Sam Ruddock-1146, Jade Craig-0832, Sherae Scotland-Hall-1155, Jessica Oti-1102; Hamza-Preliminary task: 2013/14

Jade Craig’s Preliminary Task

Assignment – Produce a plan for a film of up to two minutes which includes a character arriving at the door, knocking at the door, the door being opened, the character passing through the door whilst crossing the room and sitting down in a chair and exchanging at least a couple of lines of dialogue.

The plan including:

  • Storyline (narrative)
  • Creating your characters (representation)
  • Camera shots that include the following: Close ups, long shots, wide shots.
  • Dialogue (script)


About a mother and child.

For the third time the girl, being the protagonist, is meeting her biological mum, who is the antagonist, for lunch at her biological mum’s house. The mum is keen on getting her daughter to come back and lie with her, but the daughter is insisting that she’s happy with the family and life shes living. They eventually get into an argument and the mother decides the only way in which she will get her daughter to stay is to kidnap her.

The Characters (Representation)

The mother is always dressed in black slacks, which connotes her insecurities and her downed mood. She slur’s her words, which represents her as uneducated with her speech. In addition her make-up is always smudged and she slouches her back when she walks. Overall she is represented as a bad mother, who is unkept and not at all out-going.

The daughter on the other hand is always vibrantly dressed, which connotes happiness and confidence within her personality. Furthermore she’s always smiling and laughing which again illustrates her happiness and joy. She is always clearly spoken and has a soft, posh tone, which tell the audience that unlike her biological mother shes educated and well looked after.

Camera Shots

Close Up – When the girl is being introduced into the scene. The close up is meant to show the audience her emotion of joy and enthusiasm. Another close up to show the emotion on the biological mum’s face when the daughter walks past.

Long Shot – Showing the daughters posture before she takes a seat in the living room, then another long shot of the mum closing the door.

Pan Shot – Showing the mum walking into the living room and taking a seat opposite her daughter.

Wide Shot – Wide shot of the living room, to show how distorted the living is, identifying the living arrangements as damp and dirty, also including the mum fitting into the scene.

Dialogue (Script)



The mum walks over to answer the door and as she opens the front door she is greeted by the warm smile on her daughters face. The daughter leans in to hug and kiss her on the cheek, they both walk into the living room and they sit down.

Mum: How have you been lately, I’ve missed you a lot and you haven’t really been returning my calls or texts.

Daughter: I’m sorry about that I’ve been busy you know, it’s my mums birthday and I’m trying to plan a little girly holiday for us.

Mum: I’m your moth-

Daughter: No you not and you haven’t been for the past 20 years Mary, so don’t you dare try say that, you are far from my mother, you are just an acquaintance.

Mum: I have apologized many times for that, you know i did, i do love you Alana-may-

Daughter (Cutting in) : Lauren-Ann Johnson, I don’t think you understand.

Mum (Distorted) : What is there to understand, I’m ready to look after you and be the greatest mother ever, i want you to stay with me, before i wasn’t stable i wanted you to live better that I’ve ever lived. Listen to me, I –

Daughter (Shouting over) – NO! NO!, You listen to me, Mary, I’m happy with the life I’m living now and yeah, i do have you to thank for that so once again i do thank you Mary for giving me a better life, but if you haven’t realized i am happy with my new life far from you.

The mum gets up frustrated and storms over to the door, she takes a look out the windows then pulls the blinds down. In the distance you can hear the daughter on the phone. The mum turns the key in the keyhole, and then glances back at her daughter typing furiously into her phone. then places the key into the drawer.


The Pitch

For the final group piece, we chose Sherae’s work because it had all the required elements. I particularly liked Sherae’s work because it was similar to mine, which meant i was able to understand what it was about.


Uploading Video Onto Youtube – Then Blog

Sam Ruddock Induction task

assignment- produce a plan for a film of up to two minutes which includes a character arriving at the door, knocking at the door, the door being opened, the character passing through the door whilst crossing the room and sitting down in a chair and exchanging at least a couple of lines of dialogue.

The plan including:

  • Storyline (narrative)
  • Creating your characters (representation)
  • Camera shots that include the following: Close ups, long shots, wide shots.
  • Dialogue (script)

Media narrative

The manager refuses to play the player despite his obvious skill. The manager does not believe the player is good enough to play in an important cup match final. The player and manager argue in office about getting to play however player is refused.

During a training session the player outperforms his teammates and the manager agrees to let him play on the substitute bench for the game.

