Natalia Wilson-Davis, 1207 Main task coursework continued 2013/14

Research of horror and thriller movies.

  •  Analysis Of Horror Movies:




Provided in the opening scene of the film it is clearly shown that the film is set in America, this can be indicated due to the characters in the opening scene heard speaking with an American accent. At the start of the scene we see a house that is displayed as well designed in which may suggest that this house is located in a middle class area where there a never much tragic and violent attacks that happen in which heighten the surprise of such violent incidents in which will occur. The location is made clear as we know that the main location of the first scene is in a house and we and it is made clear due to the use of furniture items such as sofas, chairs tables and many other objects. The location is also made clear to audience as we know that the house belongs to the female character as she is very relaxed is seen with another male character running up the stairs seeming complacent and playful. This female character is also seen naked near the end of the opening scene this provides evidence to explain that she is extremely comfortable and suggests to audiences that this is her home.

Lighting:  Lighting is used in the opening scene to display fear but can also be used to suggest a change in the time period. During the opening scene two of the main character are seen going upstairs and the light in the upper part of the house is seen to change to darkness.  The change of light has connotations of explaining a change in a period of time  as it describes how light throughout the day is seen and however not seen as it gets later into the day. Therefore suggest that the lighting is used to represent a change in time to help allow the opening scene to not drag on and enable it to get to the climax of the opening scene. However this sudden change of light to darkness could suggest that something tragic is about to happen. Also the fact that the top part of the house however has no light may suggest that this is where the horrific and violent attacks will occur as darkness has connotations of fear , mystery and death.  Lighting is used when the young boy who carried out the attack enters the kitchen and retrieves a knife from the kitchen draw and a change from dark to light is then seen this helps establish the characters motives as it clearly highlights him taking a knife which will be used In the violent bloody attack of the female character.

Props:   The mask is an essential prop to the opening sequence as it is used as part of the killing of the female character and this suggests that this mask will be used if any other types of attacks are carried out is it helps conceal his identity heightening the fear factor but also enables audience to question who the person behind the mask is. It is important that the mask is featured in the opening scene as it explains that the mask is part of the main characters identity. Also another major prop is the knife in which is taken to kill the female character from the kitchen draw and is also essential as it foreshadows that this knife maybe used in violent activity throughout the film as audience already see the knife being used on a victim.

Costume:  Seen in the opening scene is the young male dressed in a green silky clown Halloween costume in which helps audience to understand that that scene is happening on the day of Halloween and due to this adds to the already tense atmosphere and mood of the opening scene.

Movement:  The movement of the young male moving around the house is effective as audiences get a chance to view the house through this characters perspective and gives off the effect you are a part of the scene. It also creates clarity more about the location of the scene as you get to see parts of house much clearer.

Camera Shots And Angles:  The locations in the opening scene that are included are the outside of the house and the inside of the house this includes the living room, the kitchen and the passage way leading to the upper part of the house. For the outside of the house this key location of the opening scene is introduced by using a low angle shot which provides the view of the upper part of the house as a change of light is seen and this explains that by using a low angle shot it is highlighting that in this particular part of the location something tragic may happen due to the change of light to complete darkness. Also we are also introduced to the outside of the house due to the panning shot in which is used. This panning shot is key as it helps audiences to not only see the front of the house but the back and also through the window of the house where audience meet two other key characters who are introduced by using a two shot. Also during the panning shot audience see the prop of a pumpkin placed upon the front porch of the house which clearly gives audiences the idea that the opening sequence is clearly based around the time of Halloween. The key location of the inside of the house is introduced by using a POV Shot (Point of view). The POV shot which is seen from the villains perspective as we are introduced to the rest of the house and rooms such as the kitchen, dining room and the passage way in which has stairs leading to the top of the house in which is in complete darkness and is seen by using an establishing shot which may indicate that this is where the action will take place.  This POV shot used is essential to this opening scene as audience can gain understanding of this villains upcoming motives, such as the villain taking a knife from the draw. The two shot is used to help introduce the relationship between  two of the key characters who are in their older teens and are seen kissing and also seeming very comfortable together, the fact that two of them are in the same shot may suggest there close and intimate relationship in which they share. The genre can be established due to the fact that the movement of the panning shot is quiet swift; this can indicate that suspense is being built up to reach a sort of tragic climax. Also due to the medium close up of the knife instantly creates ideas of death in which links to the genre of horrors , it may suggest ideas that this key prop will be a part of violent attacks.

