Zafirah Boateng 0789,Lilia Guittari-Lickovski 0898, Deimante Sidlauskaite 1161,Jumana Ismail 0953 – Preliminary task 2013/14

Lilia’s preliminary task

My Narrative-

A sixteen-year-old teenager is looking foward to go to a boy’s party; she knows she will have to ask her mother first.Her mother says no so they begin to argue. Then her mother gives in and says yes only if she promises to avoid him, but they go to the same school


Roxanne:”mum…hum…Today Mick is having a party at his house…I…well, i was wondering if i could go along.

Mother:”Are you crazy!That boy is irresponsible and a troublemaker. Something could happen to you…or…or he could persuade you to take drugs.”

Roxanne: “you always think something incredibly awful is going t happen to me. you never ever let me live my life!”

Mother: “you know what…Alright. You can go just this time if you promise you will avoid this boy a school and anywhere else. Do you understand?”

Shot Plan:

When roxanne walks through the corridor-long shot

When she walks through the door-close up

introduction of mother-wide shot

roxanne’s first line-mid shot

mother’s reaction-close up

roxanne’s second line-mid shot

mother’s second line-mid shot

roxanne’s crossing fingers-point of viewshot

roxanne walking out-long shot.

Character Description:

Denotation description of Roxanne-Rebellious, baggy clothes eg. t-shirts with rock bands and leather skirts,uses informal language, stuttles and shouts.

Denotation description of mother:worries too much, clothes are simple, more formal language, white simple clothes.

Conotation description of roxanne: rock chick,”metallica” t-shirts (suggests rebellious), dark hair with red (suggests badness)

Conotation of mother: domineering, white simple clothes(suggests goodness).

Lilia’s Video

Lilia’s Evaluation

How to transport a video from youtube to the blog


Equipment used:


My narrative: mother and daughter-the mother has told the daughter that she is only 13 and doesn’t need a boyfriend. The girl comes home late one night and tells her mum she is pregnant. The mother tells her to get an abortion and to break up with her boyfriend-conflict-the daughter decides to get a abortion but doesn’t leave the boyfriend-resolution-


Mum:… and where have you been? you are only 13 and you are coming home at these times!

Daughter:…whatever mum take a chill pill! Anyways we need to talk,its important.

Mum:… what could be so important? Its not like you have anything to worry about do you?

Daughter:… thats the problem. I haven’t been truthful with you. I…I…

Mum:…Go on Tracy, I have no got time for your stupidness!!

Daughter:… I’M PREGNANT!

Mum:… Ive been waiting for this! I knew it! You stupid little girl! Leave that silly boyfriend of yours and get a abortion. I am disgusted to be your mother!

Daughter:… Its not my fault! Im not leaving Jason…but…but I will get the abortion! Happy? Sigh…

Camera Shot Plan:

When the daughter walks up to the door – wide shot.

When she appears at the door and the mother opens the door-long shot

When they are shouting at each other and the daughter says ‘im pregnant’ – close up

At the end  to see the characters and the environment we get a – wide shot.

Denotation of Mum: Classy,high fashion,formal language,has temper problems,tall and petite.

Denotation of Daughter: informal language’slang’,rebellious,crazy,wild fashion,medium height.

Connotation of Mum: Appearance-living a good life.

Connotation of Mum: Language-was brought up in a middle class family.

Connotation of Daughter:Appearance/language:rebelled against mum and has grown into a typical teenager.




 Deimantes’ Sidlauskaites Preliminary task: 

Narrative:  I’ve decided to use an employer (Ellie) and a boss (John) for my task . John is a strong character (antagonist) and his word is final. John had an affair on his wife with Ellie. Ellie was simply tired of hiding and knowing she’s his second choice when there’s a wife waiting for him at home. The argument that they got in to was caused by the Ellie wanting him to leave his wife for her, this way they could be together and stop hiding from everyone. It starts with John making up reasons for him not to leave his wife and Ellie shouting at him for the right answer. It ends with John manipulating Ellie in to his decision. Therefore they would ‘both try to be strong’ .

