Preliminary Task 2013/14: Simisola Adeyemi-0688, (Bela) Natalia Wilson-Davis-1207, Natalia Dominguez-0860, Abdul Sit-3584

Induction Task:


Preliminary Task Film Final Cut Edit:

Camera Set-Up

Simisola’s Screen Recording:

Simisola’s Preliminary Task Evaluation –

Narrative: The story is about a mother and a daughter. The mother despises her teenage daughter and she can’t forgive her teenage daughter because of the mistake her daughter committed which ultimately led to the death of her teenage daughter’s father and due to the fact that she’s still grieving, she is set out to make her daughter’s life miserable.

In the two minute film, we see the daughter get a scholarship letter from a prestigious school abroad who is giving her the chance to further her education however we see the mother tear up the letter in the hope that she will destroy her daughter’s dreams and hopes of a better and successful future

Will the daughter escape the reins of her evil mother? Or will a miracle occur before it’s too late?

Dialogue (Script): (Mail of letters drops through the letter box. The mother gets up, puts on her fuzzy slippers to go through the mail. she comes across a letter for her daughter from a prestigious school abroad)

Mother: (talks to herself) When did she apply for a scholarship and why didn’t she tell me? Sneaky little girl (skims through the letter) Wait…..she actually got accepted! (goes to the kitchen and gets a lighter to burn the letter) Now let’s see if she goes anywhere..

(A few minutes later)

(Daughter turns the key into the keyhole and enters)

Daughter: Good afternoon mother (walks in and sits in font of her mother)

Mother: (scowls and slurring) I have told you countless times never to call me your mother. You lost the right to call me that after you killed your father.

Daughter: (tears forms in her eyes, breaking voice) But you know I didn’t to kill him. It was simply an accident. Yes, I know I was the one who let the electrical wires loose on the floor and he tripped on them but it wasn’t a trap. I loved him and you know that.

Mother: Whatever, you murderer. You should count yourself lucky I haven’t thrown you out of my house and I allow you to stay in this house for free. Ungrateful little girl. 

Daughter: (sniffs) Thank you, I appreciate your act of kindness(!)

Mother: Don’t you dare take that tone with me! (rolls her eyes)

Daughter: Fine, I’m sorry! By the way, have you seen any mail for me? It is really important and I was supposed to get a reply from the people today.

Mother: No.

Daughter: Look, it is really important I get that letter.


Daughter: ALRIGHT! It’s just very strange because the letter was supposed o arrive today…(looks at her mother doubtfully)

Mother: If you look at me like that again, I will slap you! Go to your room! I have seen enough of your face to last me a whole lifetime.

Daughter: Alright.. but if you see anything in the mail for me please let me know.

Mother: (scoffs) Whatever.

(The daughter sullenly drags herself up the stairs to her room and flings her book bag on her bed)

Daughter: (paces around the room and soliloquies) She still hates me after all these years and I don’t think she will ever forgive me for what happened to my Dad (looks up the ceiling with tears running down her face) Daddy, if you can hear this, I just want to say that I am really sorry for what happened. It was a careless mistake. (Gets up and walk across the room to her computer desk) I might as well start applying for student loans. It seems like the University which I applied to for a scholarship doesn’t think I’m good enough (moments later, she finishes applying for the loans. she logs into her email not knowing the prestigious school also sent her an email)

Camera Shots: Long shot is used as the daughter walks in. I decided to use a long shot so that it can capture both the mother and daughter in the scene and while the focus is on the characters, plenty of the background details still emerges. I also used the long shot so that the audience get the image of their physical appearance and their clothes.

Secondly, I use a close up for when the daughter start crying when the mother starts blaming her for her father’s death. I wanted to capture her emotions so the audience can empathize with her emotions. I wanted little background detail to be shown so that the close up takes the audience into the mind and emotions of the character.

Furthermore, I used a wide shot for the scene where the mother and daughter are talking about the letter in the mail because I want the audience to focus on the character and their dialogue.

