there anymore* twigs breaking.


Tracy?! Oh haha very funny! You can come out now … Tracy? Tracy! (SHOUTING) *turns round frantically looking*

*Kessa begins to run home* heavy breathing, footsteps behind her, wind whilst she’s running.

*Kessa reaches home and opens her door* door creaking, keys jiggling, door closes.

*Kessa turns around and sees cloaked figure, she screams* heavy breathing, screams.

New script.

Jennifer and Carolina 

*Walking down a dark road* General talk, no specific conversation.

*Carolina steps on some paper*


What is that?


The diary of Dan *has trouble pronouncing the name*


*Hits the paper out of jennifers hand* don’t touch that!


*looks up and spots something* What is that?


Jennifer! Jennifer can you just leave that!


I don’t understand why this is happening to me … *trails off into a deeper voice*

I don’t want to kill again, I don’t want to feel anger, but I must (shouting) I’m coming! Coming!

*Jennifer gasps* (Shouting) Carolina! Carolina where are you?! This isn’t funny!

*Begins to run away, gets home, opens the door, leans against it as it closes. Panting. She looks up* High pitched scream.



Natalia W – Mise-en-scene . I Will do the following: The role of the mise-en-scene person. The mise-en-scene person will have to carry out the following tasks:

  • Decide on all of the mise-en-scene aspects to be used in the opening sequence – this will include: costume, props,location, lighting, actors, actors movement, actors make-up.
  • Present the mise-en-scene plans to their group for feedback.
  • Produce the shooting script.
  • Post the mise-en-scene paperwork on the group’s Blog page.
  • Arrange and book the actors needed for the shoot.
  • Decide what equipment is needed for the shoot and ensure that it is booked for when it is needed.
  • Ensure that all mise-en-scene material to be used in the opening sequence film shoot is present for the shoot.
  • Produce an explanation of the mise-en-scene process during the shoot.

Character Profile. Due to the fact I had the job role of the mise-en-scene person i had to create a character profile of the main characters in the process of putting together our opening sequence. The character profile consists of a detailed description of the main characters  , these consist of how the characters look  in terms of what they wear,  their relationship with one another , what props t would be of an important significance to the characters,  the locations they will be situated in and overall describing the characters role within the opening sequence. As this was part of the planning process the two main characters were initially named Kessa and Tracy and later changed the names to Jenifer and Carolina as these were the actual names of the individuals who were acting in the opening sequence and thought that this would give the film more of an authentic feel. Mise-en-scene 1Mise-en-scene 2Mise-en-scene 3

Risk Assessments. Risk assessments are used in order to help prevent any dangers taking pace. This then helps myself and my group while filming  to asses the location or situation that we are in a and refer back  to the risk assessment to ensure at that point we are doing everything to minimize any risks as anything could happen. In terms of being at an outside location and bumping into pedestrians or tripping over the wires while filming which could cause myself or someone in my group to become badly hurt and therefore the risk assessment is not only important for myself and individuals in my group but also others who are in the same location at the time could possibly be at risk. There are two risk assessments displayed as one is to do with outdoor risks such as in the alleyway or on the road.The second risk assessment deals with risks inside the home.

Scan 1

  Shooting Script.the shooting script was essential as it helped the overall filming process to be very organised and an easy way to check on what scenes on what particular day were going to be shot. This ensured that clarity about the range of scenes needed to be shoot and the order in which they would take place due to the fact we could only film at late hours due tot he fact it needed to be dark to add to the very mysterious and isolated mood of my opening sequence. Provided below are the new shooting script and the old shooting script and this was because a day in which we were meant to film on one of the actors could not make it and therefore i had to make changes of the days that all those needed to shot could make it on the same days to avoid any more unnecessary confusion. However when my group and myself were meant to film one of the charcaters could not make it due to personal reasons. As I had the mise-en-scene role I therefore had to ensure that all days we were going to shoot all indivdiuals required  were there including group members , actors and myself.I then went on to produce a new finalized shooting script.
-Old shooting script :

shooting script 1 OLD

Shooting script 2 old

Shooting script 3 OLD



These are the old shooting scripts. Intially due to two main reasons these scritps had to be aletered. The First issue was the with the date this was due to the fact the main chracter could no longer make it due to personally family reasons and others and myself in my group quickly found that the the graveyard that we wanted to shoot majority of our scenes in closed quiet early and therefore restricing the timing of how long we could shoot. The time in which it closed was at 4 and it had not properly got dark yet and therefore would not allow the simple convention of  our film being shoot at night time to not be implemented within my final product. Overall the date and location had to be changed :

-Date changed to Monday  3rd and Thurday 13rh ; all these dates were dates in which all actors and group memebers were avaliable.

New shooting scripts:

shooting script 1

shooting script redo

shooting script new 3


Call Sheet I thought that it was important to have a call sheet as myself and others in my group could easily get into contact with one another and also helps for actors to see the dates in which they would be needed and also the location of the shoot taking place. The main purpose is to ensure that on filming days there is no confusion on the location or the day or who will be needed.

first call sheet

call sheet 2


Booking equipment pteparations.

