Zafirah-0789, Lilia-0898, Asiya-0985, Jumana-0953, Niamh-0628 2013/14 Coursework – Main task

This is our final film:

planning and research (Pre production)


Zafirah’s Pitch- HORROR

Location: Dark small room in a classroom based in a primary school in London.

Characters: 1 main character which is a girl.

Props: One chair and clothing of all black.

Denotation of all black: Gothic and very deathly.

Camera Shots: Close up of characters face when speaking.Wide shot of environment.

Narrative: The chair is rocking back and forth making squeaky noises. The character is a girl and has come back from the dead to haunt the girls that has killed her. Her dialogue constantly consists of ‘i’m coming to get you’ which is a repetition said very slowly which causes tension.


Lilia’s Pitch-HEIST

Narrative: A student is on her phone in front of the tube station talking to someone. A robber is leaning on a wall, looking oot to steal someone. He sees the girl and cautiously starts walking towards her. The girl gets her phone snatched and she starts running after the robber. She stops and shouts for someone to call the police.

Location: King’s Cross Station

Main Props: Mobile phone

Main characters: The girl on the phone and the robber.

Camera shots: Establishing wide shot of the tube station; mid shot of the girl on the phone; extreme close up of the robber; point of view shot of him looking at the girl; wide shot showing the girl on the phone and the robber walking towards her; tracking shot when she is running after him and wide shot when she asks someone to call the police.

Script: Girl: “Yeah. I’ll be there after college…No, it will be fun…really!I can’t wait to see her…oh she is so fun!…oh my god!by the way, I just got this new phone for my birthday, I’m so happy…yeah, alright…NO!

Girl again: “Hey!come back!give me my phone! hey! wait! no!…I just got it! stop!

Robberer: Oh my god!

Girl: “Oh my god! someone help! call the police…someone stole my new phone! oh my mum is going to kill me!”

Character Description: denotation of the girl: blonde hair, wearing a skirt and a lot of jewels.

connotation: goodness/victim. Girly and quite unaware of dangers.

Denotation of stealer: dark hair, wearing baggy clothes, big and thick rings and necklaces and a cap.

connotation: badness, stereotype of thugs(cap etc).


Asiya’s pitch Horror:


For my narrative I chose the genre horror. In my pitch there is a protagonist, which is being haunted by an old face from the past, everywhere she goes she is being followed by a shadow, which is driving her insane.

Location: Different places in London to show that this voice is everywhere. For example London eye, parks streets.

Props:  Piece of ripped cloth with her blood on it.

Characters:  There will be only one main character which will be a girl.

Camera shots: Close ups of girls face to capture the emotions, long shots of her clothing to show that there is something happening with her and something is wrong.


Girl: who’s there

Voice: I’m coming to get you

Girls: what do you want from me

Voice: I’m coming to get you

Character description:  All black clothing with black hair pale make up with dark black eyes.

Connotation:  Scary victim something’s wrong the girl is hiding something

Denotation: Dark hair, black clothes, tall pale girl.


Niamh’s pitch: HEIST

Narrative: Two men run out of a bank with bags of stolen money. They run down the street and begin to be chased by the bank’s security guard. After being chased through the city, the security guard gets knocked down by a bus and the two men stop running.

Location: Streets of London, with exterior of bank

Props: Bags filled with money

Characters: Two main bank robbers; the bank’s security guard

Camera Shots: Wide shot of the bank as the robbers emerge; long shots of the two men running; wide shot of the security guard emerging from the bank, close up of the two robbers; aerial shot to view the whole chase, close up of the two men running which shifts slightly to put focus on the bus screeching behind them.

Character description:

Two Robbers: Young, fit, wearing tracksuits

Security Guard: Short, slightly overweight, balding, wearing guard’s uniform


Jumana’s pitch: Horror

For my pitch, I have chosen to film an opening sequence that’s Genre was horror. My narrative consists of a young girl sitting in the middle of a long pathway in a ‘haunted’ park. As she sits alone in the dark, she starts to see shadows and hear voices of herself, yet she is unable to stop them. She then starts running through the haunted park and she suddenly stops and screams as she sees something that the audience would see later on in the movie.

Location: Dark, long pathway in the middle of a park. (Filmed in the evening)

Props: A colourful stone.

Character: One teenage girl.

Character description: Tall teenage girl, skinny. Gothic look. Long black hair with a fringe. Running black make up all over her face which may be due to tears. The character is wearing a long black coat and black boots.

Camera shots: There is a tracking shot to introduce the main character as the camera slowly moves down the pathway towards the main character. – Introducing main character.

This is then followed by a close-up shot to show the facial expressions of the main characters.

A extreme long shot is used to show the audience the whole setting including the main character and then this is followed by a framing shot to have the whole setting in the eyes of the main character.

There is a long shot to show the main character running through the park, and then a high angle shot when she stops to look down at her feet, which will result to her seeing shadows.

A panning shot is then used to show the movement of the main character as she looks up and starts screaming.


Group Meeting: 4/12/13
Present:Jumana, Zafirah, Asya, Naimh, Lillia. (All members of the group were present.)
To be discussed: Product research and what has to be done about it.
In this group meeting we have discussed that we need to do the questions for our opening sequence, and each member of the group will need write about the opening sequence including camera, mis-en-scene, editing, sound and genre. We have also decide d choose Jumana’s pitch as we thought it is the most practical.

Product Research:




It is made clear where the film has been shot due to a wide shot being used to show the location which is clearly in a garden as we see a mini swing connected to a branch.The time period of the film is clear because her clothing is very recent as she does not wear any clothing which would be worn in the 80’s. also the color of the opening sequence is in color and not in black and white.It is clear that the little girl is just a normal 7-10 year old playing on the swing having fun,although her face features looks very depressed which causes confusion. Also, the other character is older due to her pale skin,body height,body language and dark hair and makeup.

The genre of the film is clearly horror and this is from the mysterious sound (non-diagetic). The use of the different shots of the girl swinging on the swing,close ups of the  branch’s string. Then a loud bang on the next view of the other character. she looks very terrified and confused making the audience wonder what will happen next.The general mood of the film is established through the use of sound and camera shots. We feel at slight ease because everything looks very calm and peaceful until the mood then changes as the sound brings in a big bang causing the adrenaline of the audience to go higher making it scarier.


The key location of the movie tears has been introduced by a wide shot of the environment letting us know where her whereabouts is which is clearly a back garden and not a park as there is only one swing right in the middle of no one cheaply tied by a string.The key character has been introduced by having different close ups of the girls face. Then a wide shot of both the zombie,environment and little girl. by having only the two protagonist at the beginning makes us know that they are the two main characters and will be featured throughout the whole movie.We understand that the little girl is very scared/shocked as to what has happened/has been witnessed making us not know whether she knows the zombie or not. If the two characters knew each other then the little girl would not of had reacted like that and jumped up when the zombie flew in suggesting that this was her first view of a strange object.It is definitely a horror movie due to the scary,intimidating,loud sound effects and the characters facial features which cause suspense.

The fact that everything is calm and quiet and then all of a sudden you hear a different noise causes the audience to jump which then makes us realise that this movie is not going to be happy and based on fairytales but very much the opposite.We don’t really get a clear understanding of what the movie will be based on but from the first few minutes we come to terms that there is two main characters of different ages. One character seems very innocent,young,timid ad confused,whereas, the second character is off a higher age and seems to be following the features of a zombie which may also cause us to think that the narrative may be about a little girl being tormented from a zombie look alike.


In the opening sequence of the movie Tears there has been no dialogue used which makes it even harder for the audience to understand what is going on. By using the diagetic sound of birds tweeting suggests that the location has a connection with the scene making it combine together. Sound has been used to establish the ideas about the films genre by having the scene silent and only using nature for the first sound the changing the sound to a flamboyant bang which connotes the idea that the movie will definitely be of a horror genre.The use of two major sounds which have a combination of nature and different unique sounds establishes the ideas that the general mood of the film is not going to be happy and exciting but more of a tense and mysterious mood which connotes the fact that the movie has been made to the audience be terrified through the use of sound.


The genre of the film is clearly horror and this has been used to create a feeling of panic,alert or fear. These films can be very scary and the whole point is to make the audience feel unsettled. They usually center on mythical creatures for example ghosts or zombies. Sometimes, horror films incorporate violence and sometimes have a overlap of fantasy. The movie tears involves a zombie and also makes the audience have a sense of fear. The fact that also they make the little girl look scared has the impact on the audience that she is not in a safe place which is the whole idea of a horror movie.


The types of edits that have been used in the movie tears have been put in a myriad of ways. A simple cut has been used as the camera has been placed on the girl playing on the swing then it cuts straight into the rope which tells us that maybe that is how the zombie was killed. There has also been eye-line match involved,for example this is clear as we witness the girl looking at something then she suddenly sees the ghost which can connote the meaning that she did not expect to see her as her facial expressions change as she goes from being innocent to being scared and shocked which then alerts the audience causing tension.

The transition that has been used is a simple cut/wipe. The transition has a joint with the slow pace of the film which creates tension as we finally see something scary. It takes loads of transitions until the audience actually has a chance to see something scary. The edit pacing is off a slow pace,this goes with the location as the location is dangerous and quiet and this is also created by the zombie looking at the girl for a long time which alludes to the fact that she is trying to frighten her. Also, another simple cut is used and this is to show the rope to the zombies neck which shows how she got there. When we see the zombie the edit pacing is slow and calm and the girl is also going slow on the swing which can confuse the audience as she does not look like she is enjoying herself as she is not going fast/laughing. This makes me feel that both the characters are very awkward and different and the location is in a ordinary area but the characters make it have a unique feeling.



It has been made clear that the film has been clearly set in a girl aged between the age of 7-10 in a bedroom and this is from the teacup set,the dollys,the miniature chair,the bed and the coloured curtains with detailed pink flowers. The characters are from a different time genre due to the clothing and props which is very old which can connote that they are from a Victorian time where things were different and children would play with dolly’s and wear frocks/gowns. The time period is very clear from the clothing/props and location as we know it is off a Victorian time period from the way they style even up to their hairstyles with the cute little ribbons. The fact that the bedroom is not really from a girls perspective and has very much of a olden touch to it connotes the meaning that the timing is between the 60-80’s.

The ideas about the main characters have been established that at the start their was a close up of them being typical girls and having fun then their facial expressions change as they look more scared as they turn their head from side to side , get up and jump out the window which then causes panic because we get a sense that the girls are not typical girls and have a overlap of a ghostly figure inside of them. We don’t really see how the genre of the film is established until the girls jump out the window which causes a sense of panic to the audience as we understand that the girls are no longer cute and innocent. The general mood of the film is clearly a calm environment and this is due to us not hearing a lot of sound making us feel at ease and relaxed as the little girls play with each other and have fun. The mood then changes as we see the girls faces and body language change then they jump out the window which alludes to the fact that the mood goes more confused and frightened.


Key locations have been introduced by using a master shot which has been used at the beginning of the opening sequence so that we understand more of the characters surroundings. Also, a wide shot has been used making us see what kind of environment the characters are in which is clearly in a bedroom and this is due to us having the ability to see the bed and curtain from the wide shot view. The key characters are the three main girls. They have been introduced by a close up so we see their face, a wide shot so we see their body language and also a low angle shot(for example when the girls are sitting down on the floor). This has been used so the audience can be even more closer with the characters.

The relationship between the key characters have been established by us seeing the girls play together and them smiling and enjoying themselves connoting that they may be good friends who love to play with each other. The films narrative is not quite clear. This is because we don’t hear much dialogue making us not understand what is going on but apart from that we can see that the girls are friends and suddenly something goes wrong and this is from the close up and wide shot that are used.


The only piece of dialogue that we hear throughout the opening sequence is right at the end when the girls have jumped out of the window. The dialogue does not sound like it is a human being talking as it is very deluded/haunted and sounds as if it is a ghost/zombie. The fact that the voice screams (diagetic/synchronous sound) and says ‘my babies’ suggests that maybe the girls have jumped out the window and died or the dollies that they were playing with have come alive as a close up of one of the dolls face appears..

The sorts of sounds that are used to create ideas about key locations are not quite clear as we don’t hear sounds of nature (coming from outside) or sounds from inside the house (talking from other characters) suggesting that the location is quiet for a reason. The sounds that have been used to establish ideas about the films genre is that the diagetic music that is being played is very slow and mysterious. It begins to be a sound motif as we constantly hear it causing it to have a permanent position in the movie/brain. This goes with the horror genre because it creates a feeling on panic as the characters give of a scared facial expression. The general mood of the opening sequence is quite tense and this is due to the ambient sounds which give off a negative and horrific impact for the audience.


The types of edit cuts that have been used in the opening sequence of ‘The Women In Black’ is the use of a simple cut and this is just from a character to another. By leaving it as a simple cut can make the audience focus on the main point of the narrative without having too much confusion. The transitions that have been used involves mostly a wipe as we see one picture and then another and so forth, for example we see the girls face and then we see the window. The edit pacing of the opening sequence is very slow paced and this is reinforced especially when the girls get up and go to the window,every little thing that they do is slow and by stepping on the props slowly but forcefully shows the meaningfulness/depth. Around particular characters the edit pacing is still very slow paced right through the beginning to the end. When handling the props,when smiling , when turning their heads is all done in repeated slow motion which makes me feel that the characters were once cute,sweet and innocent but have now changed and are now possessed.


The genre of the movie ‘The Women In Black’ is horror and this is clear from the aiming of a sense of fear and this is caused from us seeing the girls jump out the window. There are no mythical creatures/overlap of other genres such as fantasy, although, we do hear a mythical creature in the background scream/talk which alerts the audience. The use of the slow paced music/action an cause the audience to feel unsettled and often causing them to have nightmares/be frightened which has clearly been done in this opening sequence.



It is clear that the opening sequence has been set in a teenagers bedroom aged 16+ and this is from us seeing the props of a bed,bedside table,bedside lamp,pillows and curtains. The bedroom is very modified and this is because both main characters are clearly at a mature age. The girl lying down looks very at ease and comfortable which can connote that it is her bedroom and she is relaxed. We see a normal corridor with furniture and picture frames making us not suspect anything weird or unusual. The kitchen involves everything a normal kitchen would have such as a packed fridge,cooker and so on. The lighting is light and this is due to the kitchen light being on but outside is dark which could suggest that is is night time and this is even more clearer as one of the characters says ‘we’re about to go to sleep’. The house looks rather big and the girls have a accent which can imply they are in the origin of America.

The time period of the film has been made very clear due to the characters costumes and makeup. It is very realistic and recent and this is because they are dressed as typical teenage girls would dress in their uniform with short skirts and some unbuttoned buttons which could also show a sign of rebellious which would not really be allowed in the past such as the Victorian times. The furniture of the housing is very modern especially in the kitchen as the fridge/phone looks very recent. One of the characters mention going to stay at her boyfriends house which in the Victorian times would not be allowed as they would have to be working in the farm or looking after the family.