During the last few minutes of the match the star striker is fouled in the penalty area. The striker is badly injured and the opposing team member who committed the foul is given a red card. The player is selected to take the penalty as he is the club specialist at penalties. The player scores and is viewed as a club hero both winning the cup and his managers respect.

Media script

Player: (Enters office) Boss, I’d like a word.

Manager: (Stops writing and turns to face player) How can I help?

Player: Well Sir while I know I’m no club star, I still feel I’ve proven myself and should be given the chance to play in the cup final on Sunday

Manager: (Unconvinced) I don’t think so son, you’re and inexperienced it could cost us the game!

Player: But….. Please!

Manager: NO!…. and that’s my final word!

(Player walks away disheartened)

Friday night training and the player has drastically outshone his team-members

Manager: (signalling with hand)

Player: (Player runs over) Yes Boss?

Manager: That was an excellent performance. You should be proud.

Player: Thank you sir!

Manager: My pleasure. Now I know I said I wasn’t going to let you play but you’ve impressed me! I’m putting you on the bench for the game on Sunday. Don’t make me regret this okay?

Player: Yes Sir!

Match Day! The teams have been even all day with many close chances. 89th minute and a crunching tackle leaves star striker Phillips injured.

Commentator: OOOOOHHHHH! That is it for Phillips! It looks like a bad injury and he’s being led off the pitch. (brief pause). Oh and it’s a red card for the defender! He’s off! It looks like its going to be a penalty. Who is going to take the shot! Who!

Manager: (turns to player) It’s up to you!  you’re the best penalty taker on the squad! This is your chance!

Player: Thank you Sir (runs onto pitch)

Player steps up to take the penalty……. and scores! The player is met by adoring fans and players while they all celebrate together.

Commentator: He’s scored!!! This moment will be remembered for ever. He truly is a club hero!

Media Camera Shots

Scene 1

  • Wide shot of office as player walks in so we can see both the player, the manger and the general room.
  • Close up of both player and manager whilst they talk switching camera direction when they each person speaks
  • Mid shot of player leaving office disheartened

Scene 2

  • A large montage combination of long, mid, wide and close shots of player having an excellent match.
  • Midshot of manager signalling with hand.
  • Long shot into close up of player running over to manager.
  • Close ups during discussion between manager and player

Scene 3

  • Long shot of Phillips getting injured.
  • Close up of Phillips in pain
  • Midshot of referee giving defender red card
  • Longshot of Phillips being escorted off pitch
  • Extreme close up of time showing how long is left in match.
  • Mid shot of manager asking player to go on
  • Midshot of player running on pitch
  • Montage of shots including Extreme close up, close up, mid shot and long shot of player scoring penalty
  • Long shot of player celebrating with team

Character Description

Player: A young man 18 years old, who is very inexperienced but is clearly skilled. He wears flashy clothing and jewellery to stand out from the crowd which shows he is still young and concerned with his looks.

Manager: An older man with greyed hair. He is considered inspirational and wise yet tough to work with. he wears dark clothing including blazers and jackets. this suggests he has past the stage of being concerned with expensive clothes and more concerned with succeeding. he is considered a trusted friend to some and a hard loving father to others.

Induction Assignment – Jessica Oti

Produce plans for a 2 minute film that includes a character arriving at a door, knocking the door, the door being opened, the character passing through the door crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character and exchanging at least a couple lines of dialogue.

-The storyline (narrative)
-Creating your characters (Representation)
-Camera shots that includes the following: close ups, long shots, wide shorts.


Mother comes into the daughters room while she is still upset from their previous argument.

Mum: (Knocks on the door) Maria? Can I come in I want to talk to you.

Maria: Come in mum …

Mum: (Comes into the room, she sees her daughter sitting on her bed. She takes the chair opposite her and begins to talk in a serious tone.) Look, I know you’re upset but you must understand why you can’t go.

Maria: No, I don’t understand. I told you a very long time ago what I want to do. Now that I have it you won’t even let me go and do it?

Mum: You don’t understand Maria, if you run off like a stupid child, chasing dreams, you’ll get hurt. It’s better you stay home, focus on school, something practical.

Maria: This is a school, where I’m going is a school!

Mum: I meant a REAL school.

Maria: Mum. What would a ‘real’ school give me? Look at how we’re living, if I actually had an acting career we’d get a shot at living some place nice.

Mum: Acting career. (She says in distaste) What a waste of time. You think you’ll become famous? You’re living in a dream Maria.

Maria: And you won’t even let it start! See, you’re the one whose making my dream fade, (voice sadly soft) only you mum …

Mum: I’m telling you, you won’t get anywhere.