In order to take out equipment that I needed i used this as a guide to keep myself organized in terms of ensuring all equipment will be supplied and on what specific days and times and therefore prevents any confusion of possibly not having the equipment required on the day. bookings

































Construction (Prodution & Post Production)  

This shows the beginning of my edit – as you can see at this stage i am simply placing the clips in order and beginning to trim down what I needed and didn’t need. This print screen is an example of the editing process which took place. In the first screen, we can see two little blue arrows – this is called the ‘in out’ process , what this does is anything out of these arrows is irrelevant meaning only what is inside the arrows will be shown when dragged into the editing section. Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 09.57.06 Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.11.13Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.11.35 Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.12.15Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.08.59Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.12.32Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.12.00

These were the first title screens which I produced but after receiving audience feedback from an audience it was found that the use of so many title screens made it look as though it was a trailer rather than an opening film sequence therefore I decided it would be best to narrow down the title screens and I eventually ended up with four title screens – one introducing the production house, one saying it was based on a true story & the other a credits title screen –  I believe this worked better seeing as it allowed the challenging of the way scenes are transitioned nice as it contained text not only footage. The final title screens i produced and were put into the produce include:
Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.11.13 Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.11.35

These two title screens are linked together, the one with the red text is the first part, this then fades out and continues onto the second one in which consists of an effect which represents a type of shadow passing through the text – this was done in order to represent the unknown source in the film.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.08.59

Although it was said that some of the title screens made the product look as though it was a trailer instead of an opening sequence I decided to keep this one seeing as it was a way for me to challenge real media conventions, it also allowed me to transition a slide in a different way opposed to simply using a jump cut, it also allowed an increase of suspense on behalf of the audience. credits

Although you can’t see it from this sample – all the names came separately stating the job role of each person – they all contained the same effects of firstly with the job roles they would ‘arrange in’ then our names would ‘illusion in’ with a red effect which reflects on the title screen of ‘The Unknown’

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.12.15

At first i was going to get an image of the ‘New Line Cinema’ logo but seeing as this was not allowed i decided to create a production house with the first letter of all our names – this concluded in ‘SANN Production’

This is my first edit, at this stage the sound had yet not been imported and I was simply focusing on the way in which the footage we had  filmed so far looked – this was right at the begining as you can see solely on the fact that there were no title screens apart from at 2:05 when the old credits appeared, the footage had also yet not been finished. This is the second edit, even at this point the filming had yet not been finished but I had now added sound and was developing the way in which it worked with the footage. Compared to the other 2 edits this is the most advanced one, this edit had been after a couple weeks – the new title screens had been put into place, the footage had been finished filming & sound had been developed – at this point little adjustments were being made , mainly revolving around sound in order to ensure that it completely matched the film footage.

Evaluation (post production)



1)In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products. Film 2)How does your media product represent particular social groups? Prezi 3)What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Slideshare 4)Who would be the audience for your media product? Voice 5)How did you attract/address your audience? Slideshare 6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Voice 7)Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Prezi

Natalia D

1)In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products. – Film 2)How does your media product represent particular social groups? – Prezi 3)What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? – Slideshare presentation 4)Who would be the audience for your media product? – Prezi 5)How did you attract/address your audience? – Slideshare 6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? – Voice recording 7)Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? – Voice recording

Natalia W

1)In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products. 2)How does your media product represent particular social groups? 3)What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? 4)Who would be the audience for your media product? Slideshare 5)How did you attract/address your audience? 6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? 7)Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? 7) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Video

1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

3) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

4) Who would be the audience for your media product?

5) How did you attract/address your audience?

[prezi url=”” width=”550″ height=”400″ zoom_freely=”Y” ]

6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

7) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?


3 Responses to “Natalia Dominguez (0860), Natalia Wilson-Davis (1207), Abul Hasnat (0921), Shannon Drakes-Walkes (0863) – Main task 2013/14”

  1. It is good to see some progress being made but there should be much more done by now.

    the pitch section at the top of the page should be clearly labelled.
    All of the sections need to be better sign posted to make it easier to see where everything is – you should at least have sign posted the main sections: Planning and research, Construction, Evaluation.
    It is an interesting idea to present the questionnaire results as a Slideshare presentation but you need to look at resizing the presentation so that it is easier to read. You’ll need to rethink you use of pie charts as they do not suit all of the data that you need to present; you’ll also need to look again at your summaries as they don’t all properly reflect data contained in the chart.
    The cinema audience research needs to be presented asap as this should have been done by now.
    The focus group survey should have been completed by now so this will need to presented asap.
    There should be evidence of meeting as a group to make decisions and review progress.
    The cinema audience research should have been completed by now so the results will need to be posted asap.
    You all should have done your opening sequence analysis by now so these will need to be posted asap.

  2. 1. Pitch section was clearly labelled at the top by making ‘Pitches’ heading 2, meaning it would be bigger than the rest of the text
    3. All sections were changed to headings, so the text is bigger than the rest
    4. Pie charts were changed to bar charts
    5. Finished by 17th January
    6. Finished by 17th January
    7. New group meeting was posted
    8. All will be posted up by 17th of January

  3. For the group:
    You should set out your construction section as the film is completed and the editing is underway. You will have to work on your presentation so that there is consistency for instance the risk assessments should be presented in landscape format rather than portrait.

    For each group member:
    You will all need to present evidence that the individual job role task are being completed.
    Natalia W, you will have to break down you opening scene analysis with sign posting that makes it clear where each section begins and ends.

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