Character Description:

Character1 (Denotation)- Strong physically and mentally. Appears in his work cloths which is a suit. His voice is presenter strong and deep. Black hair, blue eyes, muskily and tall.

Character1 (Connotation)- The strong appearance physically, suggests that he looks after himself,  not everyone finds the time that goes so fast to go gym or workout, this suggests that his appearance is important to him as well as his health. Suit is a representative of a man with class, it is also a stereotype for being smart and having a carrier. Deep voice represents him being a man, it also adds an inch of sexiness to his appearance due to a tall and muskily man that has a deep voice also appearing attractive and sexy. Black hair and blue eyes for a man suggests that he is a model type therefore, very attractive. As we only see such appearance on magazine covers.

Character2 ( Denotation)- Blond, curvy, long legs,  wears glasses. Dresses sensibly, usually a dress knee length or a skirt. Soft voice.

Character2(Connotation)- Blond office worker with long legs and glasses, is a stereotype of a sexy and attractive woman that works in a office with everyone’s eyes always on her. Glasses suggest that she is smart. Long legs, suggestion that she is sexy and very attractive. Soft voice is a representative of her lady like appearance.


As Ellie walks towards the door, a close up will be concentrating on her legs, slowly mowing upwards until it evens to a long shot, this will capture her knocking on the door. As the door opens a mid shot will be taking place until she walks in and the dialogue starts.

Character1: Don’t you think this is going too far now? she sits down as she looks at him removing her glasses.  (mid shot)

Character2: He takes her glasses and puts them on the table, looks in her eyes and strongly states.

‘ Baby, you know I care about you, I need you’ (wide shot)  

Character1: Yea? Then why don’t we make it official ? she stands up and walks away. I’m done hiding and lying! You should be too. Don’t you think? (wide shot)

Character2: ‘I am, you know I am.’ He gently takes her small and soft hands in his. (long shot)  ‘Although I would do anything for you, now is not the best time.’ Looks into her lost eyes that are looking for answers. (close up)

Character1: Let’s go of his hands. ‘It will never be the best time for you to tell your wife.’ (long shot) …Walks behind him. ‘I’m done waiting, hiding, done being taken for granted and being used.’ (mid shot)

Character2: ‘No. Ellie, I need you.’ He turns around and grabs her. (mid shot continued…) ‘I care about you. You should understand that this is not easy. I need to load up some strength before I can speak. Baby if we work together it would be easier, I just need time. Promise I will try to confront it all to her as soon as I can. I just need time. (long shot)

Character1: Let’s go oh him and (close up)  gently crosses his cheek with her soft finger. ‘It hurts to wait.’ her finger moves down his neck. ‘I will, just because I trust you. Hope that you understand.’ she looks up inhis eyes, ‘this is not easy. I love you, but this waiting and days flying by hurts too much.’ pulls him to her face ‘You need to understand.’ (close up)


As character1 walks towards the door I have used a long shot to focus on the character fully. When she reaches the door a mid shot is used to focus on the knock. As the door opens a mid shot takes place and as they start walking it is a two shot and a wide shot. The scene is shot with a wide shot and it ends with a wide shot to focus on the characters and the environment they are surrounded with.

My video



My planning included research about elements of the drama, due to my genre. I figured out that every drama includes a narrative therefore a sequence of linked events.  As well as a conflict, this provides the audience with an introduction of incompatibility between the wishes and desires of different characters, this draws them in to the drama that is being caused. The 2 main characters in a drama that I have done are protagonists therefore characters whose wishes and desires are usually expected to be supported by the audience. There is also an antagonist; this character is causing the conflict with the main character due to its wishes and desires. Finally the resolution takes place, this solves the issue found. This research helped me to decided what my characters are going to be like and what my story should include in the narrative.