Sound:  During this opening sequence there is not much dialogue. However the male and female character do exchange very little dialogue and seem to be laughing with one another which can suggest they are comfortable around one another and have a close relationship. There are also sounds used to create ideas about the key locations as the diegetic sounds of the draw being opened and the light switch being turned on are all sounds in which are heard in home environments and therefore due to these sounds they help identify key locations. Also sound is used to help establish ideas about the films genre. Due to the non-diegetic sound of the scary music it quickly indicates that the genre of this film is linked to horror. The music moves at a slow pace then picks up without warning which creates an alarming atmosphere. Also the sound of the screaming is very popular within horror movies as screaming has connotations of being in danger and needing instant help due to being very fearful. Lastly due to the cutting sounds heard while the villain stabs the main female character it creates a very true to life image in which audiences will find disturbing but however allows them become enticed to such a realistic scene.

Women In Black.


Location:  The location of the opening scene is displayed in a room in a house. This is made clear to audiences as props such as Chester draws, shelves, chairs and children toys are seen in this particular location indicating to audiences a homely environment.  The props included also gave further ideas about the location as the buggy, rocking horse and the dollies and a bed create ideas that the room in which the opening scene is taking place in is a Child’s bedroom. Also due to the interior décor and design of this location of the room we can tell that this film was set back in the time period of the early 1900’s.

 Lighting:   The lighting for majority of the opening scene is quiet dull and dim to fit the unknowing mood set as audiences don’t know what to expect in the opening scene. The use of dim lighting is effective as the location of the children’s bedroom should be vibrant and colorful but however contradicts this idea, which will cause audiences to think why this is. However the lighting throughout isn’t the same and towards the end of the opening scene the lighting is natural as it is daytime. This light falls into the room which brings a sought of bright and vibrant aura to the location of the bedroom.

Props:  The key props within the opening scene are the toys in which the three children are seen playing with. The dollies and the china set that are included appear to be old. This can be told as the dollies look like they were made during the Victorian times therefore helping audiences gain ideas about the time period of the film and when it was set. Also audiences gain ideas that due to the fact that young children usually play with these types of toys that the main 3 characters are young in age. The children are seen brushing the dollies hair and playing with the china set, however when the music is heard within the opening scene the children begin dropping the china set and it smashes also they are seen stepping on the dollies head.

Movement: The movement throughout the opening scene is slow and gradual as the young three female characters are seen playing. The movement of the young child stepping on the dollies head infers that they are abandoning there childhood and suggest that now that their childhood and innocents has gone they maybe about to carryout an act of deviance. Also included are the three young females walking towards three separate windows, the movement is extremely moderate which creates anticipation, as audience will question why the young girls are walking to the window and suggest that a sort of climax will occur.

Costume:The young female characters are all seen in floral patterned Victorian dresses which helps indicate the time period of when the film was set. The floral patterned dresses are all pale and displayed with colours and we also see that all the three females have on the same shoes, which are seen to be ballet type shoes in the colour black and seem to be a very flexible material. This creates ideas that maybe the family doesn’t have enough money to offered expensive shoes and therefore can only afford this basic style of shoes.

Camera Shots:  To help introduce the key locations of this opening scene, wide shot are used. The wide shot in which shows the three young females playing with toys in the middle of a Victorian styled bedroom. This wide shot allows audiences to see this rooms surroundings such as the bed, toys, a pram, rocking horse and a miniature table and chair. Due to the wide shot including all these props we then gain ideas that this particular location is an infant’s room. Also at the end of the opening scene a master shot is used and seen in this shot is a view of the room after the three females have jumped out the window and explains that action has already taken place in this key location and has now ended but however suggest that audience are enabled to question why the three females jumped out the window. Key characters are introduced through certain camera shots. A wide shot is used to first introduce audiences to all three young females and this is key as this wide shot allows audience to meet all three females at once. This wide shot includes the three females playing with toys which helps establish the young ages of these female characters seen in the opening sequence. A Close up of one of the female characters is seen and appears to be quiet content. Also seen to help introduce key characters is a two shot of just two of the female characters which may suggest that these two characters share a closer relationship with one another and this also helps establish relationships between characters. Also provided is another wide shot of two of the main characters seen sharing toys this can suggest that they have a friendly and trusting relationship. The genre can helped to be established due to the slow panning towards the window which may indicate that a certain climax will occur in which the windows will be involved in. Also the smashing and stepping on of the props creates ideas of destruction and disaster in which link to themes of horror films. The close up of the young females twisting the handle to open the window instantly will allow audiences to question what is about to happen and this type of close up in which is used to question individuals is used in many horror movies to keep audiences enticed.