The ideas about the main character have been established by the way they look/act. The fact that there are two different images of the girls can cause a lot of different ideas. The dark haired girl can be stereotyped in the Media genre as more of a bad character and full of evilness (as she tries to scare the other girl) whereas the girl with the lighter colored hair can be looked upon as innocent and full of purity as she looks more terrified as she hears the story from her friend which can connote that maybe the dark haired girl is more mature and adventurous unlike the light haired girl. Although we may see the lighter haired girl as good she is not very innocent as she went to her boyfriends house and didn’t behave(as this is indicated from the dark haired girl) and also tried to scare her friend connoting that she has got quite some badness in her,but overall she is still more innocent than the dark haired girl because she is more frightened of particular things.


The genre of the film is clearly horror. This can clearly be established by us hearing a ‘scary horror story’ been talked about suggesting that we are going to witness something scary. The dark haired girl talks about the story and discusses loads of things that happen and one of them was the phone ringing and when she finished talking about the story the phone then started to ring causing the audience to have a sense of panic. The lighting is very dark and this is from it being set in the evening which gives the film a sense of alarm and tension as this is what is mainly associated with horror films. Horror films always include signs of awkwardness and this is from the use of silence and then something scary happening which can cause tension and mystery.


The only major sounds that we hear comes from the two main characters which is a diagetic sound of the having a conversation. As mentioned before the dark haired girl is talking about a scary horror story and the light haired girl is scared from listening to it which leads onto the next scene of her hearing things and tells her friend to stop not knowing that it is not her friend it is actually coming from the major prop which was the TV coming on and off again playing with her mind. The fact that it goes silent then the TV comes on again causes fear and shocks both the audience and character. The TV sound is a synchronous sound. These sounds emphasize the fact that the genre is definitely horror as it causes a sense of panic.


There is a great amount of camera shots involved in this opening sequence. The key location that has been used is mainly inside the house which is the bedroom as this is where the scene starts off showing that maybe this is where the characters are always based. A wide shot has been used so we can have a idea of what the bedroom looks like and it is very clear that the light haired colored girl is from a wealthy background as her room is very classy and in a higher region of design/furniture. The fact that a lovely room like that has a colour of darkness suggests that it is evening and something negative is going to happen. We then witness a long shot which shows the kitchen and not only is her bedroom big but the kitchen is of a very large size which impacts that the whole house is off a bigger wealth.

By using a wide shot which shows the two friends are close and have been friends for  long time as they both go and find out the problem together. However, we then only start to see one character (the light haired girl) in the shot which connotes that she is definitely the protagonist and the friendship with the dark haired girl is not as strong as before as she left all alone. We understand that the dark haired girl is less innocent as we see a close up of her facial expression which is very evil as she tells the horror story and the light haired girl’s facial expression having more of a worried face as another close up is also seen. Moving on we see another long shot then a close up off the TV as it goes on and 0ff and because it keeps going on and off we have a close up of the girl looking confused causing the audience to have a impact of a sense of alarm.


The types of edit cuts that have been used in this opening sequence is mainly based on a simple cut when the two girls are talking to each other about the horror story right at the beginning. The fact that a simple cut has been used captivates the audience’s closes attention to what the two girls are talking about making them understand what the movie may mostly be about as this gives them also an idea about the narrative which is also a very major point. A audio linkage has been used when the phone rings making it  very ironic as the dark haired girl was just talking about the story and how the phone will ring and all of a sudden the phone does ring causing a sense of shock and panic for the audience and character. A reaction cut is involved at the conversation between the two girls which highlights the reaction of the light haired colored girl which is not satisfying which tells us that she is more on the innocent side unlike the dark colored hair who finds it very interesting and funny and teases the light haired. The next edit that also has been used is a eye line match which shows the TV going on itself which causes tension and confusion because no one is there yet we hear the loud noise from the TV turn on an off itself.

The last bit of the opening sequence is a entrance cut where she cant find her friend/hear her,as she walks up the stairs she realizes the floor is wet which is very worrying especially as no one is answering her. Lastly, the only transition that has been used is a simple cut. This is shown when the fridge slowly opens itself at a very slow pace. This just makes everything more horrifying because we saw the girl close the door making us know for sure that something negative is going to happen. The edit pacing is neither slow/fast apart from simple little bits from both the characters and props which are slow. For exanple the fridge closing slow and the two girls coming down the stairs slowly,this makes me think that although the dark haired girl was very cocky and upfront at the beginning her feelings matched the light haired girl because they both came down the stairs very scared due to their facial expressions and body language,this makes me feel that both the characters both involve purity/innocence in some way.



Sound Plan:

The overall technology I will be using to sort out my main music theme will be using the use of GarageBand which I have given a preview shown below with the sound link on the right.



The sounds that I am thinking of using consist of Beacon strings, Capitol C deep bass , Adversary low string S0 , 12-8 Afro Cuban Congo, Conga groove D8. All these sounds have a connection with the scene that will be shown. In scene 1 the location is based in a park/graveyard shot. The sound is quiet giving it a scary and clueless atmosphere. When Niamh starts speaking in Latin-the theme that will be a motif throughout the film will be played which is a theme that sounds like a slow nursery rhyme but not innocent(e.g. The Woman In Black). . We then go back to the present where we see Niamh sitting down and hears something mysterious and looks up to go check it out the music is being played and then gets louder and faster with also the use of sound effects using other techniques from other sound resources. The music then goes quiet when the flashback is being shown but when she screams a loud noise will be heard at the same time to cause mystery. It then goes quiet into the next scene of where she is in a new location which is South Bank, the sound is natural from the surroundings and nature around her. We then go to the next scene where the same theme tune is being played in the same location as scene 1 which is now played slowly and quietly and ends with a big BANG! To reinforce the feeling. By having the same theme tune repeated can make the audience remember the movie and storyline.



SCENE 1: Location-Park/Graveyard.

Actress- sitting down in the park holding the key prop-wide shot- shows the surrounding-close up of characters face. Head down rocking back and forth.


‘’ego volo comedre i odio omnibus,nec tu,et occident vos’’


Actress-looks up and hears something but doesn’t take notice.


‘’Quis est hic? Ego sum vix’’ (SHOUTING/ANGRY)

Actress-running out of cemetery. (QUICKLY/CAUTIOUS)

(Flashback- Actress holding stone looking into the camera


‘’mihi nunc vos, inquit, ad hoc tibi. inquit, ad vos’’

SCENE 2: Location- South Bank.

Actress-holding stone tightly,slowly turns around. Long shot,close up and mid shot all shown.


‘’amo illum lapidem,cuius est?’’

SCENE 3: Location- Park/Graveyard.

Actress-sitting on the floor holding her legs shaking angrily/scarily staring at the key prop hard and focused.


‘’ i potest, te’’ (LOUD/SLOWLY)



Product research-Lilia.

Opening sequence of “The Ring”


The setting is made clear as a wide shot is used to show a girl’s room; the fact that she is laying down on the bed shows that it is her house as she seems very comfortable in the environment, we can tell she doesn’t feel anything out of the ordinary like being in a stranger’s house. We can tell it is a house as we see ordinary corridors that make the viewer assume it  is a house as there is nothing wrong with it, there are pictures in frames as well as furniture, which doesn’t make it seem suspicious. Moreover, there is a very large kitchen with many appliances, which is completely natural in a house; the fact that it is big is a good indicator to argue it is in America as in most American dramas, kitchens are always big, which is almost a convention. Finally, the American accent of the two teenage girls suggest it is in America.

The period of the film is modern day. This is made clearly, firstly, because of the girls’ uniform; it is normal in these days and the skirts are much shorter, which wouldn’t be very common in the past. Furthermore, the blonde girl mentions that she spent a weekend with her boyfriend away from home, which is typical nowadays but definitely not acceptable in the past. There are much more obvious reasons to suggest this as there is a modern TV in the living room and a modern telephone. There is also nothing to suggest that the film is set in the future as everything seems completely normal and nothing strange.

In the opening scene, we get a few ideas about the two main characters. We see the brunette girl as quite suspicious and less innocent than the other girl. Firstly, the simple fact that she is a brunette suggests this as brunettes, in the media, are usually the bad or evil characters. Secondly, she begins telling the other girl about a horror story, this shows that she is not innocent and she has a dark side as horror is associated with that. Also, she seems much less frightened than the other girl throughout the opening scene and even tries to scare her friend again, which suggests she is less innocent. On the other hand, the blonde girl is seen as a bit nicer and less suspicious, but not quite innocent. Firstly, we think she is nicer as she has blonde hair, which in the media suggests that the character is good and pure. Furthermore, she seems scared throughout the clip, which shows that she perhaps isn’t as the brunette and doesn’t have a darker side like her. We get the impression that she is isn’t very innocent as she also tried to scare her friend, however, she is still seen as nicer because she is more scared throughout, which shows she is still a bit more innocent.


The genre of the film is horror. This is made clearly for a number of reasons. Firstly, the brunette girl stars talking about a horror story and from this we understand the film is supposed to be like the story as it foreshadows it. In the story she mentions something about the TV and later in the opening scene the TV switches on on its own, therefore we know the narrative and automatically the genre. Furthermore, the fact that the TV switched on on its own is a horror movie cliche and is another piece of evidence to back up the idea it is a horror film. Moreover, the lighting is very dark. This is used to make the film seem much more scary and build up tension as tension is associated with fear, badness and horror films. Lastly, in the opening scene, we see that things take a long time to happen, and there are many moments of silence; this builds up tension as we expect to see something shocking or scary, which is also typical of horror films.

The mood is supposed to be scary. This is created by the darkness of the location as it adds on mystery and fear as darkness is associated with these things and has negative connotations. In addition, the expression on the actresses face of fear throughout and there emotion of fear adds on this idea and makes it the main mood of the opening sequence. Moreover, the fact that everything takes long to happen builds up tension and creates a sense of fear to the viewer which once again proves this is the mood of the film.

Camera shots:

The key location is a house. Many types of shots are used to show the house and for us to have an idea about it. Firstly, the room where the girls are is the first location of the house we are presented with; a wide shot is used to show it. The room is dark and very spacious. The fact that it is spacious probably suggests that the blonde girl is wealthy as she lives in it. Moreover the darkness suggests that there is something wrong with it as darkness has negative connotations as discussed above. A long shot is used to show the kitchen, which is also big to emphasize the wealth of the blonde girl and her family. A long shot is also used to show her walking along a dark corridor, which gives a sense of tension and suspicion as it is very dark and she is the only person in the shot, we begin to think there is something wrong by the fact that she is in a big house and she is alone in many shots.

The two main characters are introduced with a wide shot showing both of them together, which suggests they are friends as both appear in the shot. This is emphasized by the fact that they are closely together. Moreover another wide shot is used to show both of them walking together in a moment of fear and tension, which suggests that they are very close friends and would help each other in scary moments. After this moment, the blonde girl is left alone in every shot, which probably suggests that she is the protagonist and creates a distance between the two, which perhaps shows that throughout the film they won’t be so close and this begins in the opening.

With the camera shots, we also get some ideas about the characters. When the brunette character is telling the horror story, her face becomes quite sinister, by this I mean that she wears a face that scares the viewer. As telling a horror story is already seen as negative, her face expression adds on the idea that she is a bad character and quite suspicious. The close up to show the blonde girl’s face expression tells us that she is a nicer character and has more goodness in her. In the close up she seems very scared, which connotes she is not as dark as her friend. Furthermore, the long shot of her walking down the corridor emphasizes this idea as she seems very scared and walks down the corridor very slowly and stiffly.

Ideas about the narrative are suggested with the close up of the brunette telling the horror story, which foreshadows what will actually happen. Moreover, every time the blonde character is in a location, the camera always focuses on the location rather than the character, which suggests that there is something is the house, perhaps watching her; this gives the idea that perhaps the narrative also has to do with  something haunting her. Lastly, a long shot is used to show the TV switching on on its own, which links back to the girl’s story and proves both, that the narrative is the girl’s story and that there is something haunting the house and trying to scare the girl.


The dialogue used by the characters tells us a lot about them. As discussed before, the fact that the brunette talks about a horror story shows us that she isn’t innocent as is quite suspicious. The blonde character, once she starts seeing strange things happening, keeps telling her friend to stop scaring which suggests she doesn’t like these things and she is a more pure person than the brunette but not innocent as when she was talking to her friend she mentioned how she spent time with her boyfriend without her parents which is seen as something quite rebellious and not for people her age.

There is no music used throughout the opening scene, therefore, there is only diagetic sound. This adds on to the scary mood of the film as there is complete silence, which builds up more tension. The only different sound we hear is when the TV switches on on its own. This synchronous sound stands out as there is complete silence, which makes that prop stand out and makes us assume that the TV will play an important part in the film. This idea is reaffirmed by the fact that at the start , the brunette girl mentioned a TV in her story. Therefore, with the sound, the scary mood is emphasized, we get ideas about the characters and the narrative.


Many types of edit cuts are used in the opening sequence of the opening sequence. The first and most used cut we see is a simple cut; this is used a lot when the characters are talking to each other at the beginning. The simple cut emphasizes and makes the viewer pay attention to what they are saying as it is a strong indicator of what the narrative is about. In this conversation, a reaction cut is also used to show the reaction of the blonde girl, while the brunette tells the horror story. This reaction cut gives us the idea that the blonde girl is much more innocent than the brunette as she seems very scared and the brunette doesn’t stop when she sees that she is very scared. An audio linkage is used when the phone rings; the brunette mentioned about a telephone ringing in her horror story and then they hear the phone ring. The audio linkage is used to show there reaction of fear when the phone rings and then it cuts to the phone. This creates a great expectation to the viewer as we expect what happened in the horror story to happen to them. An eye-line is also used when the TV switches on on its own. The viewer at this point still isn’t clear what she is looking at until it cuts to the TV; while we only see her looking at something, this builds up tension to the viewer as we wonder what happened and we expect to see something scary. Moreover, it is used to show her reaction of fear and understand that something is wrong.  An entrance cut is used in the last scene of the opening sequence, which is when she opens the door of her room and sees her room is all messy and her friend isn’t there. This cut is used to show her reaction as she enters the room(she shouts) and then show the state of her room. Lastly, a match action was used when the fridge door opened on its own. This is to show the viewer that something is wrong with the location as this cut emphasizes that the fridge is being opened by no one visible and creates a sense of fear to us and the blonde girl. The only transition used in the opening sequence is a simple cut. This matches the slow pace of the opening sequence and helps increase tension as many simple cuts are used throughout the opening sequence to make the viewer as well as the characters understand that something is wrong with the location as we expect something bad to happen at every cut and many strange things to happen, which emphasize this idea such as the TV switching on alone as well as the fridge opening on its own.

