Shianne Curtis-Gayle 0839, Karina, Asiya Khanam 0985, Sureeyah Grant 0906 and Aminat Olajide 1089 Preliminary Task 2013

Shianne : Induction task

Denotation: what an image actually shows and is immediately apparent as opposed to the assumptions an individual might make.

Connotation:The meaning of a sign that is arrived at through cultural differences which each reader brings to it.

My characters


The doctor was 6″4″ is eyes were green and his hair was blonde.He wore black framed glasses and a white button up coat.His voice was low and rung out loudly as he laughed with his colleagues.


The doctors clothes were plain and unpersonalised making him appear cold and unloving.His tall frame hung above people and made people feel superior to him.When he laughed it appeared to be laughing at and not with people because he saw them lower than him.His eyes were narrow and beady and made people feel like they were under his scrutiny.


Joanne was 5″1″ her eyes were blue and her brown hair pulled into a loose bun.She was petite and was therefore much  smaller than most other adults.Her voice was timid and quiet .Her dress was blue and had sunflower covering it’s fabric.she was also praised by her peers for being funny and friendly when comfortable around people .


Joanne was of a small frame and her hair was pulled


– Doctor has mislaid patients results.

– Patients keep calling to ask about results.

– Doctor lies saying he has found the results.

– Doctor strongly concludes that from what he has heard and seen  that she is in fact clear of the illness.

– Patients arrives and doctor gives the all clear.

– doctor feels guilty and hopes that he is right.

camera shots

[Patient walks along corridor]( long shot in close up)

[patient knocks] (wide shot)

Doctor: Come in [opens door motioning for her to enter] (wide shot)

Patient: Your message said you had found my results [stands anxiously] (long shot )

Doctor: Yes I have please sit down [motions to the chair](wide shot]

[patients takes a seat]

 Patient: What did they say ?(close up)

Doctor : I’ve looked over and assessed your results and you  have the all clear(close up )

[patients grabs doctors hand shaking it vigorously  from excitement](wide shot)

[ doctor looks nervous as she leaves. As he begins to  search for the results again] (long shot)


[patient knocks]

Doctor: Come in [opens door motioning for her to enter]

Patient: Your message said you had found my results [stands anxiously]

Doctor: Yes I have please sit down [motions to the chair]

[patients takes a seat]

Patient: What did they say ?

Doctor : I’ve looked over and assessed your results and you  have the all clear

[patients grabs doctors hand shaking it vigorously  from excitement

[ doctor looks nervous as she leaves. As he begins to  search for the results again]


Evaluation of the preliminary task

Shianne Curtis – Gayle



I was briefed on the task with ideas of what should be included.

When given the brief it was suggested that there should be a conflict, a pairing of characters, a storyline, which was not fully resolved, by the end of the video and variety of camera shots. The brief also said there should be at least three shots ;long shot,wide shot and a close up.I was also told there should be a scene when the character is walking up knocking on a door and being let inside.This was helpful as this helped me to have an idea to build upon and also gave me a stable plan to abide by.

My pitch

From this brief I choose to create a doctor and patient conflict of a doctor who had lost the patients results and choose to tell her she had the all clear he was not certain. I had to write a narrative and script in which I wrote which camera shots I would use and the stage directions for the characters. There were four people in my group,each of us pitched to the others.Many of the people pitching were not sure about there plan and how it would be shown.People also found it hard to pitch as they did not know which camera angles they wanted to pitch. when I   presented my  pitch to my peers and my script was chosen by my group as the one that we would base our film upon.This narrative and script helped me to have a deeper understanding into how I would stage the video but also how some aspects would not work when filmed. This enabled me to adapt my script so that it would be an accurate representation to follow.I believe i was chosen because I knew what my shots would look like and therefore it was easier to put my point across.

The conflict in this piece was not as obvious as some other pairing might have been such i.e. a spat between a couple or mother and child.

I believe that this pairing made the conflict more interesting and therefore made it easier to meet the requirements. This plan helped me to pitch to the members of my group accurately and provide all the answers, which they had. This was helpful as everyone felt they understood fully the video I was pitching making it easier for them to vote, as they knew what it would entail.

Research and Equipment

To meet the requirements I had to do research into the equipment and shots, which would be used. I made a video which my peers in which we depicted on camera how to use and set up the items of equipment. This was helpful because by acting out the actions I remembered it more. On the other hand I only acted out on piece of equipment, if I had ,had time to film me talking about all the equipment I would be equally as skilled at setting up all the items.

The equipment, which we used in the film, was all used in our induction video

Camera [see below]








Tripod Plate








Final cut

We used the cameras to film the video and this helped me to practise my shots. While filming we also had to use many of the pieces of equipment and by doing this it helped us to learn quicker.