Sound:  Throughout the opening scene the main character do not exchange dialogue.  However when they jump out of the window a loud is scream is heard and a female voice shouts ‘ah my babies’. The voice is not seen at any point of the opening scene but this is effective as it enable audiences to question who it was that screamed and their reason for doing so. Displayed within the opening scene there isn’t much sound apart from music. However the sound of the three young individuals opening the window is heard and this can suggest that although no dialogue is heard the sound of this window opening almost speaks for itself as it infers a sort of statement that actions speak louder than words and in this case the three young individuals jumping out the window definitely approves of that statement. To help establish the genre a scary soundtrack is heard but has elements of it that sound almost like a nursery rhyme. This creates a quiet chilling atmosphere as combining a nursery rhyme with a scary sound track is very common in horror films and therefore helps establish the genre.

Scream Analysis.


Location:  Firstly it’s made clear to audience that the opening sequence will  take place in a house as an establishing shot is seen .The location of the opening scene is made clear to audience due to the fact that Female main character is heard speaking with an American accent in which tells audience that this film is set in America. Also the location is made clear to audiences as the interior décor of the house is very classy, elegant and also due to the coordinated colour scheme. The classy furniture such as the chandelier , the big open fire place and the fact this house has a swimming pool may suggest that the people who own this house are wealthy and live in an upper class area in America.  Included in the opening sequence is the main character who is seen making popcorn , answering the phone and seeming very comfortable this can indicate that this is where she lives due how comfortable she feels.

Lighting:  Due to the fact that the opening scene is set at night the lights in the house are on however the lighting in the house is dim which overall sets a chilling and unnerving atmosphere and mood. The fact that lighting is dim it also creates ideas about uncertainty as the main character does not know the motives of the person on the phone and the voice continues to threaten her continuously , but  has no idea whether this voice has good or bad intentions. Also seen in the opening sequence is a tied up main character on the patio of the house but at first pure darkness is seen and the female male character is asked to switch on the patio lights by the voice on the phone and she follows instructions and as the light is switched on a hideous image is seen of a character bloody and battered this sudden change of light is highly important to this horror movie as it shocks audiences and builds to a sort of tragic climax.

Props:  The telephone is a key prop as it is how the villain is introduced to audiences. The villains voice is first heard as he calls the main female character and begins to continuously integrate her with questions and then later begins to threaten her. The voice on the phone is heard to have a sinister tone in which heightens the suspense of who this caller could be and whether or not he/she has good or bad intentions. The fact that the phone rings continuously even when she tells the caller to leave her alone she continues to answer it. This can foreshadow the idea that although she is trying to ignore the phone she can’t help but answer and this relates to the idea that she may try to ignore this villain but he will eventually catch her. Both the villain and the main female character have knifes. The villain uses his knife to attack and kill his victim and the female character has a knife to protect herself from this villain as she is extremely scared and uses the knife as a form of protection. Knifes have negative connotations of death and evilness therefore key for certain themes of horror films.

Costume:  The villain is seen to be wearing a long black cloak in which covers his whole body. The fact that the villain is dressed in an all black cloak creates an idea that his identity is meant to be concealed which heightens the suspense but also due to not knowing this characters identity it also creates fear. The fact that the colour of the cloak is black this has connotations of mystery and terror which overall describes the general mood of this character. The white ghost mask seen on the villain again of course helps conceal his identity enabling ideas of mystery. Due to the fact that it is a ghost mask it helps establish the genre of horror films as ghosts are consistently seen in horror films and are simply used as it adds to the fear factor. Usually ghosts are related to ideas of spirits and haunting people for particular reasons. The female character seen in this opening scene presented in very comfortable loose clothing. She has a baggy woolly jumper and baggy bottoms in which could suggest that due to the fact this is her home she feels very comfortable and relaxed within this environment.

 Movement:  The movement of the female character running at a rapid speed through the house may suggest that she is desperately scared and needs to get way from this villain and reach safety before anything tragic happens. Included in the opening sequence is the death of the female character as she is stabbed repeatedly. The movement of the villain raising the knife up high suggest that he/she is using a lot of force which then develops ideas that this action is done with extreme negative intentions to crucially hurt the victim. Overall the movement of the opening scene is mainly seen at a fast pace as everything that is happening such as the main character running from the villain and the stabbing of the main character which requires a fast and instant reaction.