As discussed before, the pace of the opening is very slow, which helps build up tension throughout  the sequence and we expect to see something shocking. For example, when the phone rings, the characters take long to answer it, take long to say something and take long for us to know who it is, which helps build up the tension and expectation to see something scary. This slow pace has been used with both characters as well as in every location and scene. An example of this is when the blonde character is walking down the corridor to get to her room. A very long time is spent showing her walking down the corridor to get to her room. Like this, the audience understands that there is something wrong in her room and this increases the tension we have throughout as everything is slow paced. The edits give us many ideas about the characters, location etc. as discussed above. The reaction cut emphasizes the idea that the blonde character is more innocent and nicer than the brunette character. Also, the sound linkage gives us the idea that the telephone, which is a prop, is going to play an important part in the narrative as it was also mentioned in the horror story of the brunette. Also, the eye-line used when the TV switches on alone helps us understand that there is something wrong with the location, which is the house, and that it is probably haunted.


Opening sequence of “Jessica’s Room”


In the opening sequence, we only know where the location is towards the end, when we see the main character waking up from a bad dream in a bed in a room. We already assume that it is his house as the decoration, such as a bedside lamp is included, which is most commonly seen in a house rather than another place. It is very small and the bed is very close to the door, which shows he is not very rich as the decoration is also very simple, for example, there are no pictures, only necessary things such as the lamp and a bed. In addition, the same character walks into the kitchen right after, where we see a fridge and cupboards, which reinforces the idea that it is his house. Moreover, the fact that the actor opens the fridge and gets water shows that it is his house as he seems comfortable doing it. The fact that the kitchen seems very small shows that perhaps the character isn’t very wealthy.

The period of the film is modern day. This is made clear by many things. Firstly, at the beginning, the actor films himself talking about an exorcism taking place. The fact that he has a camera, which films in color and has good quality shows that it is something much more modern than something from the past. Secondly, when we see the kitchen, we see that the fridge is quite modern as it is grey, while in the past it was mostly white. Also, he has a mobile phone, which is a recent invention as well as there is a laptop in the opening sequence. The use of modern technology shows that it is a film set in modern times and not in the past.

The first character we see is a man. We understand that he is a person who is interested and works around things involving paranormal activity. We know this firstly because while the exorcism takes place, he films it with a camera and is always trying tom know what happens as he wants to enter the room where it is taking place. This shows that he wants footage to perhaps study. He seems very scared in this scene and sweats a lot as well as breaths very loudly, which shows that he finds his job scary but also interesting as he still does it. Also, we understand that he is interested in paranormal activity because he films it and by his costume; when he wakes up, his t-shirt says “Devils”, which emphasizes that his life is involved around this.

The next character we see is Jessica, the girl that is possessed by a sort of demon. We understand that she is possessed by her face. It is very scary and evil-looking as it is painted white and has red patches below her eyes and around her mouth. This leads us to believe that she is possessed by something evil as it is not normal to see and she was trying to escape an exorcism, which emphasizes this as demons and people possessed normally want to escape from this in horror films. Furthermore, the attacks the man filming her, which is aggressive and shows that she has got evil in her. The fact that the patches are red shows that it is blood, also the color connotes danger and this shows she is a dangerous character. Also, it connotes anger and could be showing that she is very angry as people tried to perform an exorcism on her and she might seek revenge.


The genre of the film is horror. This is firstly established by the lighting, which is very dark; darkness normally has bad connotations of evilness, danger etc. Moreover, as we see Jessica’s face, we understand it is a horror film as it is scary and is meant to look very evil because it is white with red patches, which could be blood and red also has dangerous connotations. Furthermore, we see her trying to escape from an exorcism, which emphasizes the idea that it is a horror film as it is common in films of this genre and it is something dark and negative, which is typically seen in horror films.

The mood of the film is of fear, agitation and tension. It is of fear as when the man is filming himself, he is evidently scared of the situation because he is running, sweating and breathing very loudly, which all connote that he is scared. Also, the fact that he runs to the basement and then Jessica’s room shows that there is agitation in the film to know what is happening to Jessica, which creates tension as we don’t see the exorcism.

Camera shots

The key location is Jessica’s room. This location is introduced with a long shot of her room, but we only see a small part as the door doesn’t open fully when Jessica tries to escape. The little that we see only has a bright light, which shows that something abnormal happens and happened in that room. The fact that Jessica is the only person we see come out of the room, in that state, shows that it is a dangerous place as well as a place where a lot of evil paranormal activity happens.

Jessica is introduced with a long shot of her escaping her room. In this long shot, the lighting is very dark, and when she lifts her head up, we see a very evil pale white face with red patches , which stand out in the darkness. This is unexpected and scares the viewer, which makes us think that she is a bad character. The man is introduced with a mid shot of him with his own camera as he is filming himself. In this shot, he appears very nervous, which shows that he is very scared of the situation of an exorcism taking place.

The relationship between both characters is a dangerous one as well as hostile. We understand this as while the actor is filming Jessica, he drops the camera as she attacks him and all we see is a crooked low angle shot of Jessica’s feet to her chest. This shows that while she attacked him, he dropped the camera and it crooked. Therefore, the relationship is violent, which makes it dangerous.

Ideas about the narrative are established by the long shot of Jessica escaping the exorcism and seeing her evil face, as discussed above. This shows that she managed to escape the exorcism and it was unsuccessful. Therefore, the idea the viewer gets about the narrative is that they will try to perform an exorcism on Jessica until it works and until then, it will be very dangerous to get her as she could become violent as shown on the crooked low angle shot of her, which shows the camera has been dropped on the floor as she attacked the actor after attacking him.


The dialogue between the two main characters is very shot as only the actor talks, but very briefly. He asks if Jessica is okay and this shows that he cares about her well-being and wants her to get better. Jessica doesn’t answer and this shows her hostility towards him and that she doesn’t like him.

Once the door in Jessica’s room opens, we can hear whispers and screams. This sound is non-diagetic as well as asynchronous. These sounds sound quite desperate and connote there is danger in that room as well as something mysterious as we are not exactly sure where the noise is coming from.

The music used while the actor is filming himself is quite fast and it is a screeching sound. This connotes danger as it is normally used in horror films, so this association shows that it is a horror film. The fact that the sound gets louder very quickly as he approaches the room emphasizes the mood of agitation and tension as the idea of danger increases.


In the first part of the opening sequence, there are no editing cuts or transitions as it is all filmed by the character’s camera, in order to seem real. In the second part, when the guy that was filming is in his house, we start to see editing cuts and transitions. The most frequently used one is a simple cut, mostly used when he is on the phone with his colleague. This is used to show exactly who is talking and what they are feeling as we can see that the woman is startled as well as surprised at her paranormal findings and the man is still shocked because of his nightmare. So we get an idea of the mood of the actors and we know that although their work is related to paranormal activity, they still feel scared about it and that helps keep the tension throughout. An exit cut is used when he wakes up from his dream and leaves his room and a dialogue overlap is used when he is on the phone with his colleague, in order for us to see what he is doing while she is talking. The fact that we see him doing something else while she is excitedly talking about her findings shows that he is still shocked about his dream and that this could show his mood throughout the whole film. A dissolve transition is used while we see his dream; this is a good transition for a dream as it depicts it quite blurry, which is common in a dream and used a lot in the media to show that something is a dream. All the other transitions used are simple cuts to match the slow pace of the second part of the opening sequence to show that things are much more tranquil in the second part.

In the opening sequence, the first part has a fast pace while the second part has a much slower pace. This fast pace used around Jessica, who is possessed by some sort of devil. This fast pace gives agitation to the scene and the fastness connotes the is a dangerous character as it is not associated with calmness as a slow pace film would be in many cases. However, their is an obvious contrast in the pace when she is not in scene, which is the second part. It shows that Jessica will probably be the antagonist of the narrative and that the man as well as his colleague are good characters. The editing makes us have a few ideas about the characters and locations. The simple cut used throughout there phone conversation shows that the woman is more enthusiastic than him about her findings as well as she is a bit shocked. Also, the slow pace shows that they are good characters and there is a sense of calmness in his house, while the fast pace with Jessica shows that she is a bad character that will cause trouble.

Opening sequence of “Tears”


In the opening sequence, we see that a child is in a place where there are many trees and sand as a wide shot is used. She is alone and the place is empty. This perhaps suggests that the girl will be the victim of something bad happening to her as she is the only one who appears in the shot. Also, as she is alone, at such a young age and in a very isolated area, suggests her parents don’t take much care of her and she will be an easy target in the film for the ghost to do something.It is not made clear why she is there, however, I am led to believe it is America for two reasons. Firstly, both characters that appear in the opening sequence are of different ethnicity; the girl is Asian and the ghost is White, which shows it takes place in a country with a lot of variety. Secondly, in American films, the lighting is always much brighter that in, for example, British films where it is always a bit darker and grey. We are not yet clear about this in the opening sequence, but it is the most plausible assumption we get in the opening sequence.

The period of the film is made clear for a few reasons. Firstly, by the child’s clothes; in the opening scene, she wears  jeans shorts and trainers, which are items that are commonly scene nowadays and not in the past as trainers are more of a modern day thing. However, the ghost that appears seems to be from the past as her clothes are different and she wears a long skirt, which looks like a period costume. Therefore, the film is set in modern days, but we might have some flashbacks from the past.

Through the mise-en-scene, we get many ideas about the characters. We understand that the girl, who is a ghost was hanged in the sight by the string of a swing as she has a rope around her neck and she is in the sight where there is a swing and it is the same rope. Moreover, we are introduced with her hanged on the tree. Secondly, she is a brunette, which connotes badness and evilness, so from this we can tell that she is probably a bad ghost and could potentially be seeking revenge or wanting to kill children as she seems to want to scare the little girl. The little girl seems very innocent as she is on a swing, which shows she is playful. Moreover, we get the impression that she is immature, firstly by the fact that she is a child and secondly because she seems very confused when she sees the ghost; this shows that she can see the danger of it and doesn’t understand what she sees is bad. Moreover, her clothes are light, particularly her t-shirt is white, which connotes purity and innocence and shows the girl will probably be a victim of the ghost.


The genre of the film is horror. We understand this by the introduction of the second main character, which is a ghost. By the fact that we see her hanged and then coming to life and all dirty in blood shows that it will a horror film Moreover, the introduction of this character was shocking and scary as it took a long time to happen, which is typical of horror films. By the reaction the viewer gets, it becomes obvious that the genre of the film is horror. Moreover, the non-diagetic music is asynchronous and it includes whispers in it, which give the impression that something is there,but we can’t see. This automatically makes us think it is terror as this type of whisper sound is common in this genre and the whispers sound desperate and loud which makes us have a sense of danger.

The general mood of the film is of suspense and danger. The suspense is established by the fact that the introduction of the ghost takes a long time to happen and this builds up tension to see what will happen. Secondly, the danger is established by the fact that the ideas that we have of the ghost are negative(dark hair, blood) compared to the girl, which are innocent; this creates danger as we see that a vulnerable girl is faced with a potentially evil character.

Camera Shots

The key location is introduced with a wide establishing shot of a deserted and empty forest. The shot shows no one but a little girl. The fact that it is isolated is already an indicator that something bad is likely to happen as bad or suspicious things always happen in isolated places. Therefore, it indicates to the viewer that bad things are likely to happen there. Moreover, we see that the forest has absolutely no grass and is simply sand and dust. This is also a way to show that the location is suspicious and dangerous as nature and green is associated with hope, peace and goodness; the fact that this particular forest has no grass shows it is not peace or a good place to be in.

We are introduced with the little girl through a framing shot, where the frame is the tree. The tree could also be very symbolic as it could be indicating that she will be hanged in the tree like the ghost. In this shot, she begins to swing on a swing, which shows the playful side of the child and her innocence. Than, we see a close up of the rope of the swing; this could be foreshadowing the girl will be hanged by it like the ghost. Moreover, we have a close up of the girl’s face when she sees the ghost. Here, she comes across as clueless as she looks very confused and doesn’t see the danger of what she sees. The ghost in introduced by surprise during a wide shot of the girl on the swing. This scares the viewer as well as the girl and perhaps connotes that this character should cause fear as she is probably a bad character. In this shot, we also see a mid shot of her with a rope on her neck which shows that she was hanged and prove that she is a ghost as we would expect her to be dead but she is alive. The fact that her introduction in the wide shot is to scare the girl, shows that she has bad intentions and wants to scare people and do something bad.

The relationship between both characters is very hostile. The close up on the girl’s face shows that she is very confused but doesn’t like what she sees. This obviously shows that she doesn’t want to relate or interact with this character. Also, the mid shot of the ghost shows her looking at the girl wearing a serious and quite evil face, which shows that she doesn’t like the girl and, in my opinion, shows perhaps jealousy or anger that the girl is alive and she isn’t so she will probably want to do something with her. Moreover, they are never shown together in a wide shot or two shot, apart from one time. This shows that there is a distance between both characters and their relationship is hostile and distant.

The narrative is established by many shots that emphasize particular props. A close up is used to place emphasis on the rope of the swing, which makes the viewer understand that that is a key feature in the film. Moreover, another close up is used to show the rope hanged on a tree of the ghost. This makes us understand that she was hanged with a swing rope while on the swing and perhaps she will do the same thing with the girl. Moreover, the fact that she appears when the girl is on the swing shows that she probably wants to do bad things to children.


There is absolutely no dialogue between both characters, which creates a distance between them and shows their hostile relationship. This shows that the girl is very confused by what she sees and doesn’t know what to do, which emphasizes her innocence. The fact that the ghost doesn’t say anything shows her hostility towards children and perhaps live ones as she may be angry that she is dead and they are not and she only wants to scare them.

Non-diagetic asynchronous music combined with whispers is used in the opening sequence. This makes us have the impression that the key location is dangerous as we don’t know where the whispers come from and they sound quite desperate as they are loud and get quicker. This makes the viewer think that perhaps there is something dangerous there, like a ghost as we can’t see anything yet we hear whispers. When the ghost appears, the music becomes much louder and we understand that the location is haunted, which proves that the location is dangerous.

The sound plays an important part for us to understand that the genre of the film is horror. When the ghost comes into scene, a screeching sound comes in at the same time, which is non-diagetic. This loud sound is unpleasant and this connotes that the genre is horror as it scares us even more because the sound is loud. The sound combined with our reaction proves that the genre is horror. Moreover, the whispers heard throughout the opening scene shows that the genre is horror as this sound is typically hears in films of this genre.

