Sauzanne Micael 1037, Clarissa Thompson 1183, Shannon Drake-Walkes 0863 and Cigdem Gozubuyuk 0903 – Preliminary Task 2013/14

Shannon’s Work

We were asked to create a narrative as part of our induction task. My personal one is a daughter is constantly coming home late despite her mothers requests for her to be home when asked. This time she comes home late and is met by her mother waiting for her. They have an argument, where her mother threatens to call her father and then sends her daughter to her room.


Character biography



Atalanta: Great she’s asleep. *opens door and light comes on*
Mother: I’m sick of this! Always coming home late!
Atalanta: But its not my fault this time!
Mother: Oh its never your fault is is? Just go to bed, i can’t even speak to you now.
*next day sitting in silence*
Mother: Well … This isn’t the first time this has happened.
Atalanta: I’ve already told you, it’s not my fault!
Mother: No! I’ve had enough … I’m going to call your father.

We changed the script to adapt to the room, equipment and resources we had, as it was difficult to do certain things with what we had.








Sauzanne’s work

How to use the Camera, Tripod, Microphone and Dolly


A young female, Stacy arrives a door in school uniform, appearing informal with a loose tie and accessories that are considerably inappropriate for a school uniform. The girl than carelessly knocks on the door and without waiting for a response the girl abruptly enters the room. The girl then walks towards a chair placed opposite a man, Mr. Kript with a stern stature in formal clothing (suit and tie) with a serious facial expression. It then becomes apparent the girl is in trouble and the man is a concerned teacher threatening to punish her. They discuss the girl’s lack of attendance as she continuously shows the teachers attitude.

Character Biography

Stacy – Stacy is a young female ages 16 and throughout the scene is represented as an anti-social schoolgirl who is used to being in trouble. She is caucasian brown eyes and dark black hair and is wearing a uniform informally e.g. a loose tie and an unbuttoned shirt with no blazer. Her attire connotes she is a badly behaved student and does not obey school rules. She often uses slang and in general her behaviours is seen as rude and inappropriate. Her use of abbreviation of words connotes she lacks knowledge and she is of a younger age.

Mr. Kript – A male teacher of an Asian ethnicity with dark hair. Kript is represented throughout as an unsympathetic man and stern in his responces to Stacy. The suit Kript is wearing is extremely formal, this connotes Kript is of more importance in comparison to Stacy as suits suggest power and are generally expensive. The denotation of his speech and short sharp sentences connote that Kript is a serious man.

Camera Shots Sequence

  • Long shot – As the girl waits by the door and then knocks.
  • High Angle shot – Of the girl waiting.
  • Panning shot – Camera pans into Stacy’s face.
  • Cuts to close-up – The door is opened
  • Mid-shot – The girl is then seen walking in from the other side of the door
  • Wide shot – Of the girl taking a seat and in the background an office is shown.
  • Master shot – Mr. Kript and Stacy are shown opposite each other with a desk in between them separating them.
  •  Over the shoulder shot – Behind Mr. Kript and then back again behind Stacy which is consistent throughout the conversation

Dialogue Script 

Location – Office, School
(Stacy enters the room takes a seat opposite Mr. Kript)
Stacy: Why am I here again?! I didn’t do anything this time sir.
Mr. Kript: Stacy you are here because I’d like to discuss your attendance, specifically the lack of.
Stacy: What are you talking about man? I’m always here, gosh!
Mr. Kript: If you’re not willing to have this conversation, I’d like to have a talk with your mother.
Stacy: Sorry sir.

Final Preliminary Task Sequence

Preliminary Task Evaluation

Cigdem’s work


A young daughter living with her mum in the city and she’s planning to go university outside of London next year. Her mum recommends her to go to a university in London. But the daughter doesn’t want to go to the university that her mum wants her to go to but to a university that her best friend wants to go to. However, the mum doesn’t like her daughters best friend as she thinks that she is bad influence for her daughter. The mum and daughter starts arguing but the daughter is still determined that she will go to the same university that her best friend is going to go to.


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