Maria: Why? Because you know? What happened to your journalist career mum? When you were younger you said you wanted to work for the New York Times newspaper, now look at you, barely able to get job because you listened to grandma. Because YOU failed you think everyone else will too?

Mum: (Voice stern) Maria-

Maria: -No mum. No more, I’m going to the acting college, I’m 18 I can do what I want.

Mum: Maria calm down. This is a big decision, I mean this college is in America. If you go there I’m not coming with you. We don’t have that kind of money, who’s going to help you there alone?

Mara: I told you before, the college will take care of everything, they even have a part time job ready for me.

Mum: Look. I understand how much you want this but we have to discuss this with logic, not emotions.

Maria: Fine mum. Logic. But I’m going.

Mum: We will see, I will talk to you tomorrow, its too late to make a decision right now… (Looking at the time)

Maria: Fine. See you tomorrow.

Mother steps out of the room.

Character Connotations

Character 1 – Mum


  • Seen as the adult through personality
  • Straight tied back blonde hair
  • Dull blue eyes
  • Straight poker face
  • Speech – Almost monotone
  • Wears comfortable clothing for the house


  • Tied back hair to show her resigned attitude.
  • No special clothing worn because her status in life is not special
  • Dull blue eyes to show that she has no spark in her life.
  • Constantly moody.

Character 2 – Daughter (Maria)


  • Wears teenager, colourful bright clothing.
  • Curled blonde hair Hollywood style
  • Bright blue eyes
  • Personality is open, and straight forward
  • Speaks with clear pronunciations


  • Her eyes are bright to show she still has the ‘spark’ in her life
  • Speaks clearly to show that she is capable of her acting career
  • Wears nice bright clothing because she is confident

Camera Shots

Wide shot – When the mum is sitting on a chair opposite her daughter who is sitting on her bed.

Close up – On the mum when she enters the room.

Mid shot – When the daughter talks about how her mum failed her journalist career.

Establishing Shot – When the mother walks into the daughters room.

Pitch Process

I agreed to do Sherae’s script because it worked with the time frame we had to complete it and it properly made clear and stated when someone would be knocking on a door, going through it and sitting down which was required for the induction task.

We chose to use Hamza’s edit of the video because he including well placed edits such as fades at well suited moments within the video. And I also thought he cut out our mistakes well, making them unnoticeable.


I felt my own video edit was fairly acceptable. I was able to cut out our mistakes effectively, and insure that the video made sense as I put every scene together.

evaluation style

Hamza Ach-Charki
Induction Assignment


Produce plans for a two minute film that includes a character arriving at a door, knocking, the door being opened, the character passing through the door crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character and exchange at least a couple of lines of dialogue.
These plans will explain how I intended to deal with the following:

·      The storyline (Narrative)
·     Creating my own characters (Representation)
·      Camera shots which includes the following: Close ups, Long shots, wide shots.
·      Dialogue (Script)


The mother goes through her sons school bag as he’s out, she finds weed hidden inside the bag, the sons walks into the room as his mum is putting the bag back and questions why she is going through his bag. After arguing with she then flushes it down the toilet and asks him to stay away from it.

Son: (Walks through the door, entering “his room”) What are you doing? Why you going through my things?
Mother: (Sitting down, looks up to her son) Please explain what this is doing in your bag?
Son: (Sits down opposite her and looks at her) It’s not mine, I swear
Mother: (Her voice is raised) So why is it in your bag? Don’t bullshit me!
Son: (He too raises his voice) I’m holding it for someone it’s not mine!
Mother: (She stands up, angrily looks at him) don’t lie to me! You know what kind of trouble this can lead you to, further more why be so stupid!
Son: (He also stands up) why are you even going through my things though!
Mother: (She gets closer to him shouting) It’s my house and you live under my rules… I just don’t understand what would lead to this?
Son: (He steps back sounding apologetic) It won’t happen again I promise
Mother: (Sits back down, sounding concerned) Are you in kind of trouble?
Son: (he looks to the side) No
Mother: (sounding increasingly concerned) did something happen in school?
Son: (He sits down and looks at her sounding assertive) No, everything is okay
Son: Where you going?
Mother: (Walks out the room and shuts the door behind her) To flush this down the toilet, what? Did you really think I was going to leave it with you, and I don’t want to be finding this shit I your room again.