The dangerous mood o0f the film is emphasized by the fact that the non-diagetic asynchronous whispers get louder when the ghost comes in the scene. This shows that she is a dangerous character that can cause trouble as the sound is unpleasant as well as the ghost.


Quite a few types of edit cuts have been used in the opening sequence of the film. The most used edit cut is a simple cut. These simple cuts used throughout give us hints of what is to come. An example is when we see the girl on the swing and then it cuts to the rope of the string, which is how the ghost was killed (by a rope). Moreover, another example is when she is on the swing and it cuts to a framing shot of her and the frame are the trees. This also hints to us the narrative as the ghost appears hanged on a tree and also by the fact that the trees framed the girl on the swing, it could be foreshadowing that she will also be hanged, perhaps, by the ghost. A reaction is used when she sees the ghost hanged and falling. This reaction cut shows a close up of the girl a bit confused and scared. This reaction shot aimed to give us the impression that the girl is very innocent as her reaction isn’t to run, which would be suspected, she doesn’t know what to do. Furthermore, it shows her vulnerability, which connotes that she will perhaps be an easy target for the ghost as she appears scared and confused. The other cut used is an eye-line match, where we see the girl looking at something and then we see that it is the ghost; the viewer already knows that she is looking at the ghost and this cut is used, in a way, to also show her reaction as it doesn’t build up tension because we already know what she is looking at and her scared and confused face expression is emphasized, which highlights the ideas of vulnerability and innocence that we have of the girl. The only transition used in the opening sequence is a simple cut. This matches the slow pace of the opening sequence as many of these cuts are used to create tension to the viewer as every time a cut is used, we expect to see something shocking and it takes quite a few of these transitions to actually show something scary. At the start, a dissolve is used to introduce the film. This is an indicator that the film will be slow paced as a dissolve normally connotes that. Moreover, it matches the scene we are introduced with, which is nature, which has calm connotations and that is what we see at the beginning as we only see a girl on a swing.

The edit pacing is very slow. We know this as the main thing in the opening , which is the appearance of the ghost, takes long to happen and we see many simple cuts that increase our expectation of something happening. This slow pace has been used around the only two characters in the opening sequence as well as in the location at all times. This tries to connote that the location is quite dangerous as the slow pace combined with silence makes us have the impression that the place is suspicious and something will happen. It also makes us think that the little girl is in danger as the slow pace makes us think that something will happen to her because there is a long wait for something to happen and this gives time for the viewer to begin to think something isn’t right with the location the girl is in and that something will happen. Moreover, the slow pace is used when the ghost looks at the girl as it takes long for her to do something. This gives the viewer time to understand the narrative as a simple cut is used to show the rope on the ghost’s neck and give an idea of what happened to her and what will happen to the little girl and that she will also probably be hanged. Moreover, the editing gives much more ideas about the characters,not just the narrative; as discussed before the reaction cut shows the vulnerability and innocence of the girl.


I will have to:

Log and transfer the film footage.

Produce a paper edit

Make decisions about the titling that will be used.

Use Final Cut to edit the film footage following the edit decision list.

Add the soundtrack to the film footage

Use Motion to produce titling for the film.

Post explanations of the edit process on the group’s Blog page.

Post the final edit on the group’s Blog page.

My research:

I  have taken screen shots of the main sections which will be very useful for me in Final Cut Pro for when I begin to edit the video of the group. This has made me familiarize with the program more  as I already had knowledge of it when doing my preliminary task.




Log and transfer the footage.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 14.15.33

This is a screenshot of the browser, which shows all the sequences of the film once it has been transferred onto the computer and onto final cut pro.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 14.23.11

This is where the timeline of the film is located and where it is possible to cut or delete parts of a scene. Moreover, the sound also stays on top of the video and you can adjust it to be in the section of a shot you want it to be in.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 14.36.42

This is the effect box, the main ones i’ll be using for my job as an editor are the video transitions as well as video filters.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 14.40.31

The green section is the audio, where it can be altered.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 14.48.08

This is an example of fade out with the sound which means the audio begins to get lower and lower.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 14.41.14

This is a tool bar, where the arrows to change audio as well as shots can be altered. Also, with the last button, you can achieve the fade in and fade out.

In the second part of my research, I watched three tutorials of Motion, where I will be making transitions and the titling sequence and so on; from this, I had to look at the key sections of the program and describe what is their purpose.

First ideas about my titling sequence.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 10.19.37

This is the library and it allows the user to add many elements into the canvas such as music, particle emitters as well as shapes and so on. As well as allow you to watch previews of the themes chosen by the user.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 09.57.49

The hud serves as a mini inspector, where you can edit the themes and effects you have chosen as well as text such as font, color  rotation and so on.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 10.13.55

The behavior section gives effects to the elements chosen that go on the canvas such as text and shape; you can make it fade away,burst in or slide and so on.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 09.59.59

The inspector allows the reader to edit the themes they chose to put on their canvas such as the radius, shape, outline, glow and so on; it is much more detailed that the hub.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 10.19.37

The filter allows the user to “stylize” their elements such as add glow, borders as well as blurs. This gives much more details to the elements and is very helpful for me when I begin to create my titling sequence as I know that I can try out many different filters, in order to get the right one, which suits my group’s film better.

In order to export the video, the user has to click on file, than export followed by options, where you can decide where it should go and than click export.

To add text, all the user has to do is click on the button, which shows a “T”, which stands for text and than type in your text. The hub and inspector will help edit the text.

Exportation of my film onto youtube.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 11.44.40

This is what to do when the user wishes to export the animation made. Firstly, they should click on file than export, where hey can choose where to export their animation where they wish to.

This is my final  video:


This is my edit decision list.

scanned paper edit 1

scanned paper edit 2


titling sequence


This is my idea for my titling sequence.


Asiya’s Product research

Tears – Horror film opening scene

Mise-en-scene: Lighting, costume, make up, props, actors/actresses, movement and location

The whole opening sequence gives a limited amount of detailed visual ideas about where the film is set. The majority of the opening consists of title screens and edits rather than camera work. However, at the minute 2:30 is when we are given a visual representation of characters and location. It is mysterious, due to the fact that it does not give an establishing shot which prevents a clear idea of where the film is set. From what we can see of the trees, leaves and the wild that surrounds in the gloomy atmosphere, we can gather as an audience that it is set somewhere in the country side perhaps, as there is not any people, social groups or any form of life other than the two characters that are shown. Also, the clothing on the characters suggests that they do not come from the city, which can relate to the time period it is set in. The clothing on the ‘scary’ character is very old fashioned and plain, yet it looks modern in a sense that in this century, girls are more free in what they can wear, such as shorts and t-shirts, unlike the olden times. The mise-en-scene does not show any sort of technology which can blur the idea of it being set in a modern era. The girl sitting on the swing is wearing shorts and a t-shirt and trainers, which instantly implies that she is an average young girl with the hobbies and interests of young girls that are seen today. However, the girl who comes alive from being hanged looks as if she is just a ‘spirit’ of some sort from the past, which can be gathered by her unusual clothing, movement and display. The genre of the film is established in a typical manner. The beginning of the opening is just a simple but effective title sequence, which then leads on to the characters and location. The title on the dark background which then contrasts to the light atmosphere of the day creates a source of nervousness, giving a sense that something bad is about to happen. Also, the girl in the middle of a deserted area also gives away this feel of anxiety and tenseness, as it is a typical scene that could be found in a lot of horror movies. This is done purposely in order for the audience to interact with the film, engaging them and making them aware of the mise-en-scene due to the fact that they are aware of something weird happening, but unsure of what it is.

Camera work

The camera work, similar to the mise-en-scene also gives a limited  amount of information about key locations and characters, for suspense and engagement. The key location is not introduced by using an establishing shot or wide shot, but narrows it down to close up shots and mid shots. This gives a little idea of the area it is set in, as the camera is more focused on the movement of the characters rather than where it is set. However, this is purposely done because the background in the shots that are focused on the characters can give a little clue that it is set in a country side, which can link to the mise-en-scene. Therefore, the location is remained as unknown. However, the characters are known as the main priority of the camera is to be focused on them. Close ups of little movements, such as the trainers when the girl is on the swing and when the scary character hangs from the tree are types of shots that add up to give a variety of ideas about the characters, such as unusual, frightening and almost can give away a bit of sympathy from the audience towards the little girl. The little girl on the swing clearly does not have any form of relationship with the spiritual character. This can be because there are not any shots where they are together or seen with each other on the screen, due to the close ups which separate them as two individuals without any connection. A typical horror film does not give away many ideas to the audience, as they come spontaneously throughout the movies. Therefore, from the opening, the close ups which give a small amount of mis-en-scene can almost stereotype the type of film genre that it fits in. This maybe because the close ups give an edgy feeling, as the audience know that it will not continue throughout the film, meaning that something will spontaneously pop up like a typical horror film. However, this does not give away the narrative, leaving it mysterious.


In the opening of this horror film, there isn’t any dialogue produced from the beginning to the end. The opening contains music through the title sequences, which switches tempo throughout. It starts of slow, with a drum bass, but then is added with a violin type of instrument. This places it in its genre, creating an odd feeling, rather than selling a feeling that does not apply to the genre. The feeling that the music gives off is not a jolly type, but more sympathetic, reminiscing and dull. This does not give a type of feeling that would come from a comedy or romance film, making sure that it follows the conventions of a horror film.

Furthermore, when the visual aspects of mise-en-scene do apply, when the locations and characters are shown, there is still not any sign of dialogue. Instead, there is a sound of the nature that surrounds, such as tweeting birds and a brush of the wind. Firstly, these sounds are not interrupted by any sort of technology that can be heard in the city, such as cars, factories, music, trucks etc. It is a very silent area which can add to the ideas from the mis-en-scene and camera work that it is set somewhere in the country side. The camera work and mise-en-scene suggest that there is a normal young girl sitting on the swing, but it is unusual to find young kids who sit in quiet areas on their own, as it is stereotyped that kids are afraid of these sorts of atmosphere. This instantly gives an idea that either she is a brave young girl, or something very bad is going to happen to her. Furthermore, the natural sound given after the spooky music from the title sequence gives is an addition to the odd, frightening and nervous feeling that is created by the mise-en-scene and camera work. This is another factor that places this opening perfectly in its genre. The sound of the instrument that occurs when the spiritual women appears switches the mood of the opening scene, taking it from a feeling that people are unsure of to a much more nervous and anxious type of feel.


The title sequence has many edits that make it effective. The effect ton the style of writing itself, giving a a glow that is stretched is effective as it makes the visual elements on the screen more active, giving the viewer something good to look at. Furthermore, the switch between the names in the title sequence matches the sound. It also dissolves from one name to another, which matches the slow type of music. The water drops are also edited, which can also be interoperated as tear drops from the irony of the name. It is a slow paced editing that does not give an adrenaline rush.

Similarly, the speed of the editing pace whilst there is movement of characters and a visual location is also slow, continuing from the title sequence. There are not any type of fades or dissolves, but revolves around match cuts that show all the movement going on in the current environment through the mis-en-scene and camera work. Due to the slow pace of editing, it continues the same feelings given to the audience through the mise-en-scene, sound and camera work but changes the reaction time of the person viewing it. The slow edits make the audience interact with the characters, particularly the little girl on the swing. As the audience are aware that something is going to happen through the slow edits, it makes them want to control the young girl to get them out of the situation to avoid it, showing a sign of sympathy. The slow edits give certain types of shots more time on the screen, such as the feet hanging of the swing and the strings of the swing moving from one side to another. As an audience, i felt uncomfortable with the idea of the little girl being a victim in a deserted area, which can combine both location and characters to make them both seem scary and frightening, which is not surprising coming from a horror opening.

Antisocial 2013:


(Mise-en-scene: Lighting, costume, make up, props, and actors/actors movement location)

It is clear that the film is set in a household as all of the screen time is focused through a camera/webcam in just one bedroom. Mise-en-scene can clarify this, as firstly there are beds that’s are shown and feminine wall decoration that you would tend to see in a girls bedroom, such as hearts and stars. Furthermore, the main characters show the audience her ‘favourite shit’ which she was not wearing, suggesting that she had pulled it out of a wardrobe in her bedroom. As the camera is in one place throughout, that is all we can gather as an audience.It is a modern day era. This is suggested firstly by the laptop that is recording the opening through its webcam, which would be universal if it were not a modern era as such technologies would not be created centuries ago. Furthermore, the modern causal look is seen through their costumes, as hoody, sweaters, and tight jeans are things that are worn a lot in the 21st century.From the dress code, (hoodies, sweater, low tops, jeans ect) we can gather that they are teenage girls. However the characters ‘favourite shirt’ is a strips top which suggest she is a young teenage girl with common features of teenage girls, such as fashion. Furthermore, the love heart decoration  and pictures in the background show that these characters may possibly have a lot of close friends and family. As the opening continues we are aware that they are deceived by a spirit of some sort, which is shown through ye blog and usual evens that occur.The genre is established typically of a horror film. It starts with a happy stat but then turns over to a gory atmosphere like a typical horror film. For example, at the start they are seen to be happy as facial expressions and movements imply this, but as it goes on, their actions show that they turn on eachotjer through evil spirits that are revealed through the usual event of the door forcing itself open. This is typical of a horror film.


The key locations is not very hard to gather from the camera work. The camera is through a laptop camera, which enables the audience to view a wide shot of the bedroom.Although the camera allows a wide shit of the bedroom to be seen, it is a laptop which means that it will be used from close range from its users, in this intense the two characters. As they get closer to the camera, a mid shot is created of the two characters without zooming in or out. A webcam view of the bedroom suggests that the two characters are really close, almost like sisters if not friends. The camera stays in on place, but the camera work can link to the mise-en-scene in a way that it allows us to see the concepts that suggest they are close such as sharing a bedroom which is shown through the still camera work and mise-en-scene.The camera is not a clear camera, but is fuzzy to the effect of the webcams which can link to the editing the fuzziness also connects to the mise-en-scene to create the atmosphere that fits the horror genre. However, the camera worn. Itself can establish its film genre as the non- movement causes a tension for the audience, like a horror movie would tend to do.The narrative is clearly established through the camera as the still webcam automatically tells the audience that a sort of experiments is being carried out in a house. This is because a webcam camera on a laptop would commonly be found in households.


Their dialect suggest that try are American. They use a causal way of speaking. For example they give an informal greeting, “Hi everyone” rather than a formal greeting, suggesting their age as being teenagers and their social group as being widely socialized. Also “second favorite shirt” implies fashion sense through dialogue.The only sound that can refer to this location is the sound of the door when it is being forced opened by an evil spirit and slammed by the spirits victim, (main character). The door automatically gives assumption that the location is indoors. The music limits the amount of sound the be heard in the opening.The music is a main sound that established ideas about the film genre. It is an up tempo beat with a low pitch sound, giving off a sharp tense feel that a horror genre would do.The mood is varied. It started of happily, with friends greeting gestures such as “hi everyone!” The mood changed when the screaming occurs die to the presence of the evil spirit. The screaming creates a uncomfortable and uneasy mood. Also, the music adds on to these sounds to strengthen the uneasy mood.