Characters: In this short film, we see the mother has a cold and abrasive personality. Her clothes are torn and worn out. She is seen wearing a torn black house robe and fuzzy slippers. Her speech is slurred and she is mostly seen with a cruel face and her hair is messy and unkempt.

The mother’s personality shows that she is abrasive connoting that she is sad and angry. Her clothes connotes that she is in discomfort and she is in a state of destitute. Her black, torn robe shows that she is still grieving for her husband’s death and her fuzzy slippers connotes that she’s trying to find warm comfort in the mist of her sorrow. Her speech connotes that she is drunk and she’s trying to get drunk to run away from the reality of the situation. Her physical appearance connotes her anger to the world and it connotes how she’s given up hope and has accepted her life being a messy excuse.

The daughter’s personality is affable, optimistic however she is withdrawn from the world and has a low self esteem. She is seen wearing a faded light yellow dress with dirty trainers. She is quiet and shy. She is skinny, her hair is thin and she is very pale.

The daughter’s personality connotes hope, warmth and friendliness. Her clothes connote that her source of joy and happiness is gone. I chose the colour yellow because yellow is supposed to be bright, cheerful and it is supposed to stimulate feelings of happiness. Her speech connotes low self esteem and withdrawal from the world. Her physical appearance connotes malnourishment and unhappiness.

Simisola’s Evaluation: 


Video Clip: 

Narrative: Mother left child at very young age and decides to seek her out now that she’s much older – when the mother finds and tells her who she is the daughter becomes angered and claims she never wants to see her again. Mother calls daughter later on after first encounter and begs to see her once more, daughter eventually agrees.

Camera Shots:

  1. Arriving at door – wide shot
  2. Knocking on door – close up (of hand then camera pans to characters face)
  3. Door being opened – medium shot
  4. Passing through door – long shot
  5. Sitting down – medium shot

Dialogue (Script):

Mum: *walks into cafe where she walks over to where her daughter is sitting* Miss Wilson? We spoke over the phone
Daughter: *stands up and extends her hand* Ah yes, Miss Davis right?
Mum: *shakes her hand* Yes, nice to finally meet you
Daughter: So, i take it you have some interest in investing in our company?
Mum: *watches daughter curiously*
Daughter: Miss Davis? Is everything okay?
Mum: Oh er..yes, sorry… I want too erm invest *visibly tenses*
Daughter: *pauses* Okay… I need you to have a look at this paper wo-
Mum: Actually, I called you for a different reason
Daughter: *looks confused* Oh? And what might that be? Perhaps you are interested in working with us?
Mum: *takes deep breath* At the age of 4 you were put into foster care
Daughter: *eyes widen* How do you kn-
Mum: *rises hand to silence her* there’s not one day I don’t regret that *whispers*
Daughter: WHAT. NO. It cant be..
Mum: I am your mother.
Daughter: No, this must be some kind of sick joke *stands up to leave*
Mum: *grabs arm* Please, Lisa, hear me out.
Daughter: *pulls arm away aggressively* NO. Who do you think you are?! Just appearing here out of nowhere after all these years. DONT TOUCH ME.
Mum: I am your mother. please just listen *sounds desperate*
Daughter: YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER *screams and walks out*
Mum: *stays silent wide-eyed*
Daughter: *phone rings* Hello? Lisa Wilson here, how can i help?
Mum: Lisa…*pauses* please don’t hand up, please meet me today, I just want to talk, explain why i did what i did
Daughter: *pauses – long silence* I finish work at 6, good-bye. *hangs up*
– END –


Mother (Antagonist)
Voice has a slight foreign accent.
Personality is quite distant although seems quite curious.
Physical appearance: Jet black hair, blue eyes, short (roughly around 5’5) looks as if she’s in her late 40’s
– From her physical appearance and the way she acts we can connate her as having a slight cold vibe & perhaps see her as being quite artificial.\

Daughter (Protagonist)

Has a soft yet assertive voice.
Personality is welcoming and friendly.
Physical appearance: Medium height, (around 5’7) quite young – early 20’s
– From her physical appearance and the way she acts you can feel as if she’s innocent which gives off a more ‘victim’ feel too her which increases the protagonist view and puts the audience in her favour.