The Characters (Representation)

The mother is always dressed in a dark manner, wearing long dark clothes, like black sweat pants, which can connote her as an insecure person and not self-confidant. She speaks in a quiet tone, which portrays her as shy and somewhat scared of her daughter. She never puts in effort to look her best, hair undone and untidy and never applies make up. Overall I feel as if she is unable to look after her daughter on her own, she is represented as being unable to be confident in her self and feels guilty.
However the son is completely opposite, her over confident and vibrant personality that is expressed through his clothing, this connotes that he is a strong individual and is confident. He has a cheerful manner, which can illustrates him as being a social person. He has a strong confident tone when talking but has a drug issue, in a way this is due to the absence of his father, which he takes out on drugs, rather then talking to someone about it. His over confident personality makes him feel as if he can take on problems by him self.

Camera Shots

o   Close-up / Pan shot – when the son enters the room

o   Two shot / wide shot – to show the two characters confrontation

o   Wide shot – for the son sitting down near his mother

o   Low angle shot – to show that the son is inferior compared to the mother

o   Over the shoulder shot – when the two characters are talking

o   High angel shot – to show the mothers superiority

o   Panning shot – the mother leaving the room

My Video Edit

Sherae’s Preliminary Task


Mrs Johnstone is feeling desperate again, her daughter is continuing to binge drink and she feels as though there is nothing she can do. She sits in he living room, looking through old pictures of her happy family. When her daughter, Louise returns home, she beings to complain about the lack of alcohol in the house, It quickly escalates, smashing plates and throwing anything she can grasp at her mother. She blames her mother for her father’s disappearance and Mrs johnstone feels scared, hopeless and lost. Louise becomes increasingly angry, threatening to take her mothers purse and spend it on alcohol. In a panic, Mrs Johnstone runs out of the kitchen, taking her purse and locks Louise in the house.

Characters Representation

Mrs Johnstone – the mother, is the protagonist as she has the less power and is seen as the most vulnerable character in this scene

  • Denotation – Only wears black clothes
  • Connotation- Depressed and stressed
  • Denotation- Office clothes e.g. pencil skirts
  • Connotation – Middle class white collar job
  • Denotation – Red lipstick
  • Connotation – Looking for love, sexual, passion

Louise – the daughter, is the antagonist. She is aggressive and disrespectful towards her mother.

  • Denotation – Alcoholic/ Enjoys drinking a lot
  • Connotation – In pain and is trying to forget her problems
  • Denotation- Baggy fitted clothes
  • Connotation – Insecure and self-conscience
  • Denotation –  Sharp, short replies
  • Connotation – Annoyed and inpatient

Camera Shots


Wide shot- Mother walking around front room

Close up – Of mother’s facial expression while speaking to herself

It pans while she gets up to pick up the album

Wide shot – When mother brings photo album to the chair

Zoom in – Looking through it

Close up of door- when the daughter walks in

Wide shot- while they argue

Close up – Facial expressions when the daughter threatens and pushes Mrs J

Pans – Mother runs out

Close up &pans- Of the door, Louise pulling at the handle and Louise sitting down


Mrs Johnstone is sitting in the living room


Mrs J: What has happened? She was such a good girl… I cannot believe this girl is my Louise, my sweet baby Louise

She takes out an old photo album looking through her old happy family then Louise returns home

Louise: Hi mum, whatchu’ doing looking at those stupid pictures for … Pfft, Don’t worry , I aint stayin’ , I’ve just come to collect something

Mrs J: There’s no alcohol in the house Louise and I’d really wish you’d stop consuming so much alcohol. I’m fed up with it.

Louise: Oh shutup how can there be no blimin’ drink in the house. There’s nothing wrong with a little drink from time to time

Mrs J : Why are you like this? What has happened to you? I miss you, the old you.

Louise laughs hysterically then becomes aggressive

Louise: Right… If you won’t give me no alcohol, I’ll just have to take your purse and get it myself! It’s our fault anyway, you’re the reason why DAA-

Mrs Johnstone- HEY! Now stop right there! Do not go blaming me , If anything it…its .. its nothing.

Louise begins to breath heavily

It was me, that’s what you wanna’ say!

She pushes her mother

Give me the alcohol now, I need it and if you won’t get it I will. I’m not your little baby no more. Remember that!

Mrs J gets scared and Louise starts throwing things at her


Louise: You’re going to make me angry!

Mrs J panics and runs out the front room taking all her things and locking Louise in.


Pitch Process

As a group we came to a mutual agreement, that Sherae’s script was suitable for our induction assignment due to the simplicity of the script, it also included all the requirements needed to produce a two minute film and all the resources to make this film were not complicated to get hands on, so Sherae’s script was ideal.

My group came to a conclusion to chose my film edit due to the requirements that were met and i included various edits that were made in the film, such as fades which was able to hide cuts that were made.


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