As the camera stays still throughout, it is impossible for there to be match cuts or other such edits. The only cuts that are seen are cuts that are used whilst the time elopes, from one time of the day to another. It does not cut from one scene to another. There are not any dissolves or fade outs apart from the fare in and outs of the tittle names. There are a lot of filters and fuzzy effects on the characters however,  replacing dissolving and fares. It is a rather slow editing pace as the cuts do not happen often. It is a slow paces editing although the filters effects are more paces than the cut edits.The editing pace stays the same throughout, on all aspects of the mise-en-scene including characters, location ect. It does not change pace in any particular scenes.The editing pace creates awkwardness and tension as the slow pace leaves the audience in suspense, waiting for something to happen. It creates awareness of characters within the location.

Texture analysis for Women in black:

 (Mise-en-scene: Lighting, costume, make up, props, and actors/actors movement location)

To show where the film is set there are several of camera shots used for example, a long shot of three little girls playing in a bedroom. A long shot establishes this shot as it shows the whole bedroom. Also the house seen in the opening scene suggests that this film is set in the Victorian period. Throughout the opening scene it is made clearer that this film is set during the Victorian period, this is shown by the costumes and props used. The three girls are wearing gowns that kids would have worn during that time Victorian period portraying kids much older than they really are.  Some of the props in the room such as the dolls and teacups they are playing with is the same as the once kids from the Victorian days would play with.The main character hasn’t ben introduced yet they have not been shown in the opening scene, however there are three girls in the gowns playing with dolls and tea cups, the dolls and tea cups they play with show that the main character Is someone who is a mysterious person who’s going to come back to the house as this is the main location. However from the mise-en-scene of the appearance of the three girls shows they have a significant role in the movie. By the performance of how the girls are walking, stepping on there dolls, teacups breaking them and not looking back to see what there stepping on or what there doing. The lack of communication between the girls show their super natural due to this it creates fear and suspense as that not what three girls would usually do.The general mood is established by the paleness of the girls contrasting with the dark colours of the room.  The movement of the girls randomly dropping there toys tells he audience there getting up to something causing a sense of stress. They step on the toys which seemed so important to them a few minutes ago makes the audience feel like the girls are being controlled by a super natural force. This sets the mood of suspense, which is later carried on when they jump out the window also setting the mood of fear for the girls.

Camera Shot:

There is only one location introduced in the opening scene and that is the bedroom. The first view of the bedroom is through a low angle shot ‘nurturing’ there dolls. There are several of close ups of the action they engage in but does not tell you exactly where it is apart from a bedroom. However the high and low angle shot of the bedroom tells us it is an old Victorian house. The wide shot of the window tells us there still in the house with the mise-en-scene of lighting and wide shot combined of the bright light coming from the window showing only a few leaves for the audience still remains a mystery as the outside world isn’t shown.

The close up of the hands of one of the little girls feeding her doll is the first thing that appears on the scene before their faces this automatically tells the audience they are typical little kids however, as the shot starts expanding from a mid shot to high angle shot as the shot gets wider the atmosphere starts building up, and the main characters are shown as being supernatural not typical. The close ups show that the girls have some sort of bond with one another as the mise en scene of movement of the girls playing there toys contradicts with the close up as it shows they have some sort of relation with each other. As the shot widens the close up half way contrast the idea given in the beginning as they step on the toys and it breaks resembles a break/ drift in thee relationship.  The use of close ups it doesn’t give a clear indication of what is happening in the sense due to the fact a limited image given to the audience a sense of fear, suspense and stress is given like a horror movie would ten to do.


The camera shots give the audience ideas about the narrative as the close ups and wide shot capturing the three girls walking and jumping out of a window as if there being controlled tells the audience this film involves death, mystery, fear and suspense.  There is no persistence dialogue throughout the opening scene there is only one form of dialogue used at the end when no diegetic voice of a women saying ‘my babies’ is heard, telling the audience the relation between the three girls is that thee sisters. The sound causes a taunting, disturbing, depressing vide to the audience. This is through simplistic but effectively used of instruments used.


Cross cuts and match cuts have been used in the editing of the opening scene. A cross cut is used when the three girls are playing with there dolls and the shot of the window is shown. Also when they pour imaginary tea into cups however only one girl shows it then moves to all three girls appearing on the screen. A math cut is used when the three girls look from the door to the window.  There aren’t any transitions used in the opening scene however there is a variety of cuts. The pace varies from starting off slow and gradually speeds up.


Group meeting:- 4th december 2013

present: zafirah, jumaa, Asiya, niamh

To be discussded: deadlines on product research

Written by Jumaina

progress review: pitch and opening sequence analysis:

In this group meeting, we have discussed that we will work on our opening sequence research to be finished by friday the 6th december in order to have completed a successful opening sequence for our film.



Opening sequence of “The Stepfather”


It is made clear the beginning of the film is set in a house and mainly in the bathroom as we see the main character washing blood off his hands whilst looking in the mirror above the sink, we also then see the man in the shower. It is also made clear that the rest of the film is most probably not set in this house as we see the main character leaving the house with a suitcase and the clip then jumps to the man on a boat with his suitcase.

The time period the film is set in is most probably the present day. This is made clear by the type of cars we can see on the road and by the clothes worn by the people shown which are both typical of the time the film was produced.

The idea we get about the main character is that of somebody evil, this is seen by the fact he is washing blood off his hands and there are dead bodies in his house, implying that the man had killed them. He also does not appear to have a guilty conscience as he walks past the dead bodies in the living room, whistling as he opens the front door.

The genre of the film appears to be that of thriller or horror. This is made clear by the implication that the main character has just killed his family and by the fact he changed his image after doing so.

The mood of the film is established by the silence but also by the main character’s happiness which gives the film an eerie feel.


The key location in the film is introduced by a wide establishing shot of the front of what is presumed to be the main character’s house. The camera then zooms in on the top window of the house and then switches to a view of the main character in the bathroom. The man proceeds to wash his hands and  a close up of his bloody face is then shown

Opening sequence of “Scream”


It is made clear by the lighting produced by the lamp and the different props used by the character including the telephone and kitchen equipment that the opening sequence of this film in set inside a house. With the style of telephone being used as well as the other electrical items within the house such as the computer and lighting, we get the idea that the film is set in the present day.

The main character is portrayed to the audience as young and naive. This is done by having the actress dressed in casual clothes and make-up.

Through the character’s rapid movement and dark lighting occurring after the phone calls increase, the genre of the film is established as being a horror. These factors also contribute to the change in mood of the film from  the lighter mood at the beginning shown by the character casually walking around her house.


The scene opens with a close up of the telephone ringing. With the camera then tilting upwards, we are introduced to the main character who answers the phone. With the use of this shot we are also introduced to the key location as we see as well as the phone, a lamp and bookcase, indicating the scene is  set within a house.

The relationship between the two characters in this opening scene is established with the use of a tracking shot of the main character around the house whilst on the phone to the serial killer. By using this shot it shows us the journey of her relationship with the man on the phone, from engaging in casual talk to being scared for the safety of her life.

With the use of the tracking shot of the main character running around the house trying to avoid the serial killer, we get an idea about the narrative of the film. As well as the narrative, this shot gives us also an indication as to the genre of this film.


Dialogue is one of the most important factors of this opening scene. This is due to the fact it’s based on a series of phone calls and is the only interaction between the two characters. The language used by the young girl suggests her naivety with her consistent use of “uh-huh” and “I dunno”, whereas the character on the phone portrays more sinister behaviour. This is heard when he tells the girl “(I want) to see what your insides look like”.



Production research- Jumana Ismail


Opening sequence of ‘Insidious’

Genre of movie: Horror.


We know the main characters are:

  • The little boy sleeping in his room. The audience was introduced to him through the panning shot towards his face.
  • The women that was sleeping towards the end of the opening sequence.
  • The character with the scary mask.

The Mis-en-scene in this opening sequence is vital as most of the ‘drama’ is related to what’s happening around the actors. It is clear that the Key location is the big house that the audience are introduced to at the beginning of the opening sequence and then are shown everything inside the house in a lot of detail. It is made clear that this movie is recent due to the modern household. The use of close up shots on many of the things inside the house allows the audience to identify that they are up to date. The fact that the audience is clearly introduced to many parts of the house signifies the house and reinforces the fact that a lot of the filming will be in this house.  There is also close up shots on many appliances in the house which makes it clear to the audience how ordinary the house looks. Eventually, when the audience is introduced to the character with the scary mask, this shocks the audience, making them feel suspense which is the purpose of a horror.

The main characters have been made clear due to the fact that little boy and the middle aged women each look like they have their own room which portrays their significance throughout the rest of the movie. It has been made clear that the character with the scary mask is one of the main characters due to the use of his costume. The fact that he is the only character shown in the opening sequence that looks different to the rest of the characters makes him stand out, alerting the audience and building up some tension. The little boy and the middle aged women only appear once in the opening sequence, and they were both sleeping. This may foreshadow the fact that the audience will not see much of those two main characters due to the character in the scary mask.

It is very clear that the genre of the film is a horror due to the lighting used. In the opening sequence, the lighting used is very dark and gloomy which portrays the horrifying acts that will occur as well as building up suspense. The fact that the writing in the opening sequence is read and the background is black may be used to reinforce the danger that will be coming out of the dark, whilst everyone is asleep. Just by watching and reading the names at the beginning, the audience already have an idea that danger and suspense will occur, therefore it is every clear it may be a horror.

house in insid


Camera shots that highlight the fact that this movie is a horror:

  • The close-up shot on the character with the scary mask.
  • Extreme long shot on the house as a whole, as the house looks spooky.
  • Panning shot towards the character with the scary mask on.

The key locations are introduced by focusing the camera on every part of the setting, using close-up shots. There was a long shot on the house in the opening sequence to introduce where most of this film is taking place. There were wide shots on the rooms inside the house to also inform the audience where the most of the action is taking place. They have made it clear were the film has been set as after showing the audience different rooms in the house, there was a long shot focusing on the whole house as a whole. This gives the audience an idea of where most of the film will be set and may give an idea of the genre as well. For example, this opening sequence gives away the idea that it is a horror movie due to the ‘spooky house’. This may be because of the use of the black and white dark lighting as the long shot used shows the black background with a big house, and a tiny light bulb in the middle.

The time period is made clear due all the close-up shots focusing on the modern furniture. The use of the tracking shot allows the audience to slowly identify everything that is going on in the scene, which will then further make the audience understand what will be going on in the rest of the film.

It is clear that insidious genre is a horror due to the use of camera skills. The use of the camera panning slowly towards the character with the scary mask allows the audience to establish the fact that the genre of this film is a horror as it gives of a gloomy and tense feeling. The use of the long shot on the character with the scary mask and the room around him informs the audience that this film will revolve around a horror. Additionally, the use of lighting also indicates the genre of this film the black and white colours emphasise on the gloominess and horror theme.


The use of non-diegetic sound is used to allow the audience to feel as if they are part of the scene. The asynchronous sound is used to add a gloomy feeling the opening sequence and therefore might ‘scare’ the audience, which is the whole purpose of a horror movie. As the audience was introduced to the first main character, the non-diegetic sound of music started to speed up which emphasis the trouble that will happen throughout the rest of the film. The synchronous sound used in the opening sequence speeds up in order to scare the audience and gives them a sense of warning that will be happening in the following scene.


Opening sequence of ‘Woman in black’

In the opening sequence of this horror movie, it has been made clear who the main characters are:

  • The three young girls
  • An unseen character/ghost


It is made clear that the film is set in a big house due to the long shot that is focused in the girls room. The room itself is very big as this is made clear with the use of extreme long shots and the room looks like it is higher up from the ground which suggests that this house is more than one floor. The time period may have been set in the 1990′s due to the costumes and the interior designs of the room. The three girls were wearing old fashioned dresses as well as ribbons in their hair which is usually what young British girls used to wear at the time.  The designs on the tea set that the girls were playing with and the buggy in the background look old fashioned which reinforces the fact that the film is set in the 1990’s. The close-up shots on all the dolls that the girls were playing with have a big effect on the audience. The dolls convey a disturbing scene, warning the audience that something dangerous may happen next. The fact that the dolls have there eyes open and staring into the camera may seem as the dolls are watching the audience and this creates mystery within the atmosphere. The fact that the girls are playing with a tea set may mean that this movie is set in Britain as the tea parties and tea set are very common in Britain.

The general mood of the movie is established through the facial expressions of the characters and their movements. The three girls have a overly happy expression on their face which is juxtaposed with the creepy dolls. The girls are almost robot like which adds more suspense and encourages the genre of this film, which is a horror. Both three girls constantly move in slow motion as they walk towards the window, this adds to their robot feautures. For example, when the girls were playing with the tea pots, they were moving them in slow motion. Additionally, when the girls were moving towards the window, they were walking very slowly. The audience may think that they are controlled by someone or something which is made clear towards the end of the opening sequence.


The use of camera shots in this opening sequence give the audience a clear understanding on who the main characters are in this movie. The use of a wide shot informs the audience that the main characters are the three girls whom are playing together in a room. They look very happy and the audience was introduced to them together. The audience was further introduced to the setting using a wide shot to see the girl’s room. The close up shot used on the tea pots inform the audience that the three girls are playing, however, the slow movement of the tea cups build up suspense. Further on in the opening sequence, there is a low angle shot as we see the girls looking up to someone or something however the audience is not clearly introduced to this character. The tracking shot is used as the camera moves towards the three windows. This gives a clue that something dangerous is going to happen and will include the windows.

The relationships between the main characters has been made very clear in this opening sequence as the camera focuses on the three young girls a lot in the opening sequence. There is a wide angle shot of the three girls playing together and laughing and smiling which emphasises on the fact that they are very close. They may be sisters or close friends. The fourth ‘unseen’ character that the audience was also introduced to in the opening sequence seems to be negatively close to the three girls. The use of low angle shots of the character looking down on the three girls telling them to do something and them doing it straight away portrays how they obey her. This character seems to be evil, however has full control on the three girls. For example, when the girls looked up and then walked towards the window to jump out.

Towards the end of the opening sequence, there is a wide shot showing how all three girls have been controlled and forced to do something. This is also made clear using a close-up shot on their facial expression, in which it shows fear yet happiness which builds up suspense that scares the audience.This also gives the audience a clear indication that this movie is a horror. Due to the fact that there isn’t much dialogue or sound used in the opening sequence, the characters facial expressions were very vital.