Camera Shots:  The key locations in the opening scene are mostly introduced by wide shots as the help audience to gain a better perspective of the surroundings in which help suggest ideas about the location. The wide shot of the kitchen, the living room and the patio are all important , as the wide shot gives audience more insight to the shot and a certain prop or even the location the shot is focusing on creates ideas that it may hold a sort of importance in which audience will later be revealed to. The establishing shot helps introduce the house to audiences as it is it indicates to audiences where the action or drama will take place and in this case most of the drama is occurring in this house. The main female character is introduced to audience by using a medium close up as it is key that audiences get to view the main character of the opening scene. Also the villain is introduced to audience by a close up in which can suggest that this close up was used in order to heighten the fear factor and scare audiences. Ideas about the relationship of the main character and the villain are established through a medium close up and a low angle shot. The medium close up used displays the first appearance of the villain approaching the main character and helps audience to see both the intense reactions distinctively as the main character looks extremely horrified whereas the villain looks malicious and ready torment his victim. This helps establish the genre as this idea is used in many horror films to provide audiences with the first appearance of the villain and the victim and the reaction in which usually is tragic and brutal. Between the main female character and her boyfriend a two shot is seen which could explain their strong feelings towards one another and also displays the female character being helpless as she cannot help him as he has already been brutality attacked.  The genre can also be established due to the fact that the camera movement is fast and creates ideas that in order to stay away from the villain the main character must move fast and also seems as if a sort of climax is being built up. The low angle shot helps create ideas about the genre as this low angle shot suggest that due to the high position of this shot it shows that the villain has an extreme amount of power as the knife could potentially end an individual’s life.

Sound:  Dialogue is used to create ideas about the key characters. The main female character is heard speaking with an American accent. Also while she is on the phone to the villain she is well mannered which may suggest ideas of a very good upbringing and also being well educated. However as the villain continuously calls her and threaten her she becomes scared but strives to maintain a brave and confident mentality by trying to block out the fear and standing up to the villain in order to overcome this situation.  Due to the fact the villains continuously calls and threatens her we gain ideas that he/she maybe after something.  Dialogue also creates ideas about the villain as he seems to have power. The fact that the main character cannot see the villain but is extremely fearful of the things that the villain is saying over the phone this then shows that the villain has a lot of power and control. Sounds are used in order to create ideas about key locations within the opening scene. The sounds that are included are the doorbell, the phone continuously ringing and the stove being heated up. All these sounds are typically heard within a house and therefore help create a more homely mood. There are various sounds in which are used to create ideas about the films genre. The non-diegetic sound of the scary music helps add to the already chilling atmosphere and increase the tension of fear. As the main female character is running around the house to lock all the doors the music also speeds up again creating more tension as she is trying to remain as far away from the villain as possible. Also the sound of the villains’ voice is extremely sinister and just like the music increases the tension of fear and also helps establish the genre of the film being a horror. The female character is screaming and of course creates ideas that she may be in danger and this is essential to horror movies as it display the extreme fear in which is felt by the characters. Also the sound of the villain brutally stabbing his victim also helps create ideas that the genre of this movie is a horror. As the sound of the stabbing is happening it allows the scene to become more realistic and a more graphical and horrifying image is created.  

Cinema Audience Research

What types of film have been the most popular over the past three years?

According to Torsnal films it provides information that talks about how Dramas, Horrors and Science fiction films are the most popular film genres. According to the article The reason in which dramas are one of the popular genres are due to the fact that they display situations/conflict around the characters which of course brings a sort of entertainment to viewers as they may sympathize and gain an emotional connection to the film. The reason in which horrors are popular is due to the idea that it is indeed made to scare and horrify individuals as the fear factor is extremely entertaining to audiences. Lastly Sci-fi films in which are also popular includes some of the same elements just as horrors. This includes supernatural creatures and monsters.

Pearl And Dean question 1

Also displayed in the pearl and dean diagram of the most popular type of films over the last three years displays that fantasy and thrillers have been the most popular as they are frequently seen amongst this list such as les miserable , the croods and wreck it ralph. However other genres such as Animation, coming of age and historical drama  are also included among these popular genres.

What age group has made the most visits to the cinema?

Due to Screen Advertising  Wold Association (SAWA) majority of cinema-goers are young and affluent and fall into the target demographic of 14-34 year olds. However there has been an increase in every age group in the last few years, but the largest increase is seen in the over 25’s.