Due to all the research about elements of drama I have came up with a narrative of two characters a boss (antagonist) and an employer (protagonist).  The conflict was caused due to them having an affair on his wife. The woman wanted him to leave his wife and the resolution ended with his word being last. He made the decision suggesting that this is not the end and the consequence may be completely different.

Preparing for the pitch was very helpful due to research provided. I have experienced shooting and coming up with a narrative for my story which included my own ideas and reasons for them.


The equipment used to shoot the preliminary task was; camera, tripod for the camera, dolly to move the cameraaround, boom pole and microphone for recording the sound. We also had to use video tape and headphones for recording and hearing the sound as we were shooting. I was given another task to get to know the equipment which helped me to shoot the preliminary task.

Equipment we used:

IMG_1552IMG_1553  Tripod that we used.

IMG_1555IMG_1557IMG_1561 Dolly for the tripod to move around.

IMG_1541 Camera and a tape to record the video.

IMG_1574IMG_1569  Microphone and a boom pole to record the sound.


Jumana Ismail’s preliminary task.


The Narrative of this short two minute film involves a mother (Katie) and a daughter (Lucy) and shows the relationship between them. Lucy, a teenager who has constant arguments with her mother must come home on time or her mother will not allow her in the house. Lucy is constantly late and she has warned her that if she is late one more time, her mother will not allow her to stay in her house. The day after Lucy has been warned by her mother, she decides to come home late once again. As soon as Lucy knocks on the door, a conflict arises between her and her mother.

Script, including Camera shots:

There is an extreme long shot showing Lucy walk into her front garden, then a close up shot focuses on her facial expressions as she gently knocks on the door, terrified of her mother’s reaction.

Character 1 (Katie) : “OH MY GOODNESS LUCY! I can’t believe it, how dare you come home late again after what I said yesterday.”

Katie’s facial expressions show how shocked she is.

Character 2 (Lucy) : “But mum I am so sorry, it really wasn’t my fault.” Lucy quietly says.

Katie laughs sarcastically.

Character 1 (Katie) :  “Oh really? It’s never your fault is it, you always have a bloody excuse Lucy and I am absolutely sick of it!”

Katie rushes through the dark corridor while Lucy rushes behind her.

Character 2 (Lucy) :  “Mum, you’re always shouting at me and telling me what to do, I’m sick of it as well you know!”

Character 1 (Katie) :  “No way Lucy! Who are you talking to like this? I am shocked I even let you in my house after what I said yesterday!”

Lucy hesitates and stops shouting at her mother.

Character 2 (Lucy) : “Listen mum, we need to talk, this is clearly effecting our relationship, and I am growing up, you can’t keep treating me like a little kid.”

Character 1 (Katie) : “Lucy, if you are living under my roof, you need to respect my rules, I understand you are growing up but that does not mean you have to come home so late, I get worried about you.”

Character 2 (Lucy) :  “Worried about what Mum? I’m fine!”

Character 1 (Katie) : “Ahh, you won’t understand until to become a mother like me Lucy, I am honestly doing this for your own good.”

Character 2 (Lucy) : “Okay mum, I promise to respect your rules and behave but you need to compromise here! If I want to stay out a bit late with my friends, I promise I will call you all the time to let you know that I’m fine.”

Character 1 (Katie) : “Thank you Lucy, I love you dearly.”

Katie and Lucy give each other a hug.

Character 2 (Lucy): “I love you too mum.”

Camera Shots:

LONG SHOT- As character 1 (Lucy) walks towards the door to knock.

CLOSE UP SHOT- As character 1 (Lucy) knocks on the door. Close up shot on her hand.

TWO ANGLE SHOT-  As character 2 (Katie) opens the door, shows her angry facial expressions.

WIDE SHOT- Showing both characters walk through the door.


LONG SHOT- Showing both characters rush through the door.



MID-ANGLE HOT- 6th Line.

TWO SHOT- 7th Line.

CLOSE UP SHOT- 8th Line.