However I do feel that I learnt more about some pieces of equipment because the task was not long enough for everybody in the group alternate the use. If we had given more time then it would have been better because I would have been more helpful to familiarise myself with all equipment meaning the filming of the preliminary task.

Sureeyah’s preliminary task

Evaluation of the preliminary task.

I was given a task in which I was told to produce a 2-minute film.

I learnt the elements of drama, which helped me write my narrative. My narrative includes a protagonist, antagonist and conflict. My narrative was between a mother & her son.

Before shooting the narrative we learnt how to use the camera and how to set it up, i.e. put the battery in the camera set it up on the tripod and place the tripod on the dolly. We all had a chance to use the camera and set it up so we knew what we had to do when it came down to filming it.

By filming this it helped us work out what camera shots we were going to use.

As a group we came to the agreement to choose the narrative between the doctor & a patient. The narrative & camera shots were well planned and it was quite straightforward to film.

induction task


-A teenage boy arrives home from school after being sent home for getting in to trouble with his friend. His mother doesn’t like the friend and is angry with her son because he is always getting in trouble with him friend. The mother begins to tell her son off for what he done and tells him that he has to stop being friend with the other boy because he is a bad influence, this makes her son angry and he tries to tell him mother that his friend isn’t a bad influence but she doesn’t listen and just sends him to his room.

Character descriptions

Mother – antagonist

Son – protagonist


Denotation – Physical appearance – dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, tall

Clothes – dark blue jumper, jeans, black high-heeled boots

Speech – speaks with firm and steady tone

Connotation – her appearance connotes that she is the antagonist and will be seen by the audience as the ‘bad guy’ in the scene.


Denotation – physical appearance – light brown hair, hazel eyes, average height

Clothes – school uniform- white shirt, grey blazer, black shoes

Speech – speaks with a quite, soft tone

Connotation – his appearance connotes that he is going to be the protagonist within this scene, and have the audience take pity on him.

Script and Camera shots

Son comes through the front door

Mother: I’ve just received a phone call from the school, what is going on?(wide shot)

Son: it wasn’t my fault … (close up shot)

Mother: don’t start with all your excuses, its that friend of yours he’s a bad influence on you (mid shot)

Son: no he’s not; I have a mind of my own, (long shot)

Mother: YES HE IS! Look I want you too stop hanging around with him, I don’t want to you to be getting into anymore trouble because of this boy (close up shot)

Son: No! He’s my best friend, that’s not fair at all

Mother: Well I don’t know what to think, as far as in concerned he’s not a good influence on you and I don’t want you going down the wrong path (Mid shot)

Son:  This is not fair!! (close shot)

Mother: NO! I don’t want to discuss this anymore, just goo to your room and do your work. (wide shot)

Son storms out, up to him room

 Preliminary task 

Asiya Khanam

Connotation: An idea or feeling, which a word invokes for a person in addition to its literal or primary meaning.

Denotation:  The literal or primary meaning of a word, in contrast to the feelings or ideas that the word suggests.


–       Boss and employee

–       Bosses employee is his daughter

–       Daughter wants a raise

–       Dad doesn’t agree

–       They have a disagreement

–       Dad comes to an agreement if daughter works harder she’ll get the raise.

Script and camera shots:


Employee: Just because I’m your daughter doesn’t mean I don’t want a raise

Boss: One day all this business will be yours, my money is your money.

Employee: That’s not fair

Boss: If you start working harder you will get your raise

Camera shots:

Long shot of employee walking to the door

Mid-shot of employee knocking on the door

Mid-shot of boss opening the door

Mid-shot when employee approaches boss

Close up of boss not agreeing to give the raise

Close up continues when they negotiate.


Boss denotation: Black suite, 58 years told, boss of company own office has a few grey hairs,

Boss connotation: Black suite shows he’s professional as he looks old and has a few grey hairs you can tell he’s been in the business for a while, As he has his own office you can tell he has an important role in the business.

Evaluation of the preliminary task:

To begin with I was assigned with a task which involved a two minute scene showing the following a character passing through the door, knocking on the door, the door being opened, the character passing through the door crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character and exchanging dialogue.



We were first given different scenarios and were asked to create a narrative showing the requirements needed. For me a lot of thinking was taken place for this particular bit, as I had to check whether or not I was including everything.  For my task I chose conflict between boss and employee, as I thought I could include everything into it. I can up with my narrative with ideas from different soaps, put them together and created my own idea. My narrative included the boss and employee being family members with the daughter wanting a pay rise and her father refusing to give it, in the end they negotiate and come to an agreement.


I used the following equipment to help me with my task:

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Tape
  • Dolly
  • Boom pole
  • Final cut

As I was previously shown how to use and fix the equipment I knew exactly what I was ding with it. From previously being shown how to do it I found this part of the task easiest as getting the equipment ready was done very quick.