The sound in this opening sequence is very effective as it is used to help build tension. There is the same non-diegetic sound being played throughout most of the opening sequence which sounds like the music that is played out of a ballerina box. Although the music that comes out of a ballerina box can mean happiness and joy, the way it is used in this scene gives a sense of creepiness which allows the audience to know that the genre of this movie is a horror. The reason it has been represented like this in this opening sequence is due to the very slow movements of the three girls. The low volume of the music fits in with the representation of the innocence of the young girls as well as to cause a creepy vibe.

There is no dialogue used in this opening sequence apart from when the girls jumped out the windows and a woman started to scream and shouted “MY BABYS”. This has a big effect on the rest of the movie as the use of the ambient sound naturally gives of a serious and tense mood. There is sound motifs used which is repeated sound to create an idea about a location. That sound motif allows the audience to identify the fact that this house is dangerous or something scary will occur further on. Towards the end of the opening sequence, the music gradually becomes louder and louder which creates tension in the atmosphere in order for the audience to be scared. This clearly suggests that this movie is a horror.

Opening sequence of ‘The Ring’

In the opening sequence of this horror movie, it has been made clear who the main characters are.

We know the main characters are:

  • The brunette teenage girl
  • The blond teenage girl


The opening sequence has been set in a teenager’s bedroom and this is due to the mis-en-scene of the room. The style and the way the room seems very ordinary and can be described as a typical teenager’s room. It is obvious that the room belongs to one of the teenage girl’s room as it looks like they have made their selves very comfortable. The use of the wide shot showing both girls talking portrays how close they may be as they seem to be very close and talking. They have also been represented as ‘mature’ young adults who seem to come from America due to their accents. The fact that one of the girls has blonde hair and the other is a brunette juxtaposes the difference in personality. The girl with dark hair seems to have more of a eerie personality while the blonde may be innocent.

It is clear that this film is in the present recent day due to the modern furniture and the way the girls are dressed. The whole house is very modern as the audience can see this through the wide and long shots. The fact that there is a modern television and house phone emphasises on how recent the film is. The fact that both girls are dressed in simple clothing with not much make-up on suggests to the audience that this film is more of a horror rather than a romantic comedy or a thriller as in most horror movies; the mis-en-scene is focused more on the setting rather than just the actors/actresses.


We can see that most of the movie will be taking place in the girls house due to the fact that it is the only thing that audience has seen in the opening sequence. The use of the long shot on the house gives us a clear shot of what the house looks like and we’re some scenes are very likely to be taking place. The use of the camera panning around the whole house also gives the audience a sense of suspicion that something will happen in one of the rooms. Usually in many films, especially horrors, there is a key prop or a key location. In this movie, the key location is the house. This is made clear due to the use of camera shots. During the opening sequence, many different camera shots were used in order to show most of the rooms in the house. For example, at the beginning of the opening sequence there was a wide shot used to introduce both of the main characters as well as the main bedroom. The use of this wide shot gives an idea to the audience that both the main characters seem quite close. Additionally, there are long shot used to emphasise on how big the house is which shows that there may be a lot of ‘trouble’ going to happen in this household further on in the movie.


There is no music used in the opening scene, however, there is the use of diegetic sound, the dialogue of the two girls speaking. This builds tension throughout the scene and forces the audience

to listen carefully to what the teenage girls are saying. One of the teenage girls was talking about a horror story which gives some sort of indication that this movie may be a horror. Further on in the opening sequence, the use of synchronous sound adds more of an effect to the opening sequence. The sound of when the TV switched on its own is an example of synchronous sound and informs the audience that something scary will be happening further on in the film in relation to the television. There is also more use of synchronous sound in the opening sequence, for example when the telephone rang. The sound coming from the telephone was very loud in comparison to the silence that was around the house. This automatically scares the viewers and gives them some sort of awareness that bad news is coming from whoever is on the other line.


The pace in the opening sequence was quite slow. This builds a sense of suspense to the audience and builds fear. The use of the slow pace keeps the audience hooked on to the movie, wondering what may happen next. The fact that there is hardly any sound also works well with the slow pace and not only does the audience excited to see what happens next, but they are concentrating and carefully listening. An example of the slow pace could be when both the girls suddenly hear the phone ring. Both characters stare at each other for a while

The use of cuts in the opening sequence informs the audience what part of the narrative is for which character. This encourages the audience to focus and listen clearly to what exactly both characters are talking about. There is an eye line match used when the both the girls were looking at the telephone ringing. Before the audience was introduced to the telephone, we could see the two girls looking at something and hear the phone ringing. We then eventually was introduced to what both girls are looking at. The eye line match in this scene is used to show the audience how scared the girls are, it enables the audience to sense fear just by looking at the facial expressions of the two girls looking at the telephone. The eye line was used more clearly when the blonde girl was looking at the television in fear.


Planning and researched continued– By Jumana Ismail

Development of the Horror genre:

The research I have done on the development of the horror genre has helped me a lot in order for my opening sequence to be perfected, and appeal to the our audience. For example, the film I had researched from 1920’s, which was the Phantom of the Opera was very different in comparison to films in 2010 like Sinister for example.

The Phantom of the Opera appealed to middle/high class audience due to the fact that the opera was considered a wealthy leisure in the 1920’s. However, a film like Sinister which came out in 2010, may be appealing to different types of class due to the fact that it is easier for people to go to the cinemas nowadays due to the change of equality since 1920’s.

In my opening sequence, I will use a variety of different camera shots in order to make my film more appealing to the audience. For example, in the film Sinister that came out in 2012, there are different camera shots used in order to show all the parts of the house in which crimes were committed. Likewise, in my opening sequence, I will use many camera shots in order to identify where the villain possesses the main character, which will be in the graveyard. I will use aerial shots, long shots, as well as close-up shots to introduce the graveyard to the audience.

In addition, the movie Drag me to hell that came out in the 2000’s mostly presented female characters. This made it more appealing to the female audience as it allowed them to feel more dominant. Similarly, in my opening sequence, most of my characters, specifically my main characters are females. This allows the female audience to be more attracted to the film, as well as the male audience attracted to the protagonist, as she is an attractive female. This is also evident according to the male gaze theory.

Furthermore, in the movie Halloween that came out in the 1970’s, the way the camera moved in slowly in very little action created a sense of realism. Therefore in my opening sequence, as I am the camera person, I have decided to slowly pan on the stone, which is the key prop, in order to build up suspense.

Stock characters analysis:

 How I will use my stock characters research to make my opening sequence:

Researching stock characters in other popular films has enabled me to understand the importance of characters in films as well as be able to strongly plan the characters I will include in my opening sequence. One stock character I have included in my opening sequence, which is according to Vladimir Props, is the villain. For example, the villain I researched is portrayed in a negative light and the costume of the villain gives it away due to the scary mask and dark outfit. Therefore, in my opening sequence, the villain will be portrayed in a dark light, dressed in an all black outfit and dark make up in order to emphasise on the evilness of the character.

Additionally, I have used a hero in my opening sequence, as according to my research, it is important to use a hero in a film, specifically in horrors in order to make the story line more interesting. For example, I researched the hero from ‘A nightmare on Elm Street’; Nancy Thompson is presented as a beautiful and attractive girl in order to appeal to the male audience according to the male gaze theory. Therefore in my opening sequence, I will include a hero in my opening sequence that will eventually save the protagonist, who is the victim.

I don’t think I want to include a false hero in my opening sequence or a donor, as I don’t think it is necessary, however I may decide to do so in my treatment.


Top 5 Directors within the horror genre:

Title analysis:

Conventions of horror films:

Sound Track analysis

Treatment: By Jumana Ismail

Film Title: “Can you hear me?’

Running Time of opening sequence: 3mins 27 seconds


The film begins with the audience introduced to main setting which is the freaky grave yard, in which mystery’s will happen further on in the film. The graveyard was dark and gloomy as it was filmed on a winter day. We are then introduced to the main character in my opening sequence, who is a possessed girl called Niamh. There is no dialogue coming from this character; however she is sitting at the end of a long pathway in the grave yard, crossing her long and staring deeply into a mysterious stone. The main character has a very incoherent personality, and the fact that there is no dialogue used throughout amplifies how illogical her personality is. While sitting down in the middle of the graveyard looking lost, Niamh starts to hear voices creeping up from behind her. The scary voice Niamh hears from behind sounds possessed and the voice over is in Latin. Latin is usually a language that is rarely understood by people and therefore may build up suspense in the audience as it sounds scary and understandable.

After that, Niamh has a flashback of her childhood. This is shown through the sepia effect. In that scene, Niamh is dressed as a young girl, who is wearing a colourful short dress with patterns, girly shoes, and her hair is put into two pony tails which emphasises on the fact that she is having a flashback on her childhood. She is holding flowers in her hand and is walking towards her grave, in which we later find out that it is her mother’s grave. According to her facial expressions, she looks upset and wounded, which is reasonable as she is going to visit her mother’s grave. As she puts down the flowers on her mother’s grave, she comes across something that caught her eye, as it was a purple stone that loomed out of the grave. As Niamh picks it up, blood appears all over her hand which terrifies her as it is something so unexpected. After looking down again at her bloody hand, Niamh hears the same voices she heard in the previous scene, which was the scary voice over in Latin.

After the flash back scene, Niamh finds herself in St Paul’s cathedral, which is a religious place that she finds herself going into it. Meanwhile, the audience is introduced to the Hero, who has received a letter from someone called ‘Father Emmanuel’ who is telling her that she needs to save Niamh throughout the letter. As Niamh is misfit, she finds herself lost outside the cathedral, as she waits for the unknown to happen. As she goes into the cathedral, Niamh finds herself running out of it, the audience will then find out what’s inside the cathedral later on in the movie. As she runs outside the cathedral, the hero is still reading out the letter from Father Emmanuel. At the end of the beginning of the film, the villain appears on the screen, accompanied with thunder sounds to build up suspense. This is the end of the opening sequence.


Although the protagonist was in misery due to the voices she kept hearing that were following her, running away from them led her to bump into the character behind the voices, which is the villain. The villain is trying to get revenge from the protagonist by trying to kill her with the stone. This is because the stone is symbolic of the villain’s powers, and the protagonist’s mother stole the stone from the villain many years ago. This caused the villain to kill the protagonist’s mother with the stone. The audience will be seeing this through a flash back scene. The protagonist, Niamh, is a young girl who lives alone with no guidance or help from anyone. The villain, who is called Sinige tries to control Niamh by possessing her and making her do thinks she doesn’t want to do. Although she is a normal girl, Sinige makes her run to the grave yard at every sun set, where all the ghosts are able to terrify her. By doing this Sinige is able to control her as she is a threat to the villain. The reason she is a threat to Sinige is because her human type is powerful and therefore would be able to steal the stone just like her mother.

After Niamh trying to escape from being controlled, there is strong violence present in this part of the film as Sinige will physically abuse Niamh in order to make her weak. The villain comes to Niamh every night in her bead and haunts her, trying to kill her however it turns out that it is a dream every night. During this period, the Hero, Mary is on a mission to find Niamh in order to save her from Sinige, as she was told that he is harming her from Father Emmanuel. She has packed her bags and is travelling to look for her. Additionally, as the villain is Eastern European, he makes discriminatory comments towards Niamh due to the fact that she is British.


After a long journey for Mary and Niamh is long suffering, the villain finds out that Mary is here to come and save Niamh, as she was sent from Father Emmanuel. We then find out that the villain has tried to haunt Father Emmanuel in the past, Father Emmanuel was able to escape. The villain tries to harm Mary by killing her with the stone, however an ordinary rubbish street cleaner attacks the villain, and in return, the villain says discriminatory comments about him and kills him with a stone. When someone is killed by that stone, they do not die an ordinary death, however they come back to life and become evil, on the villains side. After so many tries from Mary (the hero) to save the protagonist, she finds a letter on the floor saying, “Darling Mary, unfortunately Niamh is unable to survive unless you sacrifice yourself for her. I know you will make the right decision as she is your beloved daughter. With love, Father Emmanuel.” Towards the end of the film we find out that the hero is Niamh’s mother who came back from the dead a long time ago however lived in Europe for many years so no one can know that she is alive.. In the end, she scarifies herself for her daughter by allowing the villain to kill her with the stone.

Although the Villain has killed Mary, the fact that Mary has sacrifices herself for her daughter gives Niamh the powers to overcome the villain.

 BBFC (Certification of my potential opening sequence)


Decisions for our film from the product research
As a group, we noticed that most of the clips have dark lighting, therefore, we decided that the lighting in our film will be predominately dark as it looks more frightening and has bad connotations as is expected from a horror film. Also, the music included is mostly very low and includes sounds that sound like whispers, therefore, we will try to include that in our clip as we noticed that it probably suits the genre of our film better. Furthermore, a slow pace is used in  most of the opening sequences and our group has decided that we will try to use this pace as it creates more tension and suspense.  Regarding camera shots, we will use a variety as our opening sequences don’t have a predominant camera shot such as a close up, mid shot and so on.
With editing, we noticed that the titling sequences are very varied,  as a group, we decided that we will try as much as possible to make it linked with the genre of our film as well as make sure the effects of it correlates with the slow pace of our film, which we already decided. We also noticed that hair colour and costumes were very important in getting ideas for the characters. Therefore, we decided that the actor will wear black clothes and have dark hair, which has negative connotations, which creates this idea for our character as well as build up much more tension, which is important for a horror film.
We also noticed that when tension was building up in most opening sequences, the music, which was always non-diagetic would get louder, so our group has decided that we will apply this to our own film. Moreover, we noticed that their wasn’t a great variety of cuts used in the opening sequences, however, our group has decided that we will try to use a variety when it is possible so we can achieve the purposes we want in our film.
In conclusion, the product research has helped use have a good idea of the basic and main conventions of a horror film, which will definately be applied to ours as it is very effective in making our horror film realistic as well as creating suspense and tension.
Group Meeting: 11/12/13-
Present: Zafirah, Jumana, Asya, Niamh, Lillia.
To be dicussed: Job roles for three audience tasks
Written by Jumana.
In this group meeting we have discussed that there are three main tasks that need to be done. we have decided to split it up amongst us and then come together and put our work together. The following:
Jumana will be doing the ‘focus group work’.
Niamh and Lillia will make the questionnaire on the 11/12/13. Lilia conducted the survey, gathered the information and put it on the blog. Lilia conducted it on the 12/12/13, gathered the information on the 13/12/13 and put it on the blog on the 18/12/13.
Zafirah and Asya will be doing the work on the cinema audiences. Lilia put it on the blog on the 18/12/13.
 We will make sure that all our group work will be completed by the following lesson on Wednesday the 18/12/13.