CLOSE UP SHOT- 10th Line.

LONG SHOT- 11th Line.

TWO SHOT/CLOSE UP- As both characters hug each other.

LONG SHOT- 12th Line.

My Video

Characters description:


Use of camera shots

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 11.52.51

The use of this close-up shot allows the audience to see the characters facial expression as it gives away her feelings and allows us to understand how this character really feels.

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 12.19.15

The use of this long shot allows the audience to be introduced to the main character. A long shot will show the audience that this character is really scared to walk into her house due to the way she is slowly walking and moving her hands. We can see from that long shot how this character is feeling.

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 12.25.41

The use of this two shot allows us to see the discussion of both characters in detail. Character one is shouting at character 2 and we can also see that through her body language, and we can also see character 2’s facial expression, as she is scared from character 1’s reaction.


Voice over of Evaluation:

Preliminary Task

My preliminary task was to produce a 2 minute film that included a character arriving at a door, knocking on the door, the door being opened, the character passing through the door crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character and exchanging at least a couple of lines in a dialogue.


My story line (narrative) consisted of two main characters, the mother and the daughter. Writing the narrative allowed me to think of several scenarios that included a conflict and resolution, as well as having a decent plan that is then followed to act out the scene.


Writing a story line for only a two-minute film that had to include a conflict and a resolution was quiet challenging, however I managed to write a good and skilled story line that included a common conflict that happens in many mother and daughter relationships. This will allow the audience to understand the story more as they will be able to relate to it. Having a well planned narrative allowed to me follow a well-organised plan whilst shooting the two minute film and didn’t waste any time. This kept the whole team focused on their specific job, which improved the quality of the film more. However, planning a narrative may sometime come as a disadvantage as it sometimes was restricting me from changing around specific shots as I felt that everyone in the team kept to a specific plan and that changing around the narrative during the scene would confuse everyone. I could have improved the story line by following more of a general story line that can be altered during the shooting of the film.

A way to improve the two-minute film I had made was to film it in a more quiet area that only focused on the character and not the people around us, as I felt that at the beginning of the film, when Tracy was walking into ‘her house’ the noise in the building was louder than Tracy’s voice.


To meet the requirements of this preliminary task, I had to research information about specific skills I needed to be able to shoot this film. Before coming up with a story line, I had to research about different camera shots, sound, mis-en-scene and editing. This all allowed me to have a well filmed scene with good media skills that lead to a successful short film. I also had to research into the camera equipment in order to find out to how to use each equipment well.


As a group, we all came up with different ideas for a narrative that was good for our short two minute film. As a group, we worked together to choose the best and most suited idea that we were able to do, we had to consider the importance of characters, setting…etc. Eventually, we picked Zafirahs idea as all the characters we needed were girls and we only had girls in our group. This made it easier to get on with the film as we didn’t waste time on finding the characters.

Camera Equipment:

Camera- Used to record the short film.           Dolly- Used to place tripod on it in order to                                                                                              move.

download                                images


To save the recording of the short film.             Headphones

download (1)                                    download (5)

Tripod                                                                             Boom pole

download (2)                                            download (4)

Tripod Plate

download (3)

Multimedia camera explanation:

The Group’s pitch process

Once we gathered in our groups, we had to pick which pitch we would use. We all read out our pitch and we ended up choosing Zafirah’s one. We chose her one because it was the most practical for us. She needed two girls and our group only had girls. Therefore, it was convinient. Mine had to be shot in a living room, while Zafirah’s one could be shot in the school, so it was much easier. Thirdly, other pitches involved boys in it, so it would have been impracticable. Our decision was very straightforward and we chose very quickly.  Everyone in the group had the prerequisites of the group, however, Zafirah’s pitch had the best connotation description, so it would be the best one to do.

The group’s preliminary task video

We have chosen Zafiras script as well as the video for our group work. Her scrip suited us the best with the equipment and facilities that we had at that time.


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