Narrative:        Antagonist (Mother, Jane) ; Protagonist (Teen daughter, Sarah) ; Conflict (Argument)

A woken by the dark blue curtains sliding to one side, opened by her mother, Sarah squeals at the sight of light coming through her bedroom window.It’s 2 O’clock in the afternoon and she’s still in bed.  Jane, Sarah’s mother, is pissed. Angry and confused by her action Sarah throws a pillow at the door as her mum leaves the room and goes back to sleep. She went out the night before and she obviously knew that, so why not let her sleep? she thought. As Sarah ponders her thoughts whilst going back to sleep, Jane comes back in her room with an empty suitcase and throws it at the tip of her feet onto the bed, yelling at her to pack her things and get out.

Camera Shots:

Dialogue (Script):



Narrative:  Lisa who is 16 and in the middle of completing her GCSE’s ,has just recently discovered she is pregnant and knows that she must immediately go to the doctor and get an abortion. Lisa knows the concequences of her mother finding out will be negative and cause her mother a lot of distress as Lisa has been been brought up with high standards of morals and knows what to do in such situations. When she goes to the doctors and demands an Abortion from doctor Davis (who has been the family doctor for 9 years ) then declines her demand . This result in lisa becoming anxious and very emotional. Doctor Davis then tells her that she must talk to her mother before taking such serious procedures and later refers her to talk to a specialist about the abortion but however does not  promise her that an abortion will take place.

Camera Shots:

1. Arriving at the door-Long shot of the main character in an anxious state walking towards the door

2. Knocking the door-  A medium close up as the anxiety increases as she knocks on the door

3.The door being opened- Extreme close up of her fingers twisting the door knob

4.The character passing through the door- extreme long shot of the patient entering and greeting the doctor

5. The character crossing the room and exchanging lines of dialogue- Extreme long shot as the patient walks towards the doctor. as she sits down camera pans to her anxious movement  shown in her face and her finger movements.

6.Exchanging lines of dialogue- a medium shot of both patient and doctor . Camera begins to pan and shows an extreme close up of the doctor as begins dialogue.

Dialogue (Script): Doctor Davis – Antagonist  & Lisa-(Patient)- Protagonist

Doctor: Lisa , how can i help you today?

Lisa: Umm *pauses* no *pauses* well yes

Doctor: Its finer I’m going to need you to explain , take your time

Lisa: There is no time , I’m running out of time! I need to get this out of me . I’m pregnant *cries*

Doctor: Lisa please calm down. There are a number of ways we can deal with this. Have you spoken to your mum?

Lisa: she would kill me if she ever found out. I know how disappointed she would be . I need to get an abortion , i just need to.

Doctor: I’m afraid that cant happen just as yet

Lisa: What , what ?*sniggers* No your joking , what do you mean that cant happen?*becomes more assertive*

Doctor: Lisa please.  How about you have a talk with your mum ?

Lisa: My mum ? she will kill me , this will crush her. Can you imagine ?

Doctor: ok , I know this is hard and i understand you don’t want this to effect your mum . I will definitely get in touch with doctors who are advance in this department,However I’m not making any promises.


Lisa – Patient- Protagonist:

Lisa is 16  and in the middle of completing her GCSE’s and has fallen pregnant as her mother is a social worker and has raised her to be much smarter in such situations in which caused her to fall pregnant. Lisa knows thats he must instantly get rid of this baby to save any problems occurring and causing her mum disappointment before this secret news surfaces.

Denotations & Connotations.