Camera Plate:

download (3)






download (5)

Boom pole:

download (4)  IMG_1575


download (1)IMG_5427IMG_5424



Camera on tripod:


Final cut:

I used final cut to edit my film, this was the most challenging part of the task as i wasn’t aware of what i wanted to keep and what i didn’t. As we were shown how to edit at first it started off challenging as my video didn’t upload but once my video was up and i started editing it started becoming easier next time once i edit my video i need to ensure it is longer. Once i had edited my video and i was happy with it we then had to upload it onto YouTube. This process was very long as it took some time to upload however once it was done all i had to do was copy and paste the link to my blog,


Aminat’s Preliminary Task

Storyline (Narrative):
The pair I have chosen is Boss and Employee. The two were husband and wife but have now been divorced for 6 months. They have a son together and Kyle pays £500 a month for their child’s monthly support allowance. However, Grace is considering whether to fire Kyle as the sales manager of her company. This is because Kyle is not producing enough sales and it is affecting the company financially. If he doesn’t improve on his work, Grace will increase the monthly allowance and Kyle will not be able to see their son.

Character Description:
Grace – Boss (Antagonist):
Grace is a tall woman with jet black hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail. She wears a black business suit.

Her dark business suit shows that she is a serious person who doesn’t play games when it comes to her business. Her height demonstrates how superior she is compared to her employees. Her voice is very feminine but there is a sense of an unsympathetic feeling surrounding her tone.

Kyle-Employee (Protagonist):
Kyle is a 6 ft 2 man with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. His voice is very soft that usually draws people into the conversation.

Despite being a tall muscular man, he is not as tough as he appears. His hazel eyes shows his innocence and his voice illustrates how gentle he is.

Camera Shots:
Master Shot:
-The view of Grace from Kyle’s point of view while he is standing at the door of her office.

Wide Shot;
-When Grace tells Kyle the consequences he will face if his work doesn’t improve.

Close Up:
-When Kyle is at the door,looks back at Grace and says “This isn’t fair at all” before walking out the door.
Kyle walks to Grace’s office, knocks on the door and waits for Grace’s response. Opens door “What is this about me possibly getting fired?” (says this as he walks across the room and taking a seat opposite Grace’s desk)

Grace: Mr. Washington

Kyle: Mrs. Washing…Miss Neverson

Grace: Well, it hasn’t been formally decided but it’s more likely to happen. Fortunately.

Kyle: Fortunately? How the hell do you expect me to pay £500 a month for my son when I won’t even have a job?

Grace: First of all, he is OUR son. Second of all, you haven’t been producing the required standard for the past 6 months. It is beginning to affect my company.

Kyle: I know, but with us and the divorce and KJ, I haven’t been myself lately.

Grace:Well, that’s your own cup of tea. I’m fine and even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t let that nonsense affect my work. It is so unprofessional.

Kyle: Look, you’ve got to keep me on this job, I promise to improve.

Grace: Okay,but if you don’t, not only will the amount you pay increase significantly, you will not be able to see KJ. Ever again. You may leave.

Kyle:What? But that is…

Grace:(interrupts) I said you may leave.

(Kyle walks over to the door and looks back at Grace)

Kyle:This isn’t fair at all.

(walks out the door)

Evaluation of the preliminary task work-Aminat


In the induction assignment, I am meant to create a 2 minute film. From the induction assignment I have understood that for my film, the narrative must be based on two pairs. The two must be in conflict but a resolution must be shown within the scene,but a sense of future problems.In the scene,an exchange of dialogue must be included. The pair that I chose was boss and employee.

My Ideas and Pitch
The idea of the conflict between them was influenced by a number of movies that I have watched as well as my own imagination. The boss and employee were married but have recently divorced,it has been affecting the employee’s (Kyle) standard at work. His ex wife is his boss (Grace) and resolves the problem but with another issue.

The brief helped me pitch my narrative as I was able to create an interesting story around a boss and employee as well as including a protagonist and antagonist.

The Chosen Preliminary Task
My group and I pitched our ideas/narratives to one another to decide which one would be the best and easiest idea to re-create. We chose Shianne’s narrative because it was the simplest but delivered all the aspects needed to the preliminary task.


I have learnt how to set up the equipment. These are the equipment that I used for the preliminary including a program to edit videos.

  • Tripod
  • Dolly
  • Headphones
  • Boom Pole
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Camera Tape
  • Final Cut Pro

I used Final Cut Pro to edit my film. I found it a little bit difficult at first because I didn’t know how to use it. But after a while, I had gotten a hang of it and editing became a breeze. After I finished editing,I uploaded the video to Youtube It took about 6 minutes for it complete.Here is the final edit of the preliminary task that my group and I has chosen:


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