Focus group (primary research)

Movie: Jessica’s Room

Genre: Horror

1)      How is the music used in this movie indicating that the genre is a horror?

2)      How is the lighting used in this movie indicating that the genre is a horror?

3)      Is it clear to you who the main characters are? If yes, how do you know?

4)      Is there a key prop in the opening sequence of this movie? If yes, what is it?

5)      Is it made clear where the rest of the movie will be set?

Summary of focus group research (primary research)

Written by Jumana Ismail

As part of my task in the focus group research, I interviewed 10 people that vary between different age groups from 17 to 60. I interviewed people from varied different age groups as I thought it was important to have an idea about what different age groups enjoy and look for in a horror movie. The movie I made everyone watch was ‘Jessica’s Room’ and the genre was a horror.

One of the questions was, “How is the music used in this movie indicating that the genre is a horror. Many of the answers to this question we’re very similar. Many of the people I interviewed said that the use of the slow music that eventually gets faster and faster gives the audience a sense of suspense and that something ‘scary’ may happen next. Additionally, they also mentioned the fact that the music is very unpredictable and changes from low to high pace and quiet and loud music at any unexpected time throughout the opening sequence. This allows the audience to stay much focused at the beginning of the opening sequence and builds up suspense and slowly shocks the audience which is the whole point of a horror movie.  This has helped me and the group on deciding what kind of music we need in our horror opening sequence. As the camera will be slowly panning towards the teenage girl in the middle of a long path, as a group we have decided to use non-diegetic sound added in of long suspenseful notes that could be contrasted with short notes in order to shock the audience and increase the fear. A distinctive voice could be used in our opening sequence as it helps create fear and tension and makes that specific character stand out from the rest of the other characters. A husky, strong voice creates a sense of intimidation and power which what the villain is usually portrayed as in horror movies.

Another question I asked to the people I was interviewing was, “how is the lighting used in this opening sequence indicating that the genre is a horror?” Many of the replies were also very similar as they thought all the lighting builds up to a scary atmosphere that proves that the movie is a horror. For example, in the movie ‘Jessica’s room’ all the people I was interviewing said, that the effect of the bright light coming out the darkness in the opening sequence portrays the shocking things that will scare the audience further on in the movie. The brightness that comes out the darkness alongside the unexpected sound means that the genre of this movie is a horror. As a group we have decided that in order to make the main character stand out and look mysterious, lighting on just her face coming out of the darkness can be very effective on the audience. Adding in shadows of the main character will be used in our opening sequence in order to make it look like someone or something is following the main character through the dark forest. To improve my opening sequence, I will add a lot of lighting effects in order for it to live up to the standards of a horror movie.

All the people I interviewed realised who the main characters were in the opening sequence as it was made very clear to them. They realised that the man and the women in ‘Jessica’s room’ in the opening sequence were the main characters as the camera was very focused on them a lot in the opening sequence and were the first characters to be introduced. Therefore, I will make sure that my main characters are introduced in my opening sequence. In my group, we had discussed that we will only have one main character that is shown in the opening sequence as that will have a strong effect on the audience. We will identify the main character, who is possessed by using close-up and wide shots on her face and things around her to identify her facial expressions, lighting focused on their face, character dressed in all black with black messy make-up and long straight hair, non-diegetic sound that builds suspense. This will enable the audience to identify who the main characters are and that something horrific will happen to them throughout the rest of the movie.

There wasn’t a clear key prop in ‘Jessica’s room’ but some of the people I had interviewed thought that the camera may be a key prop used in the film. Others thought that the key prop may be the scary mask. In some films, a key prop may be made clear and in others it may not. However, as a group, we have decided to use a key prop of a ‘stone’ in order to capture the audience’s attention by always relating back to that stone if anything happens throughout the rest of the movie. The stone that will be introduced to the audience in the opening sequence will be symbolic throughout the rest of the movie.

Many of the people I have interviewed think that the rest of the movie will be set in Jessica’s room due to the name of the movie. However, Osama who is aged 60, thinks that the movie will be set in different places, however, the fear will always result to something happening in Jessica’s room. On the other hand, Ahmed age 29, thinks that the rest of the movie will be set in the house, as most of the opening sequence was taken place there. As a group, we have decided to set our film in a dark forest and this will be made clear in the opening sequence due to the concentration of the camera shots on parts of the forest.

The answers I gathered from everyone I had interviewed has helped me and the group a lot in order to perfect our opening sequence and make sure it grabs the audience’s attention. The audience must know that the rest of our movie is a horror just by watching the opening sequence.


Questionnaire results (primary research) (Lilia&Niamh)

The questionnaire our group has devised has drawn information on things such as what draws people into films, their hobbies, favourite horror film, what they pay attention to in films and so on.  These results will help us make a good opening sequence as we know what people look for.

The people who answered the questionnaire were people between 16-19 years old male and female, as our film is targeted at this audience .

1) What kind of music do you find most suitable in a horror film?

Most people mentioned classical music, followed by loud, dramatic and rock/dramatic. Overall, the music preferred is mostly dramatic and loud, so our group will be mostly to include these two characteristics in our film to appeal to our target audience. Moreover, they mentioned that background whispers in the music is also very good in adding tension. Therefore, our group as decided to add this as it is seen in most horror films and the audience likes it. By doing this, we will be achieving what a horror film is set out to do, which is build tension and scare the audience.

music chart

2) What is your favourite horror film?

We were able to know what type of horror films people like most to watch such as haunted houses etc. From the results, by far people’s favourite films were ones evolving supernatural happenings( such as Insidious), followed by possession( such as the last exorcism), serial killers ( nightmare in Elm street) post-apocalyptic ( such as end of time) than ghosts. Our film is based on supernatural happenings and possession, therefore, this question helped us be sure that our narrative would appeal to most of our target audience. So, we didn’t have to change our initial narrative that our group had already decided to do as we were only made sure that supernatural and possession are the most preferred aspects in horror films.

type of film

3) Do you prefer male or female protagonists? 

This made us decide that our protagonist would be a girl from our group, so it would appeal to most people. We also decided all characters in the film will be girls.







age group

4) What age groups do you prefer to see in horror films?(upper graph)

Moreover, they mentioned that they preferred protagonists that are young adults approximately 18-30. Teenagers came in second. The group member we chose to be our protagonist is seventeen and looks like a young adult, which is what our target audience looks like


5) Do the horror films you like have a very dark lighting such as done in the night, and does that appeal to you?

The questionnaire showed us that people mostly prefer dark lighting in horror films rather that bright. From this our group has decided that our opening sequence will be mostly shot when it is night and if we will have to shoot during the day, it will  have dark lighting.

dark lighting

6) What do you most pay attention to in horror movies?

We found out that what most people look at when they are watching a horror film is the surrounding as well as the acting. So we decided that we had to pick our locations appropriately so it would appeal to the audience.

pay attention





7) What places make a horror film more intriguing? (upper graph)

From this, we made a follow up question on what places to they find most scary in horror films; most of them mentioned haunted houses as well as natural surroundings and normal places. So we have established the places where we will set our film. As they mentioned natural surroundings such as the woods, we decided the first part would be set in a park, which is the closest we could get to a forest. As they mentioned they liked normal places, we decided that we will film a few things in placers such as London Bridge. We weren’t able to choose a haunted house as our narrative doesn’t really match that idea. The second thing they mentioned they notice in films is the acting. From this, our group has decided that the protagonist as well as us will practice acting and filming many times until we get it right and to see if everything is doable and if we have to change something.



8) Do films related to the devil/underworld bother or interest you, go against believes etc.?

We asked this question as  horror films, including ours, is related to this, so we had to know if it would be unpopular among the age group targeted or if it would be successful, in order for it to seem more realistic. By far most people said that it interested them and the few people who said it bothered them was because they were scared of it, but it didn’t go against their beliefs in any way


9) What do you spend most of your money on?

We asked this question as we had to know if our targeted audience  had a high or low disposable income. The questionnaire showed that their disposable income is low by what they spend it on. This helped us as we can now make a realistic picture of our protagonist who is more like them. For example, our protagonist won’t have expensive clothes as we know our target audience doesn’t have the disposable income for that.

Please click to see enlargement

Please click to see enlargement

10) In social gatherings or other activities, do you opt to watch horror films?

Most people said they do watch horror films in social gatherings which shows that they enjoy. This helped us as our group decided that we didn’t have to change the genre of our film in order to fit with the target audience as horror films are acceptable.

Please click to see enlargement

Please click to see enlargement


Cinema audience (secondary research) (Zafirah&Asiya)

Find out the following

What types of films have been most popular over the past three years?

The types of films that have been most popular over the past three years are the following:

For 2013:

  • Frozen  (thriller)
  • Hunger games  (science fiction)
  • Gravity  (thriller)

For 2012:

  • Skyfall (thriller)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (thriller)
  • Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (science fiction)

For 2011:

  • Harry Potter & The Deathly (fantasy)
  • The King’s Speech (drama)
  • The Inbetweeners Movie (comedy)

From this research over the past three years thriller movies have been the most popular.

What age of groups have made the most visits to the cinemas?

According to Pearl and Dean the most age group that visited the cinemas the most is 15-24 year olds.

Whether the cinema is more popular among males or females?

From looking at the results on Pearl and Dean it shows that in general females visit the cinemas more however, depending on different types of music males are higher for example, art house has the majority of males.

media graph 1

Please click to see enlargement

media graph 2

Please click to see enlargement

What class background a cinema audience is most likely to belong to?

This chart shows me that abc1 is the class background a cinema audience is most likely to belong. Abc1 is the ‘middle class’ and ‘working class’.

What type of cinema a particular audience member is likely to go to?

Depending on your age range different types of cinemas suite particular people for example the younger audience are more likely to go to main stream as there is a wider capacity of film being shown.



Group meeting 10/01/2014

Present: Zafirah, Niamh and Lilia

To be discussed: progress review and job roles

Written by Lilia

Progress review:

In our group meeting, we saw that all the people present didn’t receive any feedback telling us to make changes to our research and that it is quite good. All we have to do is make sure our headings and sub-headings have to be clear. Lilia will be in charge of that and it will be done by monday the 13th, next lesson. Everyone present completed their separate tasks on time such as the product research. Although Jumana and Asiya were not present, we decided that Asiya will have to present her pitch in two weeks time and Jumaina as well as Asiya will have to finish their product reseach by the same deadline.

Job roles:

We began to discuss who would do take on the four job roles. We said that Lilia would do the editing, Niamh and Asiya would take care of mise-en-scene, Zafirah would do sound and Jumana would do  camera.





Zafirah-Job Role Sound:

I will have too:

Make decisions about all of the sounds that will be used in the opening sequence.

Produce the script.

Present the script to their group for feedback.

Record all of the sound effects to be used in the opening sequence.

Create the music track using Garage Band for the opening sequence.

Load the sound planning paperwork onto the group’s Blog page.

Record all of the sound during the group’s production shoot.

Produce an explanation of the sound production progress during the shoot.


Asiya and Niamh’s job role is mise-en-scene:

For this job role we will complete the following:

·      Decide on all of the mise-en-scene aspects to be used in the opening sequence – this will include: costume, props, location, lighting, actors, actors movement, actors make-up

·      Present the mise-en-scene plans to their group for feedback.

·      Produce the shooting script.

·      Post the mise-en-scene paperwork on the group’s Blog page.

·      Arrange and book the actors needed for the shoot.

·      Decide what equipment is needed for the shoot and ensure that it is booked for when it is needed.

·      Ensure that all mise-en-scene material to be used in the opening sequence film shoot is present for the shoo

·      Produce an explanation of the mise-en-scene process during the shoot. 

Mise-en-scene plan by Niamh and Asiya:

Costume, props, location, lighting, actors, actor’s movement and actor’s make-up for the opening scene:

Costume: As the genre of our opening scene is horror the main character will be dressed in all black which connotes death, evil or something sinister. The costume will consist of a gothic black top, long black skirt, long black velvet coat and black leather boots.

Make-Up: The character will be wearing a light/ivory foundation giving her a pale white complexion making her appear more gothic. Her eye make-up will me heavy with plenty of black eyeliner and thick mascara. Her eye make-up will be smudged and running down her face indicating she has been crying.

Props: The key prop in our opening scene is a precious stone that is fundamental to the character’s development.

Location: The location for our first scene is a cemetery enclosed with trees giving a more secluded feel to the scene. The cemetery setting creates suspense as there is little else going on around making the audience feel anxious, waiting in anticipation for the following action. For our second scene, the location changes from the cemetery to South Bank. By choosing this location, it provides the audience with a clear indication of the city in which we’re filming. It also provides a clear open space enabling the audience to see exactly what is happening within the scene.

Lighting: The lighting will be relatively dark as we will be filming at night  using mostly natural lighting in order to create a gloomy, eerie atmosphere. There will however be minimal lighting used from camera lights and/or candles/torches in order for every detail to be seen.

Actors: For our opening sequence there is only one main character which is a member from our group.

Actors movement: In order to create a spooky atmosphere the movement of the main character will appear strange and unusual which will put the audience on the edge as they await to find out what is wrong with her. She will be looking around in fear as she is unaware herself what is happening.

Script: To create a traditional horror movie there will be minimal script instead we have decided to opt for voice overs.

Such as voice in the background: I’m coming to get you.

Jumana, Lila and Niamh will meet at 12.30 as they all have a half day and will do a little bit of filming. Asiya and Zafirah will meet them at 3.45 and continue filming in the next location which is St Pauls.

Equipment is needed for the shoot and we must ensure that it is booked for when needed:

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Tape
  • Lights

Booking will be made for this equipment on Monday 27th January.

Explanation of the mise-en-scene process during the shoot: During the shoot, we will have several settings of lighting, camera angles and footage. The lighting we be relevant to our genre. We chose to film using natural day light. The lighting will be done during the early evening, just when the moon is rising.

As we continue filming later into the night, the natural light will grow darker. In regards to camera angles and footage we start the opening scene by filming the cemetery. We will show the whole cemetery so the audience are fully aware of the setting, slowly we will then move on to the shots of the main character. We will start off with  a close up her feet. We will then do a quick full panning shot and one of the main character to show the audience.

Risk assessment by Asiya:


Scan asiyas job Scan asiyas job



Job role: Camera person.

I will:

  • Make decisions about all of the camera shots that will be used in the opening sequence.
  • Produce all of the storyboards.
  • Present the storyboards to their group.
  • Produce an evaluated animatic based on the storyboard.
  • Load the storyboards onto the group’s Blog page.
  • Operate the camera for the group’s production shoot.
  • Produce an illustrated explanation of the group’s shoot progress

Storyboards:– By Jumana Ismail

Scene 1, Storyboard 1:

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 14.31.06

scene 1, Storyboard 2:

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 14.31.43

Scene 2, Storyboard 1:

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 14.32.32

Scene 2. storyboard 2:

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 14.33.30


Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 15.39.58


The story boards were very helpful as they allowed me to present my ideas to my group, as well as guiding them. for example the sound person looked at my story board in order to match the sound with it, as well the miss-en-scene people had take out risk assessments to make sure it was safe to film in the specific settings, taking into account weather conditions and closing times.