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.04.54

However included in ‘’ this sources displays the target demographic falls in the age range of 25-34 and states that those over 55 visit the cinema the least. This may be due to old age and their state of health restricting this age group to easily go to a cinema.Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.12.07   Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.11.53

Pearl and deans diagram of the age range in which visit the cinema the most differs from the previous findings as the most popular age group is ranged from 15-24 in this diagram. There is a slight difference as this age range is younger. However similarly shows that majority of cinema-goers are young individuals who are going through or who have pasted adolescence. This diagram also displays the universal perspective as the age group in which visits the cinema the most is those aged 35 and upwards. Shown in other research of pearl and dean is a diagram titled ‘Family Focus’ in which starts from the ages of 7 in which gives a broader view of the different ages that could be potentially considered as frequent cinema-goers. Overall this diagram starting from the ages of 7 still similarly shows that the age group of 15-34 year olds visit the cinema more frequently compared to other age groups. This may be due to the fact this age group is young and don’t have a lot of financial responsibility such as providing for children , playing bills , paying rent and many other financial responsibilities and therefore can spend more of their money on their leisure time such as visiting the cinema.

Whether cinema is popular among males or females?

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.04.45

 Presented on ‘ the percentage of women visiting the cinema is 65% whereas 35% of males visit the cinema. This clearly translates that the gender that visits the cinema more are females.

 Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.18.14Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.18.07

Provided in the pearl and dean audience research it simply states that the gender in which visits the cinema the most are females. This could be suggested as man like to spend their leisure time doing things such as playing football , going to the pub , and playing video games ; these are very stereotypical reasons as to why women go to the cinema more as they spend more of their leisure time pampering themselves , shopping and going to the cinema.


Natalia W

1)In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products. – A piece to camera.

2)How does your media product represent particular social groups?-Prezi

3)What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? A Piece to camera.

4)Who would be the audience for your media product? Slideshare

5)How did you attract/address your audience?- Soundcloud

6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?- Soundcloud

7)Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? – Slideshare

 My Job Role As Mise-en-scene.

  Shooting Script.the shooting script was essential as it helped the overall filming process to be very organised and an easy way to check on what scenes on what particular day were going to be shot. This ensured that clarity about the range of scenes needed to be shoot and the order in which they would take place due to the fact we could only film at late hours due tot he fact it needed to be dark to add to the very mysterious and isolated mood of my opening sequence. Provided below are the new shooting script and the old shooting script and this was because a day in which we were meant to film on one of the actors could not make it and therefore i had to make changes of the days that all those needed to shot could make it on the same days to avoid any more unnecessary confusion. However when my group and myself were meant to film one of the charcaters could not make it due to personal reasons. As I had the mise-en-scene role I therefore had to ensure that all days we were going to shoot all indivdiuals required  were there including group members , actors and myself.I then went on to produce a new finalized shooting script.
-Old shooting script :

shooting script 1 OLD

Shooting script 2 old

Shooting script 3 OLD



These are the old shooting scripts. Intially due to two main reasons these scritps had to be aletered. The First issue was the with the date this was due to the fact the main chracter could no longer make it due to personally family reasons and others and myself in my group quickly found that the the graveyard that we wanted to shoot majority of our scenes in closed quiet early and therefore restricing the timing of how long we could shoot. The time in which it closed was at 4 and it had not properly got dark yet and therefore would not allow the simple convention of  our film being shoot at night time to not be implemented within my final product. Overall the date and location had to be changed :

-Date changed to Monday  3rd and Thurday 13rh ; all these dates were dates in which all actors and group memebers were avaliable.

New shooting scripts:

shooting script 1

shooting script redo

shooting script new 3


Call Sheet I thought that it was important to have a call sheet as myself and others in my group could easily get into contact with one another and also helps for actors to see the dates in which they would be needed and also the location of the shoot taking place. The main purpose is to ensure that on filming days there is no confusion on the location or the day or who will be needed.

first call sheet

call sheet 2


Booking equipment pteparations.

In order to take out equipment that I needed i used this as a guide to keep myself organized in terms of ensuring all equipment will be supplied and on what specific days and times and therefore prevents any confusion of possibly not having the equipment required on the day. bookings


Character Profile. Due to the fact I had the job role of the mise-en-scene person i had to create a character profile of the main characters in the process of putting together our opening sequence. The character profile consists of a detailed description of the main characters  , these consist of how the characters look  in terms of what they wear,  their relationship with one another , what props t would be of an important significance to the characters,  the locations they will be situated in and overall describing the characters role within the opening sequence. As this was part of the planning process the two main characters were initially named Kessa and Tracy and later changed the names to Jenifer and Carolina as these were the actual names of the individuals who were acting in the opening sequence and thought that this would give the film more of an authentic feel. Mise-en-scene 1Mise-en-scene 2Mise-en-scene 3


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