Personality:lisa is demanding and assertive while telling him she needs an abortion

-This connotes that she is selfish and everything she demands she constantly gets.

Clothing:Lisa is displayed in very fashionable high end and name brand clothing.

– This connotes that she may spend a lot of money on clothing in order to look the best as fashion is something that matters to her.

Speech:  At times uses colloquial language and repeats or questions a lot of dialogue.

– This connotes that she may not be well educates and may speak slang amongst friends. Also the fact she repeats and questions majority  of thing shows her stressed state and also her confusion during this traumatic situation

Physical: Lisa appears to be short with a neatly slicked back ponytail. also seen in very fashionable clothing and a slight amount of make-up.

– This connotes she takes interest in the way she looks as mentioned before as how she looks is extremely  important.

Doctor Davis – Protagonist

Doctor davis has been the family doctor for 9 years and knows the family very well. Due to this he rejects Lisa’s demand as he knows its morally right for her to tell her mum. Both sides of Doctor Davis are shown as he maintains profession throughout this conversation but also sympathetic.

Denotations & Connotations

Personality:  Doctor Davis has a very caring and also sympathetic personality.

– This connotes that he may have a family of his own and therefore able to provide these skills and qualities of being a family man to his job.

Clothes: The Doctor is seen in a clean cut grey suit

-This connotes that he may be highly paid and live a rich lifestyle as he has smart and expensive clothing

Speech:  The dialogue that is used by the doctor is advanced and also appears to well spoken

-The fact that the doctor has advanced vocabulary this can connote he is very well educated

Physical: Appears to be tall , scruffy grey hair and slight wrinkles

– The fact he has grey hair can infer that he is a wise guy as his occupation is to help people.

Audio of equipment:

Preliminary Task Video:

Slideshare presentation:


Narrative: The employee who is a university student who is in a financial crisis is working for the boss but she hasn’t completed the work that he told her to do and now he is angry with her and calls her in for a meeting. during the meeting the boss tells her to do extra work but she is not happy about it. By the end of the meeting the employee gives in and accepts to do  the extra shift in the morning.

Camera Shots:
1. Long shot of boss and employee walking into room
2. Mid shot of boss slamming the door
3. Mid shot of employee sitting down
4. Close up of boss talking
5. Over the shoulder shot of employee breathing heavily
6. Over the shoulder shot of boss speaking
7. Mid shot of employee speaking
8. Close up of boss speaking
9. Over the shoulder shot of employee trying to reason
10. Close up of boss shouting
11. Long shot of both employee and boss staring at each other
12. Mid shot of employee talking
13. During long pause of speech, long shot of both characters
14. Long shot of employee walking out

Dialogue (Script):
(Boss slams the door behind them both)
(The employee sits down, she’s wearing tight office clothes)
Boss: I’m very dissapointed in you, I’m afraid you must do overtime or you will be asked to leave.
Employee: But *breaths heavily*.. But why?
Boss: *very stern voice* I just feel that you’re not pulling your weight, so will you do it or not?
Employee: I dont understa-
Boss: *interrupts mid sentence* YES OR NO? Your choice, do you want the job or not?
Employee: I don’t think this is fair, I haven’t done anything *puts head in hand* I’m going to report you, you can’t do this *shouting with rage*
Employee: Al..Alright..alright.. I’ll do it
Boss: *long pause* Good. You start tomorrow. 5:30am
Employee: alright, *quietly* *slowly walks out with her head down*


Boss: (antagonist)

Personality:  very strict man, doesn’t take no for an answer and will never see himself as wrong even if he is.

Appearance:  small man (5”7) with a bald patch on his head. Wearing a fitted grey suit with a spotted tight. Remainder of his hair is white, has brown eyes looks around 60 but is only 45

Employee: (protagonist)

Personality: easy going girl, pretty shy, doesn’t know how to say no

Appearance: Tall (5”8) attractive female, 18 years old, university student, needs extra money for living expenses, wears tight sexy clothing


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