Animatic storyboard:

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Group meeting by Asiya Present: Zafirah Asiya Lilia Jumana


To be discussed: Date of shooting and, if needed, alternative actress.

In this group meet all preparation for filming was done and up on the blog. As Niamh was not in today and we have decided that filming will proceed from Monday 03/01/14 we have come up with an alternative actress to fill in her spot if she is not present this alternative will be jumanas friend. Lilia has made the dramatic song running throughout it as well as the thunder, the “wizz” in the flashback.


This is the booking form Lilia filled in with all the equipment needed for our shooting.

booking form ccan


Group meeting:


Present: Lilia and Niamh

To be discussed: monday filming and next filming date.

On monday, we were able to film our film in the various locations we decided.


Group Meeting: 26/2/14

presen: Jumana, Zafirah, Asiya, Lilia

Niamh must upload the tap onto her computer and edit it.

Jumana needs to log her consruction onto the blog as well upload the animatic video.

Zafirah needs to continue editing.

Asiya needs to edit her video.

Lilla needs to continue editing.

Construction (Production and


Asiya’s Construction

Day one of editing: I have uploaded my film onto final cut, and have started editing at this point i was just experimenting with different clips

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 13.54.02

Day two: I have not decided what clips i was to use. This is a process of my doing editing my opening scene i have uploaded day 1,2 and 3 of filming day 4 is yet to be filmed.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 09.42.35

I have now began to start cutting my clips to form the end product

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 09.42.58

I have mixed the different days of filming and am in the process of filming the last sequence. Day two editing i got a lot done i have cut and put all my scenes together waiting to add scene four.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 10.01.04

We have now filmed our last scene, filming this was challenging as our actor did not show up, therefore we came up with an alternative to replace what we had in plan.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 10.05.22

This is my individual edit how ever i haven’t yet added the last scene this is yet to be done:

This is my opening scene without edits.

Lilia’a construction

Day 1

This is my video once the scenes have been put together, but the transitions and sound hasn’t yet been included.

This is a screen shot of when most of my scenes have been put together in the exact sequence for the transitions to start being put in the right place and sound.

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 09.51.56

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 14.15.33 Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 14.23.11

Day 2

I began the titling sequence for my film using motion. These are my first ideas for it. I also exported it onto final cut in order to see how it would look with our film.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 13.50.23

Motion is the programme I have used to begin the titling sequence.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 13.50.36

This is how the titling sequence will look with the names of the members of the group.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 13.58.25

This is the process of exporting my sequence, in order to upload it onto finalcut pro.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 13.58.52

In order to import it, I must click on import followed by files and than drag it into m timeline in the right place.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 14.00.20

Day 3

In some scenes, I had to change the speed as they were too fast and quick, to improve the quality of my opening sequence.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 14.58.59

This is when I was putting the sound onto my video. I was able to listen to it as well as cut unnecessary parts, in order to make it better. I also added sepia onto the flashback scenes, to show to the public it is a happening of the past.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 16.12.56

When doing the flashback, I made that scene sepia in order for people to understand it isn’t reality, but a flashback.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 15.14.16 Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 14.59.06

This is when I locked and muted the  natural audio of my film in order just to keep the sound effects.

This is how my video looks and will be the video I use for the screening.

Day 4

On this day, I took into account the feedback I got from the audience from the screening of my film. The questions were:

1)Did you understand the story line?

In this question, most people said they didn’t as I hadn’t added the sound to it yet. Therefore, I will add the voice over, wind sound and dramatic music .

2)Did this feel like the beginning of a film?

Most people said yes on this question, therefore, I believe the way I put the scenes together allowed it to resemble a real scene, so I do not have to change that at the moment.

3)Did the titles help you understand the film?

Most people said no, therefore, I have decided to change the name of the film to “can you hear me?” and add a more dramatic titling sequence to show that the film is also.

4)What type of genre does the film look like?

Most people said it looks like horror, therefore, the visuals as there was no sound showed that it was still horror, so the editing, mise-en-scene and so on is effective and don’t need any alteration yet.

Did the editing suit the film and make you understand easily?

I had mixed responses in this video. Therefore, I decided to change my editing a bit, such as alter the sepia in the flashback.

On this day, I decided to change the strength of the sepia on my flashback by clicking on filters and putting the amount arrow in the middle.

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 16.37.01

I also decided to amend my initial titling sequence as I thought this one would be more effective for my film.















Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 17.13.27

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 17.13.37

This is my video after doing this process.

I also decided to make my own sound for the titling sequence as I thought it would look much more realistic to a real media product.

DAY 5 

On this day, I decided to clean up my video and improve the quality of the edit and sound.

1)This is when my final product was ready and was ready for saving and exporting.

2)I also decided to add a sound in the flashback, to make it clearer that it is a flashback as many people said it wasn’t very clear.

3) I also included a panning shot of saint paul’s cathedral replacing it with the window scene.

4)I decided to extend the dissolve used in the flashback, to make it even more obvious that it is not reality and is something to do with the past.

5)I made sure the sound of the voice of the hero was at a good volume, so people would be able to hear it through the music in the background.

6) and 7) I made sure that the fade out and fade in of each sound was appropriate.

8) After this process, I made sure that the film was the way I wanted it to be. This included, the scenes, sequence, transitions, effects, my sounds and Zafirah’s sounds.


Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 09.41.54


Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 09.37.06 Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 09.30.44 Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 09.30.38
Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 10.49.04 Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 10.43.59 Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 10.43.28 Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 10.43.22


This is the final video:






Zafirah’s Construction:

Garage Band.

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 11.59.05

I have completed all sounds for the film.

Final CUT.

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 12.05.02

I have started to edit and cut.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 15.09.09

I have now completed the edit now I will add sound to complete the whole opening sequence.


Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 14.02.21

I have added what I have edited so far for my video onto youtube to gain audience attention.


Jumana Ismail’s Construction section.

Filming behind the scenes was very exciting as we as a group all contributed in filming together, allowing ourselves to each try out using the camera and playing around with different camera shots.

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 13.55.22

insert sound cloud here.

Day 1 of Editing:

The first day of editing consisted of me putting all of the scenes together after I loaded the video onto final cut.

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 13.53.45

I had to cut a lot of the scenes out in order to shorten the opening sequence and keep it to the size of any typical opening sequence and to the time limit of two minutes.

My First edit of my video which consists of just putting all the scenes together:

Day 2 of Editing:

The second day of editing consisted of still carrying on putting the opening sequence together and adding in the 4th scene which we lately filmed.

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 10.13.02

However, when adding in the 4th and final scene, I had to choose which out of the two characters above I should include in my opening sequence, as we as a group filmed  twice using two different characters. This helped us to decide which scene was better as we used different shots and clothing for both of the characters.

After putting all the scenes together I decided to change the speed of the last scene in order to leave a more of a scary effect on the audience and leaving them wanting to know what happens next. A cliff hanger.

I had changed the speed by extending its rate. This is shown below:

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 10.13.28

Initially, the rate of my speed was at 100% and I reduced it to 50%.

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 10.13.44

After putting everything together, I decided that I should move onto adding in effects on final cut using video transitions, although I still have not completed the process of putting scenes together as I may decide remove/add in different shots in order to perfect my opening sequence.

When opening final cut, I selected the scene I want and went onto effects and then onto video transitions. This gave me the opportunity to look at a variety of different effects that can improve my opening sequence. I personally used many effects including the dissolve and wipe effect as I realized it is used in many opening sequences from the ones I previously analysed.

This is shown in the picture below:

When I finished editing my film, i decided to move onto making my own titles as from my research and planning, I realised how important titles are to my opening sequence. Although the editor in my group is making the titles for our opening sequence, I thought it would still be important for me to make titles in order to gain more experience.

Final cut

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 18.49.31

I used the program motion in order to make my titles as it allowed me to try out a variety of different headings, as well as colours and effects.

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 18.49.55

I started of with plain black and white titles, however I realised that it didn’t go with the horror theme as much, as well as it did not stand out.

Therefore, I changed it to:

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 20.01.46

I changed the heading as I felt as if it would stand out more to the audience. I then developed it more in order to grab my audience’s attention.

The process of using motion:

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 16.39.54

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 17.21.48

What my titles looked like at the end:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.55.51

I also decided to make a production company with my logo so my opening sequence can look more professional:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.57.05

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.58.41

Additionally, I also decided to make my own sound in order to learn how to use garage band, as well as developing my skills:

Garage band 1

Garage band 2

Garage Band

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 17.00.57

Making my own sound has allowed me to learn how to use the program garage band as well as learn how to try out different sounds by searching them in the search button at the bottom of the page.

This is the final video I edited:


Asiya: Evaluation plan these are the questions i will answer for my evaluation.

1)In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

2)How does your media product represent particular social groups?


3)What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

4)   Who would be the audience for your media product?

5)How did you attract/address your audience?

6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

7)Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?


Zafirah’s Evaluation PLAN:

1) I will plan on using a soundcloud voiceover.

2)I will plan on using either a youtube account/prezzie

3)I will plan on getting a screen grab and souncloud.

4)I will plan on using a youtube video/prezzie.

5)I will plan on using a prezzie.

6)I will plan on using a youtube or presentation prezzie.

7)I will plan on using prezzie.

I have decided to go against my plan and do my evaluation questions differently as this is what I think would work better for my questions.


1)   In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media product? Unknown

2)   How does your media product represent particular social groups?


3)   What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?


Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 11.42.12



4)   Who would be the audience for your media product?


5)   How did you attract/address your audience?


6)   What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


7)   Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?




Niamh’s Evaluation Plan

1)In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

I intend to answer this question using a Prezi.

2)How does your media product represent particular social groups?

For this question I will use Quicktime

3)What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

I will be using a slide share to answer this question.

4)Who would be the audience for your media product?

I will use Soundcloud to answer this question.

5)How did you attract/address your audience?

I intend to answer this question with a slide share.

6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? 

I will be using a prezi to answer this question.

7)Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

For this question I will be using Soundcloud.


Niamh’s Evaluation



This screen recording shows how our product represents social groups through shots of our audience research questionnaire and final video.

Our product represents age which is seen through the actors in our film. The actors seen in our opening sequence are all young adults which from our questionnaire we know is the age most people prefer characters to be in horror films.

Ethnicity is also represented as we see two different ethnicities within the film. White Irish and European can be seen through the shots of the video.

Gender is also represented in our opening sequence. From shots of the video we see there are two females present. From looking at the questionnaire results we see also that people prefer to see females in a lead role within horror films.












Lilia’s evaluation plan:

1)In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

I will use a slide share for this question.

2)How does your media product represent particular social groups?

I will use a video for this question

3)What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

I will use an audio for this question.

4)Who would be the audience for your media product?

I will use a video for this question

5)How did you attract/address your audience?

I will answer this question with a slide share

6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I will use a video for this question.

7)Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I will use an audio for this question.


Lilia’s Evaluation:

1)In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.



2)How does your media product represent particular social groups?


3)What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

This is a screen shot of evidence that momentum pictures ditributed the horror film woman in black.

screen shot of destributor



4)Who would be the audience for your media product?

5)How did you attract/address your audience?


6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

7)Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?


Jumana Ismail’s Evaluation Questions:

Jumana’s Evaluation Plan

1)In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

I will use Prezi for this evaluation question.

2)How does your media product represent particular social groups?

For this question I will use Slide share.

3)What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

I will be using sound cloud and a quick time movie for this question.

4)Who would be the audience for your media product?

I will use a youtube video.

5)How did you attract/address your audience?

I will answer this question using slide share and a youtube video.

6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I will use a youtube video to answer this question.

7)Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I will use slide share to answer this question.


Audience Feedback:

 Question 1 Evaluation:

Part 1:

Prezi link:
Part 2:

prezi link:

Question 2 Evaluation:

Question 3 Evaluation: 

Question 4 Evaluation:

Question 5 Evaluation: 

This is a video I took after the screening of our open sequence, that was presented to the audience. The people I interviewed included a film maker named chris and a parent named Margret. The audience feedback allowed me to improve my opening sequence. Although Chris the film maker said the use of camera shots were really good in my opening sequence, he highlighted the fact that one of the camera shots was presented to the audience for a really long time. Therefore I decided to shorten the speed of it on final cut in order for me to not bore the audience and keep them attracted to my film.
The audience feedback is below:

Question 6 Evaluation: 


Question 7 Evaluation:


Group Meeting: 2/4/14

Written by Jumana

Present: Jumana, Asiya, Zafirah, Niamh, lilia

As a group we have decided to change the title sequence as I don’t feel like our previous titling sequence was as good as we had planned. Jumana will be doing the titling. Additionally, we are all currently in the process of editing our own films and doing our evaluations.









6 Responses to “Zafirah-0789, Lilia-0898, Asiya-0985, Jumana-0953, Niamh-0628 2013/14 Coursework – Main task”

  1. Lilia, your section is taking shape nicely but you work on your sign posting to ensure that each section is easy to spot. You need to bear in mind that the entire blog page sign posting needs to be consistent, so your group will need to present in the same way.

  2. Overall your blog page is looking really good and it is very encouraging to see some good quality work however some changes will need to be made:

    All of the pitches should have been completed by now and there should be indication of which ideas was chosen and why.
    The sign posting is mainly good but could be improved by increasing font size and thickness as well as setting out headings for the major sections.
    All of the questionnaire results need to be completed and consistently presented in terms of the size of the graphs for each question asked.
    The cinema audience research needs to be properly presented: complete with graphs.
    There will need to be an explanation of how the product and audience research has changed your initial ideas.

    Asiya you will have to present your pitch.
    Aminat it is good that you have looked at two films in your analysis but you will have to complete these in the manner agreed, which will mean that you’ll have to comment on camera shots, mise-en-scene, sound and editing by looking at three films.
    Gabriel it is good that you have looked at three films in your analysis but you will have to complete these in the manner agreed, which will mean that you’ll have to comment on camera shots, mise-en-scene, sound.
    Asiya and Jumayna you should have done your opening sequence analysis by now so can you post your work asap.

  3. Clive I have already posted my opening sequences ages ago.

  4. my one has not been saving but i will re post it by 20/01/2014 -Asiya

  5. Clive, my opening sequence is already on the blog, I have made my headings clearer. – Jumana

  6. We have made sure the headings have been set out clearer by underlining and making the text bold. Also, Zafirah and Asiya have made sure they have made the graphs presented clearer and then we have all mentioned how the audience research will affect our film.

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